The Best Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses Guide

Facebook marketing for small businesses is not easy. But, if you know how to do it right, the profit is huge. That being said, the money friend is here to help you. We are giving you the ultimate marketing guide for small businesses using Facebook!

The Facebook market is huge. At one point Facebook beat other famous platforms such as Youtube and Instagram by 2 Billion users. Hard loss for Youtube which only reached 1.5 billion users. It is safe to say that Facebook has massive potential for marketing.

Do you want to start marketing on Facebook? Great! But, hold your brakes!

Creating a Facebook account is the first step before you can start the marketing process. Yes, you need to be part of Mark Zuckerberg’s first social media hit. Fortunately, signing up to Facebook has been easier than ever. Follow these easy 3 steps:

  1. Go to Facebook, then click create a new account.
  2. Fill up the signup form. Facebook will need your name, email or phone number, birth date, and gender. 
  3. Submit the form and wait for an email or phone number verification. 
  4. Follow Facebook direction.
  5. Your new Facebook account is ready. 

Facebook has an automated system that helps new users. Even if you never use Facebook, the learning process is fairly fast. Now that you have your Facebook account, we can move on to the next step of Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses. 

Personal vs FB Page

When you start selling something offline, we have 2 options. You either open a store or you rely on personal selling. The same option applies to Facebook. You either create a fan page for business or monetize your personal account.

A Facebook page for business is similar to a physical store in the real world. Anytime someone interacts with your Facebook page, they meant business. Facebook acknowledges this fact, thus, Facebook pages tend to have business features. In general, there are at least 5 useful Facebook Fan Page features:

personal fan facebook
  1. Call to Action
    In December 2014, Facebook introduced a call to action button (CTA). True to its name, CTA is a button to close a deal. Some businesses close their deal on website pages. Others might love to receive calls or messages from intrigued customers. Whichever it is, ensure that customer money goes into your pocket.
  2. Schedule Post
    We all know you are busy running a business. That is exactly why Facebook has a scheduled post feature. You may spend all Sunday creating product offers on Facebook that will stay invisible until desired timing. By doing so, you know the offers will be seen at the right time without your presence.
  3. Profanity Filter
    Internet users can be mean. The F-bomb drops carelessly on a daily basis. If anyone uses profanity words on your Facebook page, it might harm your business. Profanity gives an impression that your page is dangerous or not professional. Do not worry, a profanity filter is here to block any unwanted words appearing on your page.
  4. Pages to Watch
    Let’s be honest, there are times you wonder how competitors are doing. Whether competitors do bad or not, it is a great motivation for you. Facebook is trying to fulfill the need by adding pages to watch. Simply put, pages to watch are your personal competitor stalker. The best part? Competitors aren’t notified that you have eyes on them!
  5. When Your Fans are Online
    Social media is a fast-paced environment. There are new contents appearing every single second. If you post offers at the right time, it gives you a better chance to be seen by the target audience. ‘When your fans are online’ feature is a perfect insight to tell the best time to upload content on your fan page!

Facebook fan page sounds amazing and it is. Does that mean the Facebook page is the best Facebook marketing for small businesses?

The answer to that is yes and no. We say yes because a Facebook page is part of the ultimate Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses. It is a no since the Facebook page might not be suitable for your marketing style nor it is the only source. 

Earlier we mentioned how the Facebook page is similar to a physical store. No wonder that Facebook fan page is great for branding and connecting with people who support your business. But, as a physical store is, there is little to no personal connection. We can blast a message to a large audience, but it is not direct to them as a person.

On the other hand, a personal Facebook page definition and function is close to personal selling in the real world. When your business uses a personal Facebook page, you act like a real person. Thus, it allows you to build a better, more human connection with your audience. If your business sells better with one on one selling tactic, a personal page is for you!

Facebook Marketing for Small Business using Messenger

Are you debating with yourself which one is better: Personal or Facebook Fan Page?

Let us give you the middle, better option. It is called Facebook messenger marketing. Unlike Facebook fan page and personal that has their own use, the Facebook messenger is the middle man. Both personal and fan pages can benefit from Facebook messenger. Especially when it comes to Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses.

Facebook messenger allows your business to speak directly to the customer. Either the customer comes to your business or you approach them. It is a perfect way to reach customers as a small business owner.

Small business brands or products tend to be less known. Customers need education on your value before agreeing to spend money on you.  There is no better way to tell your story than talking directly to customers.

The question now is how to find an audience to message?

The easiest way to find and reach a new audience is through paid ads. Facebook is willing to help you message the right person. Obviously, you need to pay the appropriate amount of money. We understand spending money on ads is sort of risky, which brings us to the next solution: personal messenger. 

Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

Personal messenger means you find and select the audience on your own. You can start by searching for customers that are interested in your product. Reading someone’s profile or stalking their posts are a great way to determine if they are worth talking to. You don’t want to waste time on someone who isn’t interested in your industry, to begin with. 

The upside of a personal messenger is no cost. However, the downside is it takes a lot of work and time. We have one more piece of advice for a low cost and effort in Facebook messenger marketing.

Super FB tools are the ultimate organic Facebook marketing for small businesses. It helps you find the right audience, connect with them, and many awesome features to manage your Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses effort. You only need to pay once to make your life easier since the tools will do most of the work for you. Do you want more information? Go to!

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