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With so many cryptocurrencies on the market, it can be difficult to figure out what crypto to focus on, what to invest in, and how you can swap crypto fast and easy.

Not only do you need to figure out what crypto you need to use, but at the same time you also want to ensure that the exchange platform that you are using is very dependable and professional.

ChangeNOW is one of the top and most comprehensive cryptocurrency exchange solutions that you can find on the market right now.

ChangeNow.Io Review

What is ChangeNOW?

At its core, ChangeNOW is a platform that helps you swap between digital assets with great ease.

The company is registered as ChangeNOW International LTD in Seychelles, and the platform has been active ever since 2017.

Changenow Location

 Since then, they managed to grow and started offering support for more and more cryptocurrencies. Now they have a total of 10000 cryptocurrency pairs supported, which makes them extremely versatile and a pleasure to use as well.

Do they have any trading limits?

The best thing when it comes to ChangeNOW for a lot of people is the fact that there are no trading limits.

Yes, you can easily swap cryptocurrencies the way you want.

You don’t even need an account, unless you make some larger exchanges. But other than that, you are free to do 1, 20 or 100, even 1000 trades per day if you want.

 This is a limitless exchange, and it’s a great thing for those people that trade very often.

We noticed that ChangeNOW can’t be used by people in Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Crimea, Sudan, Syria, USA, Bangladesh and Bolivia. So even if the platform is available worldwide, the terms of service clearly state you shouldn’t be in any of these countries.

ChangeNOW Fees

ChangeNOW is Pretty Cheap To Use. 

The transaction fee varies from 0.5% to 4%  But Usually Around 1% Of The Total Transaction. I've Actually Made Came Up On Top Once Due To The Volatility In The Market. 

  • Classic rate. A classic rate exchange uses the best available rate on the market. It is subject to fluctuation due to changing market conditions and network fees. As a result, you can never be sure about the precise amount of coins you’re going to get per single swap.
  • Fixed rate. Fixed-rate swaps do not fluctuate, so you get exactly what you pay for when initiating the exchange. However, you'll pay an extra spread to get a guaranteed rate.

Using Changenow There Are NO Hidden Fees, And They Are Pretty Straight Up About What Will be Charged And How Much. 

The Current Fees For Using Changenow are Below: 

  • 5% Simplex processing fee or a minimum of USD 10 per transaction.
  • 1% ChangeNOW service fee.
  • Blockchain transaction fees

Here’s how it compares with other instant exchanges if you were to purchase USD 1000 worth of Bitcoin today:
( Prices Might Vary From The Day of Writing This)

ExchangeBitcoin receivedFees, %Mandatory registration
Perfect rate*0.105--
SwitchHere0.089216.27%Yes (for purchases above $100)

How Do You Use Changenow.Io

Below I Have Attached The Changenow Api So You Can Use It Directly From My Website. 

I Love ChangeNow, And Use It Myself, That I Have Partnered With Them To Allow For My Money Friends, To Change Crypto Right Here From My Website. Quick And Simple. 

Or You Can Go Directly To There Website With The Button Below.

ChangeNOW’s NOW Tokens

ChangeNOW Has It's Own Token Called The NOW Token. 

By Having The NOW Token, You Get Additional Benefits To Using The Exchange. 

  • Better exchange rates
  • Faster customer support
  • Special offers in all NOW services
  • Voting for asset listing
  • Prizes, raffles, and promo campaigns
  • Better affiliate conditions

NOW tokens Currently Has 200 Million Tokens In Circulation.  

  1. 100 million On The Ethereum Blockchain
  2. 100 Million On The Binanace Smart Chain

The NOW Token supply is deflationary, since all NOW Tokens spent on ChangeNOW services will be burned until there’s only 100 million NOW Tokens remaining at the ratio of 50/50 ERC20/BEP2

NOW Token Stake

You Can Also Stake The NOW Token To Earn 25% Rewards.

NOW Token Burn

In accordance with NOW Token White Paper, ChangeNOW conducts NOW Token Burns quarterly. These burns will take place until the total supply of both ERC-20 and BEP-2 NOW tokens has reached 100,000,000.

NOW Token Allocation 

Now Token Allocation


How many currencies are supported on ChangeNOW?

At the time of this writing, you have 200+ cryptocurrencies supported on the platform, with more being added all the time. That being said, they do have Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, XRP, Ethereum and Monero, among others.

 You can purchase with VISA and MasterCard, but the surcharges can be on the high side, so you have to keep that in mind.

ChangeNOW has all its fees built-in, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

The great thing is that since all fees are built-in, the price you see is actually the total price, and that’s great.

This means you have complete control over costs, which is a great thing to focus on. With that in mind, you can expect an average of 1.3% in fees. It’s not a massive fee, but it can be a problem for some people.

If you just want to do a fast and very convenient trade, this is a really good pick, and certainly something that you need to take into consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions About Changenow 

How fast is their customer support?

Based on our experience, the email requests are replied to within 5-10 minutes and Facebook messages in an hour. The company also has great reviews online as a whole, so they are reputable and a lot of people appreciate their services. With that in mind, there is a knowledge base you can access if you want. But for the most part, you will be quite impressed with the features that they can provide and the overall return on investment.

Is it ChangeNow safe?

ChangeNOW is safe because they are not keeping your money, they just store them for a few seconds/minutes until the transaction is complete. That means you are always in control of when, where and how you use the funds. That alone makes it well worth the effort, especially if you are worried about any safety concerns. Thankfully, there’s no real reason to worry about that, since ChangeNOW has proven time and time again that payments are safe.

The platform itself is very transparent and they are working with some of the top people in the industry to ensure it delivers a good service. And it does, it works great, the value for money is definitely there, and the quality is indeed second to none.

Is ChangeNOW Legit?

ChangeNOW appears to be a legitimate crypto exchange service that has been operating since 2017. The online crypto platform has gained the trust of users from all over the world and continues to grow. The ChangeNOW platform and its mobile app attract hundreds of thousands of visitors monthly according to its website.

Conclusion Of My Review

ChangeNOW delivers both fiat to crypto and crypto to crypto trading of a very good caliber.

It’s efficient, dependable and it combines a lot of assets.

You have thousands of trading pairs and the trading process is completed very fast.

 You can even trade anonymously, since they ask to verify your identity only in the case of larger trades.

 Sure, their fees can be pricey for larger trades, but other than that, this is a very professional and efficient system that you can rely on. They really help make the experience great and comprehensive, and people like using their website because it’s so customizable and professional at the same time.

It’s a great idea to check them out right away.

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