About Brandon Duff

Hi, I'm Brandon Duff, and welcome to The Money Friends.

I'm a Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, Speaker, and Someone Who Is Obsessed With Leveling Up.

I started The Money Friends in 2019 To Make Money Online With My Friends But There Is More Than Just Mastery Money.
It's About Mastering All Aspects Of Your Life. Fulfillment, Network, Networth, And Contribution. 

I Don't Care About The Materialistic Things That Money Can Buy.

What Excites Me About Creating Wealth Is

  • Freedom
  • Access
  • Safety
  • Peace Of Mind
  • Opportunity
  • Information

If These Things Don't Excite You, Then I'm Probably Not The Best Person For You.

My Life Has Always About Optimizing It

Not Being Distracted By The Material Bullshit That People Buy To Impress People They Don't Like.

I've Been Lucky To Be Surrounded By People Who Feel The Same And In Doing So Changing The Lives Of People Around Them

The Story About Brandon Duff

I was Very Young When, I Knew I Didn't Want To Be Stuck Behind A Desk, Wasting My Life Away.

Plus I Sucked At School Because I Just Wasn't Passionate About It...

I Got Into Fitness To Keep Myself Active But Also Help Others Reach Their Fitness Goals And Level Up Their Lives.

However, Fitness And Mindset Was Only One Piece Of The Equation And The First Step Into My Ongoing Journey TO Level Up My Life.

After Growing My Fitness  Business To 6 Figures, I Decided I Needed A Change.

When You Know You Are Not Passionate About Something, It Eats Away At You, It Becomes Soul-Crushing And I Wanted A Way Out.

( are you seeing a thread here?)

I Knew I Could Do Better, I Was Destined For More So I Decided To Go All In.

Between 2015 and 2019, I Saved All My Money And Reinvested It Into Real Estate.

During That Time I Was Able To Secure 10 Rental Units Creating Another 6 Figure Real Estate Business.


In August Of 2019, I Decided To Hand Over My 6 Figure Business To Another Trainer And Leave For Burning Man For A Week.

Then I Moved 1,400 Miles Across The Country To Start All Over Online.


In 2020, I Was Able To Create Another 6 Figure Software Business To Start Creating Recurring Income To Add To My Passive Income Streams.


My Focus Since 2015 Has Been To Focus On Recurring Income To Buy Back My Time And Freedom.


If You Do Not Focus On Building Recurring Income You Will Be Forever In Financial Slavery,

Since 2020, It's Been My Journey To Break The Chain Of Financial Slavery.

I Want To Help Others Escape The Digital Rat Race.


In 2020 I started The Money Friends Podcast In Which I Talk About Creating Exceptional Wealth And Interview Leaders 

On Topics Such AS:

  • Investing
  • Marketing
  • Sales Funnels
  • Real Estate Investing
  • Alternative Investments.

Personal Life Of Brandon Duff

My Wife And I Just Bought Our Dream Home, and It's Under Construction And Will Be Ready In 2021.

My Wife And I, Have Been Together For Just Over 8 Years And Married Almost 4 Years.

We Currently Have Zero Kids But Plan To Start Trying This Year.

I Very Excited To Have Children.

I Will Be The Best Stay At Home Dad In The World.

Creating Multi-Generational Wealth Is Important Because I Can Secure The Future For My Kids.

One Less Road Back For Them To Optimizing There Lives.

What Is Brandon Duff Currently Working On?

I Currently Have A Software Company That Focuses On Social Media Tools In Order To Save Time When Growing Your Tribe On Social Media.

The Goal Of The Software Is To Help Create Your Dream 100 and Your 1,000 True Fans In Your Business So That You Can Start Developing Your Tribe And Creating A Thriving Environment For You To Excel In.

I Am Not Very Active In My Real Estate Investing Because I Try And Focus On Creating One Passive Business At A Time.

At The Moment My Property Manager Handles All Our Real Estate Investments And Sends Us Checks.

Giving Up A Little ROI For Peace Of Mind, Reducing The Headache Factor Is  Important For Any Business.

What Next For Brandon Duff

I Am A Life-Long Learner And Always Trying To Level Up My Life.

Change The Lives Of 1,000 People So That They Can Change The Lives Of A Million People. I Want To Have My 1,000 True Fans Be Able To Create Multi-Generational Wealth.

If I Can Help 1,000 People Change Their Situation, Then They Will Help Their 1,000 Fans, Creating An Ongoing Ripple Effect Of Change.

Some Of My Financial Goals Are To Buy 100 Rental Properties, Create A 8 Figure Business, And Owning An Island Would Be Pretty Cool. ( They Aren't That Expensive)

I've Travelled To 15 Countries So Far, But I Love Experiencing New Cultures, Foods and Trying New Things... I Want To Travel To Most Countries

( There Are A Few Countries I Don't Care To Visit)


If you're ready to get started on the path to escaping the digital rat race, then click here.

I'd also like to invite you to follow me for my latest content by adding Me on FacebookSubscribing To My Youtubeor following me on Instagram.

Thank You For Taking The Time To Read This, And Let Me Know How I Can Support You.

Committed To Seeking Freedom,

Your #1 Fan,

Brandon Duff

About the Author Brandon Duff

Real Estate Investor, Owner of Super FB Tools, Play 2 Earn Investor And Pizza Lover. 

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