GoHighLevel Pricing

Is HighLevel worth it? In this article, you’ll learn everything about GoHighlevel Pricing Options.

You Might Have Heard About This Amazing Software That Allows You To Clone Funnels And So Much More.

GoHighLevel Allows You To Trial The Software, Completely Unlocked With Zero Limitation For 14 Days.

You Can Sign Up For The 14 Day Free Trial For The GoHighLevel Starter Agency Account Or The GoHighLevel Agency Limited Account. 

Each One Has All The Functions That A Normal HighLevel Account Would Have but The Agency Unlimited Allows You To White Label The Software And Create Unlimited Sub Accounts. 

With This 14 Day Trial, You Might As Well Sign Up For The Agency Unlimited To Make Sure You Know All The Features Since They Both Are Free For 14 Days. 

GoHighlevel 14 Day Free Trial

So if you are just looking for an alternative to ThriveCart, Clickfunnels or Leadpages, to sell your products and courses online I recommend you read my in-depth review of GohighLevel here.

What Is The Difference Between GoHighLevel And Highlevel?

HighLevel Is A All-In-One Platform For Digital Marketers, Agency Owners And Is A Hidden Gem That Not Many People Know About Just Yet.. But It's Picking Up Stream And Serious Agency Owners Are Making The Switch, But Here Is What Is Included:

  • A Website Builder, Funnel Builder, And Membership Site Builder
  • An Affiliate Program To Add More Recurring Income 
  • A Built In CRM Tool For Tagging, Tracking And More. 
  • Live Conversations To Send Text, Calls, And Emails  And Respond To Directly 
  • Pipeline Tracker, And Conversation Tracker.  
  • SubAccounts , Unlimited Domains, Unlimited Pages. 
  • And More.

Think If Clickfunnels And Kajabi Had A Baby, Then Was Bite By A Radioactive Spider, And Was Given Ironmans Suite  But Better, More Affordable, And Way More Features. You Can Run Your Entire Business And Many Other Businesses On It. 

HighLevel Replaces These:

  • Clickfunnels
  • Lead Pages
  • Active Campaign
  • Drip
  • Kajavi
  • Google Voice
  • Actionetics 
  • MailChimp
  • Calendly 
  • Google Sheets
  • Wix
  • WordPress
  • WoodPecker
  • Skype
  • And So Many More

When you take advantage of the GoHighLevel Pricing Of The Agency Unlimited Package

  • unlimited pages,
  • unlimited websites 
  • unlimited funnels And
  • Unlimited Sub Accounts. 
HighLevel Pricing

You also get free SSL certificates and, of course free hosting.

Alright, so now we know the difference between Starter Agency and HighLevel Agency Unlimited.

 So let us have a look at the different HighLevel pricing plans.

How much does GoHighLevel Cost?

You Start off With A Free 14 Day Free Trial For GoHighlevel 

Each Of Them Start With A Free 14 Day Trial So Take Advantage Of That. 

What’s Included In The GoHighLevel Agency Unlimited?

Currency It's Everything In The Starter Agency Plan And White Label Desktop App And Unlimited Sub Accounts. 

What Is The GoHighLevel Starter Agency ?

Well, The Starter Agency Plan is Just Everything That Replaces All The Tools Saving You A Bunch of money With The highLevel Pricing. 

Now let’s talk about GoHighLevel. 

What is GoHighLevel?

HighLevel Is A Suite Of Software Applications To Build Sales Funnels And Websites Developed By HighLevel Inc, Which Consists Of The Landing Page Builder, Website Builder, Sales Funnel Builder, The Shopping Cart, Built In AutoResponder, Live Conversations, Power Dialer Along With Other White Label Services And Made For Running Ads, Selling Digital Services , Info Products And So Much More.  

 It's The #1 Platform For Digital Marketers And Agency Owners.

GoHighLevel pricing is Very Reasonable I Think And It Competes With All The Major Sales Funnel Companies.

The Different between The GoHighLevel Pricing and Other Companies, Is That It Provides So Much Value. 

What’s Included In the GoHighLevel Starter Agency Plan. 

The Agency Starter Package Included Everything You Need As A Starter Agency, If It's You Just Starting Out With No Other Customers, It has Everything You Need. 

