Facebook Sucks!

Facebook Sucks And I Am Beginning To Wish I Could  Smash The Dislike Button ( If They had One)

Me And Facebook Use To Be Really Cool, But Lately, I've Been Thinking That Facebook Sucks and We Should Separate Ourselves.

Watch the video below:

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Why Do I Think Facebook Sucks?

I Give Away Free Content All The Time On My Blog, My Youtube Channel, And All Sorts Of Free Content To Provide Massive Value To Help People Level up Their Online Game.

Don't Get Me Wrong, There Are People Who Love The Pay To Win Model, But Those People Who Are Just Starting Online, Can't Afford It.

I've Created Content Such As:

6 Engagement Hacks That The Guru's Won't Teach You. 

In Which I Talk About How People Get Around The Facebook Algorithm By Using Engagement Groups.

Using Manychat To Boost Posts Without Pays And Many More Tactics.

I Understand Facebook Is A Powerhouse Of A Company and Has To Make There Investors Happy.

Facebook Sucks Due To The Amount Of Fake Gurus.

Facebook Sucks

Fake Income Screen Shots, Fake Testimonials, And Fake LifeStyles, It Makes Me Want To Puke.

These Fake Gurus Are  Leaving A Wake Of Destruction In Their Path.  They Have A Cult-Like Following That They Hide Under An Umbrella Of Protection It's Just Sickening.

The Saddest Part Is Most Of These Fake Guru's Don't Even Understand How To Invest Their Money But Instead Buy Things To Make Them Look “Rich”.

Facebook Is More About Looking Rich and Famous Then Actually Connecting With People.

Or Someone Spamming Me Trying To Sell Me ” How To Get Organic Traffic” Or Their “High Ticket Program“. (On A Payment Plan)

And Don't Get Me Started On How Many Of Them Are Not Making Any Money. It's Like One Big Pyramid Scheme. 

These People Sell The Course, To Recruit Other People To Sell The Course, Who Recruit People To Sell The Course.

I Am Usually A Very Positive Person But Man, Is It Getting Out Of Hand.

That It's Pay To Win, Facebook Sucks.

Facebook Made So Pay To Win That If You Don't Look At Your Old Friends Stevens' Posts Anymore, Facebook Will Make It So You Totally Forget About Them.

Only Showing  Content To People You Have Interacted With Recently. Of Course, There Are About 100,000 Different Data Points That Facebook Goes Off of,

Which Is Great For Marketing And Sales But Some Of These Tactics Are Creepy.

Hello Texan! Run Your Business On TIktok Business And Get $300 Credit.

No Thanks, Tiktok.. We Know Your Dirty Secrets. 

Let Me Ask You Something…

Do You Think New Facebook Sucks?

After A While I Got Use To New Facebook, And It Didn't Begin To Suck As Much, It Was Just Different.

I Finally Got Use To It After A Week But Just Like Anything, It Takes Some Time To Get Use To It.

I Wouldn't Say New Facebook Is Better Or Worse, Just Different.

Personally, I haven't Found Any Benefits Or Disadvantage To Using New Facebook or Classic Facebook So I Can't Say The New Facebook Sucks.

In The Video Below, I Go Over Everything About New Facebook And How To Use It.

New Facebook Is Here To Stay, So Get Used To It.

Another Reason Why I Think Facebook Sucks Are Due To Facebook Groups.

This Is Probably One Of My Biggest Pet Peeze With Facebook Is The Group Owners.

They Are So Protective Of Their Groups If You Try And Provide Any Value.

Group Owners Will Say You Are “Self Promoting” And Delete The Post And Kick You From The Group.

It's Pretty Sad That Most Are So Protective Insecure About Their Groups.

Facebook Groups, Get Less Engagement Than People Personal Profile.

I Have Noticed That Zuckerberg Is Pushing Facebook Groups Much More.

This Is More Than Likely To Help With Making It Easier For Marketers To Target People Easier.

What Are Your Thoughts On Facebook Groups?

Which Are Your Favorite Facebook Groups?

Drop Them in The Comments Below.

In Conclusion:

It Doesn't Matter If I Think Facebook Groups Are Horrible.

If I Like New Facebook Or Classic Or Not.

Or If Over All I Think Facebook Sucks.

All That Matter Is What You Think! Let Me Know In The Comments Below!


About the Author Brandon Duff

Real Estate Investor, Owner of Super FB Tools, Play 2 Earn Investor And Pizza Lover. 

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  • Facebook has no right to censor the truth and that's what they do. I will celebrate the day when Mark Zuckerberg and the pedophile Bill Gates dies. Pay attention everyone the vaccinated are the ones spreading the virus not the unvaccinated, just look at Israel.

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    Had sent a photo of Drivers License copy of voters reg, Nothing works. So I will quit trying.

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