Pass Ai Detection With These 3 Simple Tools

In today’s world, artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere. From facial recognition to voice activated devices, AI has become a part of our everyday lives. But while the use of what if we can use it to super charge our content production?

We are going to go over 2 tools or and an app today to get you to pump out content

AI Detection

Pass Ai Detection With These 3 Tools. 

Disclaimer: This Will Help You Rank Faster, Higher Up In Less Time And Only Takes 15 Minutes Or Less. But Who Knows, It Could All Come Crushing Down Too. 

Use At Your Own Risk If You Want To Rank Higher, Faster, Using Ai


ChatGPT Is The API We Will Need Access To In Order To Use Zimmwriter.

>> Get Your ChatGPT API Access.


We Will Be Using ScaleNut To Add Keywords Into Zimmwriter In Order To SuperCharge Our Blog And Make It Rich of Keywords That Will Help And Avoid Detection.
ProTip: You Can Go The Extra Mile You Can Use Google Keyword Planner Too.  

We Will Using The Keywords And Headlines To Put Into ZimmWriter In Order To Create Beautiful High Ranking SEO That Has Been AI-Generated Text. 

This Will Cost You $0 And You Can Test This Strategy For Yourself!

>>Try ScaleNut

ScaleNut SEO
Scalenut Keyword Checker
Scalenut Keywords


We Will Be Using Zimmwriter To Create Long Form Blog Posts That Can't Be Detect By Ai, Which Is Pretty Awesome I Think.

Pro Tip: I Use These Settings

  • Enable Lists
  • Enable FAQ
  • Enable Tease
  • Explorer ( No Preference ) 

>> Get ZimmWriter


This One Yolo Ai Strategy:

I Call This My One Yolo Ai Strategy Because It Was Something That Would Make This Rank Higher By Having Yolo In It, Anyways.. This Is Just How To Avoid AI Detection Programs.

This Has Been Some Of My Results So Far With This Strategy.

Ahrefs Results
SEMRush Results
Ahrefs Results

Let's Get Into The Strategy.

  1. Load Up The 3 Tools 
  2. Add The Data (Keywords, Titles, Headlines, From ScaleNut) 
  3. Generate SEO Writer
  4. Rank!
Zimmwriter Review


ChatGPT API Access:

Get ChatGPT API Access. 

ChatGPT Pricing:

At The Time of Writing This They Gave A $20 Free Credit, And Then It Was Per "Token" To Use Their ChatGPT API. They Also Have ChatGPT Plus+, Which Is A $20/Month Premium Feature Within ChatGPT. I Use Both ChatGPT Api And ChatGPT Plus+

ChatGPT Pricing

Once You Have:

  • Paid For An Account
  • Downloaded The Software
  • Added Your API Key ( Get It From Here: ChatGPT API)
  • And Are Now At This Screen:
ChatGPT Ai Detection


Scalenut is Not A Free Tool But It Will Help Generate Keywords, Key Terms, And What We Will Need In Order To Rank on Google. 

Scalenut Price:

Scale Nuts Prices

Update The Ai-Generated Results In Scalenut With The Correct Headlines H2-H6 


ZimmWriter is The Tool That Makes The Magic Happen. 
It's A Great Tool And Gives Some Amazing Text-Generated Articles That WIl Pass Ai Detection. 

ZimmWriter Price:

These Are The Prices Of ZimmWriter Below:

  • Normal Plan: 5.97/m 
  • ZimmWriter For Windows: $9.97/m 
  • ZimmWriter For Windows, Life Time: $197
ZimmWriter Pricing

The AI Yolo Strategy  - Advanced Strategies.

I Take The Keywords From ScaleNut And Put Them Into The Manual Keywords.
I Create ChatGPT For A Title For The Keyword.  
I Create H2 Headlines From The Keytems I Get From Scalenut.

  • Enable Lists
  • Enable FAQ
  • Enable Tease
  • Explorer 

I Generate The SEO Blog


Once The Text Is Generated In ZimmWriter, I Copy Paste It Into ScaleNut And See What It Ranks For.
From There I Start To Update The Blog:
Increase Scalenut Rank By:

  • Update All Headlines, (H1, H2, H3, H4..H6)
  • Add Missing Primary And Secondary Keywords
  • Keys Terms In Headings
  • Adding Pictures And Links
  • Complete PPA And FAQ
  • And Try And Get As High Ranks As Possible

Run It Through An AI Detection Software If You Want, But It Will Pass With Flying Colors. 

Publish And Then Head Over To Google Search Console and Add Your Article To The URL To Index.

Google Search Console

Frequently Asked Questions

Ai Bot Detection: Is It Cheating?

I Think Being Able To Detect Ai Vs Human Is A Very Powerful Tools Just Like

  • Spell Check 
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Grammar Checker 
  •  And So Forth.

This Allows For People To Improve Their Writing Styles And Be More Accurate In The Information They Are Creating. Allowing Content Creators To Produce Content Much Quicker Rate Than Ever before.

Can You Generate A Blog With Ai?

Yes, You Can Easily Create A blog With Ai-Generated Text.

Super Charge Your Blog!

Use AI To Rank Faster
On Goolge. 

What Can I Google To Learn More About Prompts?

You Can Google " BestPrompts.Online + Learn Prompts "

What Is The Cost Of AI:

It's Pretty Cheap To Be Honest, You Will Only ChatGPT To Get Started With Using AI, But There is Also Midjourney And Many Free apps Out There. 

Shopping List:

  • ChatGPT - Check Website (api useage)
  • ScaleNut - Check Website (plan)
  • ZimmWrite - Check Website (plan/lifetime)

You Should Be At spending Roughly:
The Cost Of ScaleNut + $0.15-$0.40 Per article. 
Plus Start Up Cost Of ZimmWriter If You Go With life Time.

People Also Ask

Will This Be Detected By The Latest AI detection model Or Language Model. 

Run Your Ai-written text Or Human-Written Text Through Different content detector and see if they give you false positives or true positives.

What Is The Difference Between Openai, Gpt-3, and who is the head of openai

Go To Or Google To Find Out More.

Free Ai Detection Software

Here are 2 Free Ai Detection Software Tools.

Free Anti-Generator

Ai Content Detector

Yolo Ai Model Strategy Or Ai Yolo Model Strategy:

Yes, I Had To Name It This Strategy Because Scalenut Said I Should, So It's The Yolo Ai Model Strategy, And So It Stands This Strategy.


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