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In this episode, we have invited Alex Charfen, an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and coach who has spent 3 decades on the front lines of entrepreneurship and business, and is helping tens of thousands of entrepreneurs with six-, seven-, and eight-figure businesses to grow and scale. One Of The Best Business Coaches And Mentors Around. 

Getting to know Alex Charfen


Alex was always a different kid. He was the kind of kid who did not get along in school, either with the kids or the educators. He was always very independent and a loner


His father was an entrepreneur and ran a business where Alex started working and helping his father out when he was eight years old. When he was working with his dad, he felt like he found a place where he felt belonged.


In college, Alex started a financial consultancy with a friend and they did billing and collections in a way that was automated back in the 90s

How did Alex Charfen get into Consultancy?


Alex Charfen started as a consultant at the age of 21 for Fuji media. He had a one year contract that ended up lasting about eight years. Eventually, he went to work with SanDisk.


When Alex Charfen met his wife, they decided to get into the online marketing space and into real estate. In a short period of time, they started buying and selling real estate.

Alex Charfens Journey through Real Estate


Most of what they did was dealing directly with the homeowner. And throughout that time, from the early 2000s until about 2007, they built a huge portfolio


Beginning 2007, everything just started to go downhill and they ended up having declared bankruptcy and completely upside down and had no cash or equity at all.


They started Certified Distressed Property Expert Designation as they were going through the foreclosures


In year 2013, Alex Charfen had to transition out of CDP. It was one of the hardest things he has ever done with 99 people working in the company and they ended having to do layoff

Thoughts on this plague of the whole online coaching space, where people take advantage


When you look at the online marketing space, one of the challenges is that the way people appear credible is through the number of subscribers, the number of likes and followers. All of those things are metrics that can be absolutely manipulated


We're seeing an implosion of this influence based business where the influence really comes just from nothing else, but the ability to build the online influence.


If you go to, they have a framework of the nine levels of what an entrepreneur goes through to go from zero to 100 million dollars.


One of the hardest things on for an entrepreneur is to say I need help for so many different reasons.

Finding a Good & Authentic Coach


In today's online marketing world, there's a number of tactics. Call out somebody that you probably don't want to be doing business with. If you feel like you're being pressured into a decision, then you're probably in the wrong place.


  • Meet the coach in person and see if their real life version is the same as the online version,
  • Trust those who talk just as much about profit and savings as they do revenue and sales.
  • Trust those who aren't afraid to share their harder side of their business or admit mistakes or be honest with their numbers.
  • Watch how they act around their students and clients, watch how they act and treat those who aren't VIP clients
  • Notice how much time they spend with their customers, versus the internet marketing circles and networking circles and those types of events.
  • The kind of lifestyle they have is zero importance- the size of their house, the perfect power couple marriage, perfect kids, endless vacations, fancy cars, perfect branding and photos, all that stuff can literally be bought for a few thousand dollars.
  • Real life and business is messy and imperfect. It's up and down. It's profitable and expensive. And it's filled with wins and losses, find someone who's real.
  • Understand what you actually need. Determine where you are in your business, and what is the next thing you need, or where you are personally, and what's the next thing you need.

Alex Charfen Is Helping others succeed through Coaching


Focus on delivering and customer feedback systems and constantly looking at what they do.


Help entrepreneurs with the actual process, structure and routine, at each stage of business that it takes to create a strategic plan communicated to your organization,


Getting feedback from their members and doing major revisions to their content.

Key Quotes:


“You should be scared of a coach who doesn't get coaching”


“You are just like us, you're one of those people that gets up in the morning, travels into the future creates a new reality comes back to the present and demands, it becomes real.”

If you want to know more about Alex Charfen, his team, and what they do, visit their website at  You can also connect with him on LinkedIn.

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