How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Want To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing, But Don't Know What The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs Are?

You Might Be Thinking, Can Affiliate Marketing Make Me Money While I Sleep?

The Short Answer Is Yes! You Can Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing While Sleeping, But It's A Little More Complex Than You Might Think.

In this post, I Am Going To Go Over

  • How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing
  • Facebook Affiliate Marketing As A Complete Beginner.
  • The Best  Affiliate Programs Programs
  • How To Do Affiliate Marketing Without A Website And Why You Might Consider One.
  • My Exact Strategy To Make Money As An Affiliate Marketer

in this post,  I Am Very Excited To Share With You My Strategies And Insights On How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing.

Let's Start With The Elephant In The Room. Is Affiliate Marketing Dead?

Is Affiliate Marketing Dead?

Affiliate Marketing Is Far From Dead, Is It Saturated? Maybe, But It Just Depends On Affiliate Marketing Products You Are Promoting.

There Are Plenty Of Affiliate Marketers Out There Making 5, 6, and 7 Figures Of Recurring Income Online Through Affiliate Marketing.

Based On The Numbers: Affiliate Marketing Is Very Much Alive And The Money Being Spent Is Growing In The United States And All Over The World.

Affiliate Marketing Is A $12 Billion Dollar Industry And Growing In Popularity.

If We Even Take It  A Step Further, We Can See Google Trends Showing That Is Only Getting More Popular.

Is Affiliate Marketing Dead

Now That We Squashed The Question, Is Affiliate Marketing Dead, Let's Move Onto How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing.

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing. 

When I Started My Journey Of Making Money Online, I Didn't Have A Service, A Offer, Or Anything.

It Was Just Me and My Computer, Trying To Make Money On Facebook.

Brandon Duff's Old Work Station

How Was I Able To Make  Money?

Two words: Affiliate Marketing.

What You Need to Start Affiliate Marketing

You Only Need 2 Things To Start Affiliate Marketing.

  • A “List” To Promote To.
  • An Affiliate Product To Promote.

Let's Break Down Each Of These Down Further.

1. A “List” To Promote To. 

To make money with affiliate marketing, the first thing you need is a list.

Great Affiliate Marketers, Agree That To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing, You Need A Solid “List”.

What Is A  “List”?

  • Email List
  • Phone # List
  • Facebook Group
  • Facebook Wall,
  • Instagram Feed
  • And So Forth

Not All Lists Are Created Equal Though. Building Your List To Promote To, Takes Time, Trust, And Nurturing.


2. An Affiliate Program To Promote 

There Are Plenty Of Affiliate Programs To Promote  Online, You Just Need To Decide Which Affiliate Marketing Program Works Best For You.

There Are Plenty Of Affiliate Marketing Networks To Join To Promote Affiliate Marketing Programs.

Affiliate Marketing Networks


Some Of The More Popular Affiliate Networks Are Listed Below. 

Amazon Associates 

CJ Affiliates

Max Bounty 


Facebook Affiliate Marketing As A Complete Beginner.

We Took A Deep Dive Into How-To Generate Leads On Facebook, These Same Tactics Can Be Used For Facebook Affiliate Marketing.

Are You Ready To How To Do Affiliate Marketing On Facebook?

Here We Go!

Step 1) Decide On Creating A Facebook Group, Page, Or On Your Wall.

  • Facebook Groups Are Niche-Specific And Allow You To Build Your Perfect Audience.
  • A Facebook Page Is Only Used For Running Ads For Your Affiliate Offers.
  • Your Facebook Wall Gets The Most Organic Traffic, But Might Be A Mix Of Friends And Family.

Step 2) Starting Building Your Facebook Tribe.

You Need People To Building Your Facebook Tribe To Know, Like, And Trust You And The Product That You Are Promoting.

Kevin Kelly In His Book 1,000 True Fans, He Says That If You Can Have 1,000 People Pay You Just $100 A Year, You Will Have A $100,000 A Year Business.

This Concept Can Be Applied To Building Your Tribe On Facebook Too!

How To Make Money With Facebook Affiliate Marketing

In Order To Get People To Know, Like, And Trust You, You Need To Look Like An Authority And Become A Social Tycoon.

The Best Way To Do This Is By:

  • Be Entertaining
  • Provide Massive Value For Free
  • Be Educational
  • Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up.

Step 3) Offer Your Audience Something Of Value.

In Order To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing, You Need To Offer Your Audience Something That Will Enrich Their Lives.

This Is Often Down With A Lead Magnet Or Trip Wire Which Is Typically A Free Or Low Barrier To Entry Thing.

