If You Are Doing Research On What The Best Sales Funnel Software Is, You Have Come To The Right Place!

 Business Owner, Digital Marketer, Or Just Someone Who Likes Automation And Making Money Than Sales Funnels Are For You.

Sales Funnels Are A Great Way To Automate Your Sales Process In A Very Efficient Way.

I’ve Used Quite A Bit Of Different Sales Funnel And Have Done Extensive Testing On Each Of Them.

Based On My Own Personal Experience And Your Needs, I Hope To Point You In The Direction On The Best Sales Funnel For You.

I Only Will Be Discussing Things That I Have Tested, Used, And Can Give Valuable Insight On What I Think Is The Best Sales Funnel Software.

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What is a Sales Funnel?


You Might Be Wondering What Is A Sales Funnel  And How It Is Different Than A Website?

To Take A Quote From Peng Joon’s Book ” A Website Is Kinda Like Going To The Mall With A Thousand Brochures, Hoping That One Percent of Shoppers WIll Buy”

“A Sales Funnel On The Other Hand, Is Kinda Like Your Best Sales Person, Going Up To Each and Every Right person, Getting To Know Them, Understanding Their Wants And Need,

Building A Relationship With Them, Giving Them Value, And Finally Making An Offer To Them. “


What Is A Sales Funnel

Let’s take a look at a couple of examples.

Sales Funnel Examples

I Want To Give You Some Sales Funnel Examples And How That Journey Might Look.

  1. A User See’s Your Social Media Post Or Ad About A Free Guide To Get Them More Organic Traffic
  2. The User Clicks On Your Link And Is Directed To A Landing Page.
  3. Upon Landing On The Page, The User Is Given 2 Options, Leave Or Optin. 
  4. The User Decides To Optin And Is Sent The Ebook But Is Giving Another Option.
  5. This Time The User Can Decide To Purchase A Low Ticket Item Or Leave
  6. The User Decides To Purchase And Is Then Given Up Option To Purchase An Upsale Or Leave
  7. They Decide To Leave, And Takes Action On Their Purchase.
  8. Follow Up Emails Are Send To Try And Ascend Them Up Their Value Ladder. 


Best Sales Funnel Software 2020

You Are Here To Find  The Best Sales Funnel Software in 2020, That Is Exactly Why We Are Going To Break Down These 3 So That You Can Make The Best Decision For Yourself. 

  1. GoHighLevel
  2. ThriveCart
  3. ClickFunnels 

1. GoHighLevel

Best Sales Funnel - GoHighlevel

GoHighLevel is A Powerful Software That Allows Agency Owners, Digital Marketers And Other Business Owners To Take Control Of So Much More Of The Sales Process.

CAPTURE Capture leads using GoHighLevel landing pages, surveys, forms, calendars, inbound phone systems & more!

NURTURE Automatically message leads via voicemail, forced calls, SMS, emails, FB Messenger & more!

CLOSE Use our built-in tools to collect payments, schedule appointments, and track analytics!


GoHighLevel Plans and Pricing

-Starter: $97 per month 

-Agency Account: $297 – Access To White Label And Sub Accounts. 

GoHighLevel Pricing

Pros and Cons 

+ Very complete all-in-one service!  White Labeling The Software Is A HUGE Benefit. 

A Bit Of A Learning Curve Than Other Sales Funnel Software, But Worth It. 

Try for GoHighLevel 14 Days For Free

2. ThriveCart

Best Sales Funnel - ThriveCart

Thrivecart Is Becoming A Great Tool For Me To Use On The Fly, And It A Simple And Easy Tool To Use To Build Sales Funnels. 

What Is Even More Amazing Is That It Includes Things Such As:

Affiliate Tracking – A Great Way To Have Other People Sell Your Products And Collect Passive Income. 

Embedded Carts –  Place A Cart Anywhere On A Website, 

Coupons – Want To Give A Discount? Set Up A Coupon Code For Your Product/Service. 


ThriveCart Plans and Pricing

One Time Fee: $495

Pro Upgrade: $195

ThriveCart Price


Find out more about ThriveCart pricing here.

Pros and Cons

+ One Time Payments Are Amazing Since You Are No Longer Locked Into Monthly Subscription To Use A Piece Of Software. Thrivecart is Such An Easy Tool To Use And Doesn’t Overwhelm People. 

No Build In Auto-Responsors But Integrates With Lots Of Other Tools.

Try Thrivecart For Yourself. 

3. ClickFunnels

Sales funnel software: Clickfunnels

You Might Have Heard Of  ClickFunnels, It Is The Most Well Known Sales Funnel Software But Is It The Best Sales Funnel Software? 

My Own Personal Opinion Is That Clickfunnels Is Just Hype.

Clickfunnels Isn’t The Best Sales Software Out There, But They Do Have Some Good Programs.

If You Are Just Starting Out Online, The One Funnel Away Challenge Is A Great Program To Get Your Mindset Right About Making Money Online. 

Let’s Talk about The Clickfunnels Pricing. 

Clickfunnels Plans and Pricing:

Starter plan: $97/month

The Starter Program Limits You To 20 funnels, 100 pages, 20,000 visitors, unlimited contacts, 3 custom domains, A/B split testing, opt-in funnels, all advanced funnels (sales, webinar, membership), order pages and up and down-sell pages.

Which Is One Of The Turn Off’s To Using Clickfunnels Since They Limit You From The Very Start.. Sad Face. 

Etison Suite: $297/month

This Included An Auto Responder Which Is Also Very Limited, And If You Are Looking For A  Robust System You Might As Well Go With GoHighLevel

It Also Includes An Affiliate Program With The Etison Suite But It’s HORRIBLE At Tracking And Another Reason Why The $297 Version Of Clickfunnels Isn’t Worth It. 

Find out more about ClickFunnels pricing here.

Pros and Cons

+ Their Learning Platform  Has So Much Great Educational Programs For Business Owners, Digital Marketers, And People Wanting To Make Money Online. 

Everything Else.

Try Clickfunnels?

You should now have a good idea as to which sales funnel software is right for your business. If You Have Read This Far, Than Well Done! 

Next, Let’s Go Over What I Think Is The Best Sales Funnel And Why. 

In Conclusion: What’s the Best Sales Funnel Software to use in 2020?

In terms of the most complete package and value for money, I’d recommend GoHighLevel Is The Best Sales Funnel Software To Use In 2020. 

If You Need An Affiliate Program And Want An Easy To Use Software Than You Can’t Beat Thrivecart For The Value. 

I Actually Use Both Of Them In My Business Depending On My Needs And How I Structure An Offer Since Sometimes I Want An Easy Way For Customers To Pay.

While I Also Use GoHighLevel To Sell As A SaaS, It’s A Great Way To Make Recurring Income, But All My Sales Funnels Are Built Off Of It. 

I Really Hope This Content Was Useful To You And Would Love Your Input And How I Can Help You Grow Your Business Or Answer Any Questions Regarding What The Best Sales Funnel Software Is For You. 

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Real Estate Investor, Owner of Super FB Tools, Play 2 Earn Investor And Pizza Lover. 

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