HighLevel Funnel Builder, Membership Site, Marketing, Campaigns, Everything That is In The Agency Unlimited Account, Just Without The Unlimited SubAccounts and White Label Features. 

Let’s start by giving you an overview of all the GoHighLevel Software and talk about what all of these products are. Okay?

GoHighLevel Marketing

Within The GoHighLevel Marketing Tab There Is Campaigns, Trigger Links, Form Builders And survery Builders. All In One place To Segment Your Audience And Make It Easier To Build Your List. 

This Is Also Where The GoHighLevel AutoResponder Is, Where You Are Able To:

  • Voice Mail Drops
  • SMS 
  • Calls
  • Emails
  • ManyChat 
  • And More

This Is Where You Control When You Send Your Contacts Emails, And All Included In The GoHighLevel Price.
Talk About Value. 

No Needing To Add Active Campaign, Drip Or Other Autoresponders, When It's All Included. 
And There Is No Limit To How Many Contacts Or Emails You Send. ( That Is Up To Your SMTP Provider)

GoHighLevel Memberships 

Next is GoHighLevel Memberships, which is a built-in membership platform like Teachable or Kajabi.

With the membership platform, You Are Able To Create Free Or Paid Memberships, Drip Content And So Much More. The Best Part is, It's In Hosted Within GoHighLevel So You Aren't Having To Link To Youtube Or Other Unprotected Video Hosts. This Keeps Your Content Safe. 

My Favorite Is To Link To The GoHighLevel Affiliate Program  Within My Training So Get More Recurring Income. 

GoHighLevel Funnels

HighLevel Has Sales Funnels For All your Marketing Needs. 

Included In These Sales Funnels, Are Upsells, Downsales And Bump overs. Everthing You Would Want In A Sales Funnel software To Increase The Average Cart Value From your Customers. Talk About Making That Money. 

Unlike Clickfunnels, It Doesn't Matter Which Type Of Funnel You Create, Because Each Funnel Step Is Created Equal and You Can Switch Around Your Upsell Vs Your Downsale Without having to Rebuild The page.

What Is Even better Is You Can Clone Any Clickfunnels Step And Make It Your Own. This Allows You To Find A funnel That Was Wildly Successful And Make It Your Own.

ProTip: Dont Plagiarize, make The Funnel Your Own By Changing The Copy, Images And Branding.  You Can Easily Follow The Format of It And Switch Around The Language To make It Your Own. 

GoHighLevel Reputation manager

The GoHighLevel Reputation manager Is Great When Trying To Build Social Proof, Or Just Want to Show Your New Customers How Awesome Of An Agency Owner, Digital marketer Or Affiliate Marketer That You Are. 

Brandon Duff testimonial

GoHighLevel Calendar.

If you are a coach or want to use GoHighLevel for things like yoga classes or karate classes, or you can have people book times to speak with you. HighLevel Calendar it’s a pretty cool calendar app just like Calendarly or BookLikeABoos.

But the beautiful thing is when they register for your calendar, you will have your contact in Contact List and set up automated follow-up sequences.

GoHighLevel Conversations 

This Is A One Of A Kind Product Within HighLevel That Is Not In Any Other Sales Funnel Software That I've Seen Before. You Are Able To Have Live SMS Conversations With People In Your GoHighlevel Dashboard Which Is Included In The Highlevel Price. All You Have To Do Is Hook Up Twilio And You Are Off To The Races! Talk About A A Game Changer. No Longer Need To Invest In High Priced Products Like Community When You Can Have Your Own "Community" Within GoHighLevel

Not Only That You Are Able To Set Up Keywords Like "GoHighLevel Price" And If Someone Texts That To Your Number, It Will Automatically Respond With "Get Your Free 14 Day Trial Here" 

That's A Bad Example, But You Get The Point. 

GoHighLevel Smart Lists

These Are Great Little Tool That Allows You To Filter Your Contact List By Specific Filters.

  • Source 
  • Last Activity
  • Tags 
  • Name
  • Birthday
  • The List is Endless

What Is The GoHighLevel Partner Program?

GoHighLevel Partner Program Is A Added Benefits For Agency Owners, Where They Will Send You Customers To Support As An Agency Owner.

They Actually Send You Business So You Can Make Even More Money. 