For Example: Download Our 33 Page Blueprint To Make Money With Facebook Affiliate Marketing.

Giving Something Something Of Value And That Enriches There Life Is A Great Way To Build Instant Trust.

Step 4) Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up.

Remember When I Mentioned That You Need A “List”, Previously?

In-Engage For Your Something Of Value, You Need To Make Sure You Capture Their Email List and Phone Number.

This Allows You To Continue To Provide Value To Your List Until They Are Ready To Buy From You.

This Could Be Tomorrow, Next Week or Even Next Month… Keep Providing Value

Follow The 80/20 Rule. 80% Value 20% Offer Or Use Gary Vaynerchuk‘s Method, Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook. 

The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

There Are Many Affiliate Marketing Programs, But Which One Is The Best Is Up To You.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Program Depends On Which Products Or Services You Like.

I Never Promote Anything I Do Not Use Or Believe In.

If You Are Looking To Promote Free Affiliate Products, The List Of Popular Affiliate Networks Is A Good Place To Start.

Some Things To Consider When Joining An Affiliate Program

  • Is It One Time Payments Or Recurring?
  • Will It Be A Products Or Services?
  • Is It Free To Join Or Do You Need To Own The Product?
  • What Is The Conversation Rate?
  • What Traffic Is Allowed?
  • Do You Know People Who Are Buying Similar Products?
  • Can I Create Content Around This Product/Service To Promote It?


How To Do Affiliate Marketing Without A Website And Why You Might Consider One.

Let's First Go Over How To Do Affiliate Marketing Without A Website.

What Many People Do The Method Of Spamming Long Ugly Links Online Or Link Shortener's That To Random

  • Blogs
  • Posts
  • Forums
  • Etc

Which Might Get You Some Sales But I Highly Recommend Not Doing This Method.

Build Content Around Making Money Online As An Affiliate Marketer

You Can Build Content Around The Affiliate Programs You Promote On

  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • And So Forth.

I Recommend A Hybrid Approach By Creating Content Both On Social Media And On Search Engine Platforms.

Affiliate Marketing Is An Art And Requires Much More Than Spamming A Link Or Building Relationship If You Are Looking To Make It A Long Term Business Plan.

My Affiliate Marketing Strategies

My Strategy For Affiliate Marketing Is Two Fold.

  1. Building Value On Social Media To Build My List.
  2. Ranking For Keywords On A Blog And Youtube.

Building Value On Social Media

The Way That I Build Value On Social Media Is A Few Different Ways

  • Going Live And Showing People How To Use The Product/Service
  • Creating Value Posts With A Call To Action To Find Out More
  • And Creating Touch Points With People To Dominate Their Feed.

If You Are Looking For More Information On How To Build Value On Social Media, You Can Check Out My Social Tycoon Program. 

The Other Way Strategy I Use For Affiliate Marketing Is By Ranking For Keywords On My Blog And Youtube Channel.

Step 1) Buy A Domain And Set Up A WordPress Blog

Go To Namecheap And Buy A Domain And WordPress Hosting.

Setting Up WordPress For A Blog


Step 2) Do Keyword Research On Topics Surrounding The Affiliate Offer. 

There Are Plenty Of Paid And Free Tools That Will Give You Great Info The Keyword You Are Trying To Rank For.

Search For Words Or Long Tail Keywords With Little Competition But Are Being Searched For.

Create Blog Posts Surround That Topic and Create A Blog With That Keyword/Topic

Or Hire Someone At Fiverr Or Freelancer To Create The Blog Post For You.


Step 3) Create Videos On Those Topics And Post Them On YouTube 

I Use TubeBuddy To Do My Keyword Search For Topics On Youtube. 

Remember Google Owns Youtube, And Both Are Search Engines.

It's Important To Create Content That Answers Questions That People Have.


Step 4) Build Your List

I Am Constantly Pushing Everyone To My List To Provide Value To Every Day By Offering Something Free InExchange For Their Email.

Remember To Make Offers, If You Never Make An Offer, You Will Never Make A Sale.

ProTip: If You Want To See The Loop Affiliate Marketers Are Using To Make 100% Recurring Income Online, Check Out Our Program. 



If You Are Looking To Make Money As An Affiliate Marketer, It Takes Time, Effort And Research.

Let Me Know Below What Some Of Your Favorite Affiliate Products/Services Are, Or If You Are Looking For Some Let Me Know In The Comments Below And I'll Give You A List Of My Favorite Affiliate Programs That I Promote.

Your #1 Fan,

Brandon Duff

About the Author Brandon Duff

Real Estate Investor, Owner of Super FB Tools, Play 2 Earn Investor And Pizza Lover. 

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