Facebook Engagement Is Important And Here Are My  Top 6 Ways To Improve It.

These Top 6 Ways To Facebook Engagement Is All The Rage Today, And I Want You To Increase Your Facebook Engagement.

I Am Going To Break Down All The Secret Engagement Tactics Some Of These Gurus Are Using Get “Massive Facebook Engagement”

People Use These Tactics For Good And Not Evil.

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Have You Ever Wondered How These “Gurus” Are Getting Hundreds Of Comments On Their Posts Without Little Followings?

There’s No Need To Panic, I Am Going To Break It Down Exactly How They Do It.

Facebook Is Combating Things Such As Asking For Likes, Share, And Calls To Action Such As:  “Commenting Below”

Today, We Are Going To Go Over Strategies That Are A Step Above Your Typical “Engagement Hacks”

Let’s Take A Look At How To Increase Engagement On Facebook.

What Is Facebook Engagement?

Before We Get Into The tactics, We Need To Discuss What Is Facebook Engagement.

Facebook Engagement  Is An Action Someone Takes On Your Facebook Post.

Common Examples Of Engagement Is

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Shares.

Facebook Engagement Can Also Include Tagging You, Replying To Your Comments, And Even Viewing Your Stories.

The Reason Why This Is Important Is That Facebook Engagement Helps With Organic Reach.


1. Facebook Engagement Groups / Facebook Engagement Pods

Engagement Groups, Also Known As Engagement Pods Were Made Popular on Instagram But Have Been Becoming More Popular On Facebook, Due To Facebook Limiting Organic Reach.

The Idea Is You Create A Group Of People In A Similar Niche And When You Create A Post, You Share This Post To That Group Of People So They Can Comment On It.

Creating A Engagement Group Or Engagement Pod Allows Beat The Facebook Algorithm Because Of How The Facebook Algorithm Is Designed.

EdgeRank Is Dead, But We Can Learn From History. 

EdgeRank Is The Name Commonly Given To The Facebook Algorithm That Determines What Posts Should Be Shown To Users In The User’s NewsFeed.

The Facebook Algorithm Is Much More Complex Now, Than When EdgeRank Was First Introduced.

Facebook Takes Into Consideration Over 100,000 Weighted Points On What To Show To The User.

However, The Concept Of EdgeRank Still Heavily Influences The Feed.


Affinity Score:

Facebook Calculates Affinity Score By Looking At TouchPoints That Users Has With The Creator Has Such As:

  1.  The Relationship With The User ( Friends Vs Followers)
  2. When They Actually Took This Action ( Recently Vs Months Ago)

Have You Ever Noticed That When You Just Added A New Friend, That Their Posts Seem To Show Up First?


Weight Score:

Facebook Calculates  Weight Score  By Looking At Each Action The User Takes:

For Example, A Comment Has A Much Heavier Weight Than Liking A Post, While Sharing A Post Has A Much Greater Weight.

It Also Relates To The Type Of Content That Was Interacted With.

  • Stories
  • Posts
  • Messenger
  • Etc

The More Interactions You Have With Someone, The More Of Their Content You See. Magic.


Time Has A Factor On What Is On Your Feed, Since “Older” Content Seems To Be Buried By Newer Content, But Maybe You Have Seen Older Posts Being “Bumped” To The Top Of The Feed.

If A New Comment Has Been Added To A Post, Facebook Considers It Relevant Again.

This Is What Some People Call “Facebook Currency” In Which They Will Leave A Few Unanswered Comments For Later,

In Which They Reply Back To The  Comment To Push That Post Back To The Top Of The Newsfeed.

How Does EdgeRank Relate To Facebook Engagement?

The Most Critical Hours For The Most Engagement Is In The First 48 Hours Of Posting For Facebook Engagement.

This was Taken From Funnel Hacking Live 2020, During Prince EA Presentation 

How To Get More Engagement On Facebook

Some Notable Achievements: 

Over 3+ Billion Views Across Platforms

Forbes 30 Under 30

5.7+ Million Subscribers On Youtube

9.7+  Million Fans On Facebook

2.7+ Million Fans Of Instagram

He Knows A Thing or Two About Social Media.

So How Do You Create An Engagement Group?

We Are Going To Go Over That Next.

How To Create A Facebook Engagement group / Facebook Engagement Pod

 1. Create A Group Of People Who All Share Similar Interests

2. Post On Your Newsfeed

3. Direct Everyone In That Group To Like, Comment And Share Your Post.

4. ???

5. Profit.

It’s As Simple As That.. Kinda..

By Now, We All Know That Facebook Limits Organic Reach In Groups Too… So How Do You Get Around That?

Messenger? Maybe… Facebook Uses Machine Learning… And They Know Every Move You Make.

Join Our Secret Engagement Group


2. Manychat Tutorial On How To Increase Engagement On Facebook.

This Is Another Tactic To Get More Engagement On Facebook By Using ManyChat

This Works For Your Email List, Phone Number List And Yes Even Your Manychat List.

First You Need To Have A Manychat Account, You Can Sign Up Here. 

