The Thing I Love About Thrivecart Affiliate Program Is How Simple It is To Use And Build Out Your Own Affiliate Program To Have Affiliate's Promote Your Content. Let's Go Deep In The Next Section About Building Out Your Own Affiliate Program With Thrivecart. 

Thrivecarts Affiliate Program. (PRO)

In Order To Have Access To The Affiliate Program, You Need To Have The Pro Version Of Thrivecart Which Is Really Worth The Investment And You Need To Get An Invite In Order To Purchase It. Lucky For You.. Here You Have Stumbled Across My Page... 

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Thrive Cart Affiliate Program

How Does The Thrivecart Affiliate Program Work?

In Order To Have Access To The Affiliate Program, You Need To Have The Pro Version Of Thrivecart Which Is Really Worth The Investment and You Need To Get An Invite In Order To Purchase it. Lucky For You.. Here You Have Stumbled Across My page... 


This Is An overview Of Payouts, Clicks, Products That Are Doing The Best Within Thrivecart and Which Affiliates Are Killing It And Those That Are Duds. Also Goes Over In Alot of Detail Your Conversation rates, Clicks, Refunds, and Net Revenue.  

You Can Also Filter By :

  • Affiliate
  • Product
  • Front End Vs Entire Funnel
  • Dates
  • And Many More Metrics For Sales

My Affiliates

in This Page, It Shows You All The Current Affiliates You Have Approved, Pending Approvals and Incomplete Applications From Your Affiliate Army. 

You Can Also Click "View Profile" To Get A Closer View of What Your Affiliates Are Doing, And How Many Sales, Clicks and Products Of Yours They Are Promoting. 

It Even Tells You Their Conversation Rates, And Refund Rates.. Good Vs Bad Affiliates 

You Can Also Import Affiliates And Create A New Affiliate Manually Pretty Easily. 


This Is A Very Straight Forward Page, Pretty much how You Can Set Up Automatic Payments or Manual Payments.

This Allows For Which Payments Have Been Complete And Which Are Upcoming. 

And A Way To Filter By Product, Affiliate, And So Forth. 

Product Options 

The Product Options In Thrivecart Are just A List of Products You Have Approved To be Affiliated. You Can Manage And Get Sign Up URL In This Section. 


This Is The powerhouse Of Behaviors/Rules You Can Use To Preform Based On Based On What Happens. 

Anything From When An Affiliate Signs Up To what Happens When A Sale Happens Or A Refund. 

There Is Even Options For Milestones For Number Of Total Sales Or Even Refunds.. There Is So many Different options In This Feature That It Allows You To Create A Rebust Affiliate Program. 

What Makes Thrivecart Affiliate program Vs Others  

First of All, Instead Of Paying Monthly For Other Affiliate Programs, You Actually Only Have To pay Once For Thrivecart.  They Allow For Two Tier Affiliate Commissions And White Listing and Blacklisting Affiliates And Much more. 

How Does the Thrivecart Tier 2 Affiliate Program Work?

You Can Enable 2nd-Tier Affiliate In Just A Couple Clicks. 

Jump Into The Thrivecart Affiliate Area, And Click on "My Affiliates" Then Click The "View Profile" Tab, For The Person/Affiliate You Want To Enable 2nd-Tier On.  

After That We Want To Pick Which Product They Are Going To Drive Affiliates To And Click "Affiliate Options" To Do So. 

Once The Window Opens, We Want To Enable "Second Tier Tab" And Enable This Option. 

This Will Allow Your Affiliates To Use A Link To Sign Up New Affiliates, Which Will be Available From Their Affiliate Dashboard. 

You Will Also Want To Pick The Payout Type, Either A % of 2nd Tier Commissions Or A Fixed Amount For Each Sale. 

There Are Other Options Like Adding A Time Limit And So Forth To This, But That's Pretty Much The Jest of How To Set Up The Tier 2 Affiliate Program For Thrivecart.

Thrivecart Tier 2


You Might Want To Request To Enable The W9/W8 Forms From Your Affiliates, To Make Your Life Easier When You File Your Taxes.. You Know Because You Are A Legit business.. Let's Go Over What A w8/w9 Form Is. 

What is a W8-BEN and W9 Form?

The W8-BEN and W9 forms are typically for USA based Vendors, who are usually required to collect the W9 forms from their national affiliates and W8-BEN forms from their International affiliates.

If you’re not an American based company then generally you don’t need to request this. However, if you’re unsure then please speak to your financial professional.

If you’re a US Based business, it would be your responsibility to check the form the affiliate submits, then approve or decline (with an optional message) the affiliate from promoting your product.

To Access This You Need To Go To:

Step 1: Product Options

Step 2: Manage --> Edit Sign Up Page

Step 3: Down At The Button, Click On Edit Requested Fields

Step 4: Tic The Required Affiliate To Provide A Complete w8-BEN/w9 Form. 

 W8 Forms Thrivecart


Thrivecart Is My Favorite Affiliate Program To Use In My Business Because It Allows For A Inexpensive Alternative For People To Promote Your Products Without Paying A Monthly Fee.

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