Affiliate Programs For 2020

Tired Of Paying For An Overpriced Program Like Actionetics, You Are In Luck, I Am Going To Show You  How To Create An Affiliate Program.

Having Your Own Affiliate Program Is A Great Way To Create Passive Income By Having Others Do All The Work…

Without Further Ado, Let Me Show You How To Create An Affiliate Program Of Your Own.

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How To Create An Affiliate Program Without Actionetics

Cickfunnels is A Sales Funnel Building Platform And If You Upgrade To Their Premium Version Called Actionetics, You Can Create Your Own Affiliate Program.

Actionetics Can Be Expensive And Faulty ALOT Of The Time…

In Order To Add Actionetics, You Will Have To Pay $297/m But I Am About To Save You Money, Time, And Headaches. 

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What Tools Are Needed:

The Two Tools You Will Need Are ThriveCart And GoHighLevel

First You Will Want To Sign Up For ThriveCart

Which Is $495 (One Time Fee), Then Upgrade To Pro At $195 For A Total Of $690.

I Know This Might Sound Expensive When Learning How To Create Your Own Affiliate Program.

However, If You Are Spending $297/m With Clickfunnels Than You Are Going To Make That Back In 3 Months In Savings!

Next You Will Want To Sign Up For GoHighLevel   Which Is $97/m.

Another Option Is To Sign Up For Our Digital Tycoon Program, In Which You Get GoHighLevel As A Bonus.

Plus You Are Able To Sell Our Facebook Automation Software And Collect 100% Recurring Income.

Step By Step Guide: How To Create An Affiliate Program

Once You Have Both ThriveCart And GoHighLevel It's Very Simple To Create An Affiliate Program.

Setting Up Thrivecart For Affiliate Program.

  1. Login To Your ThriveCart Account
  2. Create Your Product And Make It Live
  3. Click The Affiliate Tab And Tick It ON
  4. Set Up Your Commission/Pay Out
  5. Set Up Your Affiliate Options
  6. Save And Get URL
  7. Go To Affiliates Tab At The Top
  8. Go To Product Options And Click Your Product
  9. Manage Sign Up Page Or Get Sign Up Link
  10. Copy Sign Up Link And Save It Somewhere.


Setting Up  GoHighLevel For Affiliate Program

Next, We Need To Create Our Affiliate Program Will GoHighLevel .

This Is The Easy Part To Creating Your Own Affiliate Program.

After You Create Your Funnel.

  1. Create A Link At The Top Or Bottom Of Your Funnel With “Become An Affiliate” And Link Your Sign Up Page To This Link.
  2. Embed Or Link Your Product From ThriveCart Into Your Sales Funnel.
  3. Profit.

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How To Create An Affiliate Program – Next Steps

Now That You Know How To Create An Affiliate Program, We Need To Get People To Join Your Affiliate Program.

We Need Traffic!

If You Are On Facebook I Highly Suggest Using To Get Organic Traffic To Your Affiliate Program.


How To Create An Affiliate Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Below Are Some Frequently Asked Questions.

What Is An Affiliate Program

If You Are Wondering What Is An Affiliate Program, Well It's Where Online Merchants Offer Commissions To People Just For Referring Products Or Services To People.

If You Still Want To Know What Is An Affiliate Program, Check Our Guide On Affiliate Marketing And How To Make Money As An Affiliate Marketer. 

Do I Need Actionetics To Create An Affiliate Program?

No, You Don't I Just Went Over Step by Step How To Create An Affiliate Program Above.

What Is An Affiliate Program For?

An Affiliate Program Is For Creating Additional Income For Both The Merchant And The Referral Partner.  It's Also A Great Side Hustle Business And You Can Receive Our Best Side Hustles For 2020 

What Is The Best Affiliate Programs

You Can Join Our Affiliate Program Here, But If You Are Still Wondering What An Affiliate Program, Then You Will Take You By The Hand And Make Sure You Are Taken Care Of.

I Also Like Thrivecart, And GoHighLevel  As Affiliate Programs.


Check out Our GoHighLevel University


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