Manychat Growth Tools To Increase Engagement On Facebook

In Order To Start Building Your List On ManyChat You Need Subscribers.

Using The Manychat Growth Tools Are A Great Way To Have People Subscribe To Your ChatBot.

When You Create A Post, Offer Something For Free, But Require Them To Optin To Your ManyChat List.

I’ll Walk You Step by Step On How To Do This.

  1. Create A Post, Offering Something For Free Of High Value. 
  2. Create A  Messenger Ref URL.
  3. Go To Set Up And Copy The URL
  4. Paste The URL To Everyone Who Responses.
  5. Build Your List.

Manychat Broadcast

This is Where The Tactic Comes In. When You Make A Post That You Want To Get Massive Engagement On Use The Manychat Broadcast Tool.

This Will Send A Message To Everyone On Your Manychat List. ( Facebook Has Some Restrictions)

I Typically Will Send A Mass Message To Everyone About A High-Value Post / Live That I Did To Give Massive Value.

And Direct Them To The Post On Facebook, Anything Outside Of Facebook Or To A Group Is Considered “Promotion”.  Just Be Mindful.

3. How To Get More Engagement On Facebook By Sharing Your Content.

Sharing Your Content Is A Great Way To Get More Engagement On Facebook. Here Are Some Tactics To Get More Engagement on Facebook.

Share Your Content On Messenger  To Increase Facebook Engagement

Now We Are Going To Talk About Using Messenger To Get Engagement On Facebook.

In Our Previous Tactic, We Talked About Using Manychat, But Not Everyone Uses It.

Then This Method Might Be For You!

It’s Similar But Instead, We Use The “Share Button”

How To Get More Engagement On Facebook: Share To Stories

This Will Allow Us To Share Our Post Too Many People Very Quickly.

Once We Click On Send In Messenger.

We, Will, Have Another Picture Pop Up That Looks Like This.

Share Button

In Which You Can Have A Call To Action In The Message.

If They Click On The Message, It Will Redirect Them To Your Post, From There They Should Want To Comment And Engage With It.

Facebook limits How Many People You Can Share Your Post Within A Given Time, So Share A Few At A Time, Wait, And Then Share More.

Share Your Content In Your Stories To Get More Engagement On Facebook.

Maybe Stories Are More Your Thing, Let’s Discuss How To Get More Engagement On Facebook By Using Stories.

This Is A Very Simple One, Share Your Post To Your Story.

How To Get More Engagement On Facebook: Share To Stories


Share Your Content To Other Groups

WARNING: Be Careful Sharing Your Content To Some Groups. Some Group Owners  Are “Protective” Of Their Members, And Think You Are Trying To  “Steal Their Group Members”

Let’s Get Back On Topic, Shall We?

Again, This Is A Very Easy Thing To Do, Similar To Sharing To Messenger, You Can Send To Groups Very Quickly, But Facebook Limits How Often You Can Share.

Share In A Few Groups, Wait, Rinse, And Repeat.

Step 1. Press That Share To Group Button

Share To Groups

step 2. Write Your Post Then Click The Share Button.

How To Get More Engagement On Facebook: Share To Groups

Next, We Are Going To Go Why Less Is More.

4. Bump Your Old Facebook Posts For Engagement.

Bumping Your Facebook Posts For Engagement, To Make Them Relatent Is A Great Tactic To Reintroduce Your Post Into The Feed To Get Engagement.

I Don’t Know About You But I Don’t Like Having My Post Disappear In The Feed.

This Allows You To Post Less, And Use That “Facebook Currency” To Keep Your Posts At The Top Of The Feed With Very Little Work.

I Love This Strategy Because It Means I Don’t Need To Keep Creating Content On My Feed To Keep My Content Being Shown To My True Fans.

This Is A Simple And Easy Strategy To More Increase Your Engagement On Facebook.

5. Going Live On Facebook.

Going Live On Facebook Is Great But If You Use Facebook To Interview Other People, You Are Leverage Their Audience Too To Build Your Own Engagement On Facebook.

I Use A Software Called Streamyard For Going Live On Facebook. Interviewing People And Then Tagging Them In The Live And Sharing The Live Allows For You To Get More Eyes On You.

This Is A Great Tactic To Create More Trust And Credibility Fast On Facebook By Using Other Peoples Audiences On Facebook.


6. Analyze Your Most Popular Facebook Posts

Finally,  Analyzing And Testing Your Most Popular Facebook Posts Is Something You Should Do Often.

I Frequently Go Through My Most Popular Facebook Posts And Analyze Which Were The Post Popular Based On Comments And Reactions.

This Allows Me To See What Types Of Posts Did Well, And Which Didn’t Do So Hot.

As A Digital Marketer, We Are Always Testing Our Content And Seeing What Is The Best Facebook Posts For Our Audience.

I Typically Hide My Facebook Posts That Are Not As Popular While Keeping Those That Do Great.

This Allows Me To Understand What My Audience Wants And How My Most Popular Facebook Posts, Preformed.

How To Hide Your Facebook Posts.

Keep Testing, Keep Building Engagement And Changing Lives

Your #1 Fan,

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