It’s The Perfect Solution For

  • Funnel Builders
  • Agency Owners
  • Seo Experts
  • Consultants
  • Ads Managers
  • Copywriters
  • Social Media Managers
  • And More

I Am Actually In The Partner Program, Talk About Worth The GoHighLevel Price Just To Get Free Customers. 

GoHighLevel Review

The GoHighLevel Affiliate Program

When You Sign Up For The 14-Day Free Trial With GoHighLevel, You Are Automatically Signed Up For Their Affiliate Program.  You Can Read Our InDebth Guide About The GoHighLevel Affiliate Program I Wrote. 

It's Very Easy To Find Your Affiliate Link, So That You Can Start Generating Affiliate Commissions Before Your Trial Ends!

How To Get My HighLevel Affiliate Link

After The 14 Days Trial Has Passed, You Will Get Credit For Your New Customer And Will Receive Your Commissions.

For Example: They approve and send all payments on the 15th of each month for all commissions earned the previous month. So, for example, if 3 people signed up through your affiliate link and paid for their $297 subscription on any date between Sept 1st and Sept 30th, you would receive 3 x $118 ($297 x 40% x 3) = $356.40 on October 15th.

One Last Thing That’s Very Important.

They Also Have An Amazing Affiliate Program Which Pays 40% Recurring Income For The Life Of The GoHighLevel User Plus It Says 5% For Tier 2 Affiliate Commissions. 

GoHighLevel Pricing vs Clickfunnels Pricing

What makes me so excited about GoHighLevel vs. Clickfunnels is How Much More Powerful GoHighLevel is Than Clickfunnels. 

GoHighLevel Also has An Open API, So You Are Able To Do So Much With The software If you Have  A Developer. 

That Means You Are Able To Push Contacts, Tags And So Much more Directly To HighLevel With Plugins, or Apps, Or Even Zap them if You Need To. 

You Should Check out Our Facebook CRM Tool That Does This Already. 

GoHighLevel Has Just An Amazing Price Point And Offers So Much more Than Clickfunnels Ever Did... 

They Are Priced Similar In $97 Vs $297 But GoHighLevel has So Much more Value And Offers So Much more.

For example: GoHighLevel Includes An Auto-Responder While Clickfunnels Doesn't At the $97 Price Point.

Another example Is You Can't Give SubAccounts Or WhiteLabel Clickfunnels, While You Can Whitelabel GoHighlevel And Give Subaccounts At The $297 Price Point. 

GoHighLevel  Life-Time Pricing Options

GohighLevel Doesn't have Any Life-Time Pricing Or One Time Pricing and Is Only Monthly Price, Currently.

I Think it's Priced Competitively Vs Other Competitors, And The price For GoHighLevel Is Well Worth It.

If You Want To learn more About The GoHighLevel Price You Can Go directly To Their website.  

GoHighLevel Price Point #1

The First GoHighLevel Price Point Is $97/m After The 14 day free trial, its the agency starter account, and it has everything you need to start your online business

GoHighLevel  Price Point #2

Price point number two is the agency unlimited, which is $297/m and includes everything in the first price point but you are able to add unlimited sub accounts
( I Give these away These SubAccounts for free as a bonus, To My Resellers Of Our Facebook Automation Software)

GoHighLevel  Price Point #3

If you Want to have Your Own Custom Branded webapp, And Own Zappier Then This is when the next price point comes in for GoHighLevel Which is $497/m Ontop of The Agency Unlimited Account. ( $794/m) I Don't Know Anyone Using This One but There Must Be

GoHighLevel  Price Point #4

Then Finally, There Is Being Able To Resell Services To your Customers, Or White Labeling GoHighLevel Services. These Include Things Like: 

  • Running Ads
  • SEO
  • Funnel Building 
  • Social Media Management
  • And More

You Charge The Customer Any Price Point You Want, and GoHighLevel Charges You A Monthly Fee Or One Time Payment For The Service.

Get Your Bonuses With GoHighLevel

To upgrade to the With The 14 Day Free Trial And Get The Agency Unlimited Account You Can Take Advantage of The White label Version And Unlimited Sub Accounts. 

In Signing Up Using My Affiliate Link, You Will Get Our Facebook Automation Software For FREE! 

So make sure to take advantage today while this option is still available.

Get Our Free Training on How To Monetize GoHighLevel 

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