How To Make Money With Facebook Messenger

Profitable Facebook Messenger Marketing

Facebook Messenger marketing is quite underrated. Unlike email marketing or ads, this form of marketing is unheard of. However, if you pay closer attention, Facebook Messenger is great for business. In this article, I will uncover the gems in Facebook Messenger marketing tactics.  

What Is Facebook Messenger Marketing?

Facebook was invented in 2004. Over 10 years later, Facebook user counts keep growing. There are various types of Facebook users. From posting cat pictures to global warming awareness. One thing for sure, billions of loyal users spent hours on Facebook. 

Every good marketer knows, when there is a crowd, there is gold. Facebook users are no exception. They are influenceable. You can pursue them to spent money on your business. That is why Facebook advertising exists. 

However, Facebook contents are massive. Users tend to view posts (ads include) in mere seconds. Even good-quality posts are only viewed few minutes before they move on. They tend to remember Facebook Messenger better. Similar to crowds on the street, a personal approach is more memorable.

Simply put, Facebook Messenger marketing is a form of marketing using messenger as the main platform. In fact, Facebook releases messenger ads. Unlike Facebook ads, messenger ads sent direct offers to Facebook users. Obviously, it is advertising, so you must pay for it. 

Facebook did not tell you one thing. There is another way to market your business using messenger for free. The best part is, the method is simple and doable. You do not need an internet hacker on your resume to do so. We will tell you in a bit. 

Facebook Messenger Advantage

Before we reveal the secret to a profitable Facebook Messenger tactic, let’s talk about the advantage. Earlier we said when there is a crowd, there is gold. But, how many users are active on Facebook?

monthly users on Facebook

Facebook spill that there are 1.3 billion monthly users on Facebook Messenger. On top of that, 150 million of them do video calls every single day. There are at least 7 billion people on the planet and 18% of them are on Messenger. Facebook can create their own country with that amount!

Another fact to consider is the messenger user quality. 27.3% of Facebook Messenger users are aged between 25 to 34. It is a sweet gold mining age. They are individuals who are in productive age with money to spend. In fact, Facebook Messenger has a 10 to 80 times better engagement rate than email marketing. 

Engagement rate is a word to describe a user’s response to something. In Messenger, a chat or simply liking a message counts as engagement rate. It means, your message to them gets feedback, regardless of sales or no.  

Why Is The Engagement Rate Is High?

Human beings are social species. We, humans, love communicating with one another. Especially, when we communicate with a friend. Facebook Message tends to feel like a friend.

Direct messaging is a personal approach. It makes someone feel like you are talking to them one on one. It makes it seems like you are paying attention. No wonder that survey says 61% of users in the USA and UK think direct messaging is trustworthy. 

Facebook Messenger Marketing Secret

Facebook Secret

Marketing on Facebook Messenger is so powerful. No wonder there are tons of ways to do it. Yet, there is the right way and a better way. We are here to tell you the better way. Let us break it down to 5 secrets for better Facebook Messenger marketing:

  1. Act Like A Person

    When it comes to business, people usually create Facebook fan pages. Unless you are the brand, Facebook fan pages are less personal. It screams business from miles away. It drives away users before they bother reading your message. 

    We know your goal is to make money. But at the end of the day, Facebook is a social media. It is meant to connect a person with another. So you are advised to be a person.

    Create a messenger account with your name instead of business. You can always state your business details on your Facebook profile. Another thing you do is engage with posts on your timeline. You can leave likes, comments, or posts. Ensure Facebook and users that you are a human being.

  1. Say Hello

    Imagine Bill Gates never says hello to Paul Allen. They will never know each other. Microsoft will not exist. If you never greet your potential customer, you will never make sales.

    Start by message them a hello. Introduce yourself. Do not sell anything yet.  Keep your manner and hopefully, they respond. Unlike paying Facebook to blast your message, this method requires you to be patient.

  1. Build A Connection 

    You might trust your friend more than strangers. Even if you are aware your friend is capable of lying. Facebook users are no exception. They need a connection to trust you.

    Connections have multiple meanings.

    Human tends to go for familiarity. thus, a mutual friend or group is a form of connection. It gives the user a sense of friendship. They think you are similar to them. It gives you a better chance to build a relationship with them.

    The second meaning of connection is a relationship. Someone tend to listen when they know you. That being said, get to know them. The moment you give an offer, they will pay attention.

  1. Be A Friend

    Everyone says a first impression is important. In business, every impression is crucial. Unless you are selling a product that people cannot live without.

    You are highly advised to be a friend to your market. Especially due to the nature of direct messaging on Facebook Marketing messenger.

    Kindness, no matter how small can goes a long way. Happy birthday, wishes, for example, can help you connect with them.

  2. Make Money

    Every business’s ultimate goal is to make money. All these 4 other steps are for smoothing your selling process.

    Once you feel like you are making a connection, start selling. Since you are already talking to them, you will know what drives them. What values they care about. Use this information to your advantage.

    The timing can differ. It is you who can tell if the customer ready or no. Some businesses need to build a connection for months. Others might need few hours only. 

Easiest Way to Market using Facebook Messenger

“Facebook Messenger takes a lot of work! I do not have time!”

We completely agree with that statement. Selling on Facebook Messenger requires patience but you have tons of other marketing tasks. Even so, we disagree with the hard work part. 
Facebook Messenger Marketing can be easy and time-effective with a tool called ‘Super FB Tools’. Super FB Tools allows you to automate your Facebook marketing process. You can find potential customers, engage with posts, or filter bots from real users with just one click. There tons of other useful features on this tool you cannot miss. Click here to check it out!

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