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Getting Started with ChatGPT

Get started with ChatGPT easily using a computer or mobile device with internet access. Access it via OpenAI website or third-party apps with ChatGPT API integration.

  1. Visit the OpenAI website or choose a third-party application that integrates with Chat GPT.
  2. Click on the sign-up or create an account button.
  3. Enter your email address and create a password.
  4. Verify your email address by clicking on the confirmation link sent to your email.
  5. Log in to your account and start using Chat GPT.

to receive information on business, finance, technology and more, simply type in a question or prompt and get a response. Chat GPT prompts can be a powerful tool for your business. By using these prompts, you can gain insight into various aspects of your business, including marketing, sales, operations, and more. Some of the benefits of using ChatGPT prompts include:

Upgrade Chat GPT 

It's Not Really An Upgrade, But It Feels Like It, Using Prompts. 
This Plugin Is Loaded With A Bunch Of Amazing Prompts.

Install This Plugin

A Plugin I Use Is Called AIPRM And Its A Free Chrome Extension  Which GIves You Hundreds Of prompts, From Business related To SEO Related To Youtube. 

It's A Powerful Plugin For Chat GPT. 

ChatGPt Prompts

ChatGPT Plus++

I Did Upgrade To ChatGPT Plus Because I Felt The Value Was Worth It. 
The Amount You Can Get Done Is Better Than Any Cool Out There. 

It's By Far The Best Thing Out There. 

What Are ChatGPT Prompts: 

 Chat GPT Prompts are pre-written questions or statements that you can use to interact with the Chat GPT AI model. 

They are designed to help you get the information you need quickly and easily, without having to type out a full question or command.

Tips for Making the Most of Chat GPT Prompts To make the most of Chat GPT prompts

  • Researching the available prompts and choosing the ones that are most relevant to your needs
  • Experimenting with different prompts to see which ones work best for you
  • Taking advantage of the ability to customize prompts to suit your specific needs
  • Staying up-to-date with new prompts and updates to the Chat GPT platform.

ChatGPT Prompts Examples:

Fitness Chatgpt Prompts.

 Let's Get A Workout Plan For Us While We Are Staying In A Hotel And Have Limited Access To A Gym. 

Hotel Workouts

Here Are A Few More Fitness Prompts You Can Try. 

  • Create Me A Meal Plan For Someone Who Is <Insert Age> , <Sex> , <Height> And I Work Out 3 Days A Week. 
  • What Are The Best Tips For Gaining Weight For Someone Like Me.
  • Can You Keep Track Of My Water Consumption, When I Tell You How Much Water I Drank Each Time. I Will Let You Know How Much Water I Drank, And You Will Keep Track Of All The Water I Tell You About. An Example Of What I Will Say Is " I Drank 5 Oz Of water" 
    Do You understand?

Business Chatgpt Prompts.

  • Write Me A Rental agreement For My rental Properties. 
  • Write Me A Keyword Strategy For Ranking On Youtube For The Keyword "San Francisco Termite Exterminator"
  • Create Me A 30 Day Social Media Content Calendar.
    I Want To Have Monday Through Friday:
    1 Short Post. 1 Live/Reel 1 Long Form Post.
    My Audience Is Affiliate Marketers And My Product Is A Paid Community.
    Make It Funny But Professional.

Life Coach Prompts.

  • Create A Business Plan For a 22 Year Life Coach. 
  • If I Wanted To Be A Influencer And A Life Coach What Would Be The Best Niche To Go Into
  • Im A Life Coach And I Want To Start Ranking For Keywords In My Local Area.
    Create Me An SEO Blogging Plan To Target
    <YOUR AREA> Life Coach Exercise And Diet.
    And Other Keywords That Would Go With My Niche.
    My Goal Is To Get Customers That Work With My Locally And Then All Over.
     and then sum it up so its a roadmap and include keywords at the end with what i should be trying to rank for.

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My Experience With ChatGPT

There Is Alot To Unpack With ChatGpt, It's Going To Change The Game. 

Being Able To Train Your AI To Be Your Assistant That Works Along Side You Is Going To Be Insane How Fast Things Will Get Done. I've Been Able To:

  • Have A Sales Coach  
  • An AI Dietitian Who Helps Me Eat Better, And Let's Me Know When I Have Too Much Fat In My Diet. 
  • Professional AI Book Editor That's Even Helping Me Write A Book About Me.
  • Also Using It As A SEO Blogging Tool. 
    Insane Right? 

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