I've Used It All From Sales Funnels To WordPress Themes, I Am A Bit Of A Tech Nerd, But I Am Going To Break Down My Favorite Theme And Why You This Is My Go To For Themes. 

If You Are Ever Overwhelmed On Which Theme To Choose, This Review Is Going To Put That To Rest. 

I've Actually Built My Whole Website Using Thrivethemes, Without Needing To Know How To Code Or Hire An Expensive Designer. Let's Get Started. 

This Blog Post Is Going To Give You A Deep Dive, And Give You My Thrive Themes Review, and Explain My Exact Reason For Using It, And You Should Look Into Using ThriveThemes For Your Business, Personal Use Or A Hobby.  

I Am Going Over Each Of The Tools That Thrive Themes Offers, And How TO Use Them.

This Is Going To Be The Most In-depth Article About Thrive Themes In Order For You To Have An Informed Decision On If This Software Is A Good Fit For Your Business. 

If You Decide This Was Useful And Informative, It Would Really Make The World To Me By 
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My Own Experience And Overall Ratings:

Features:  9.5/10 Thrive Themes Has A Great Set Of Features, Each Of Which Is Frequently Updated.

Functionality:  8.9/10 The Software Is Pretty Much Flawless And They Integrate With Many Common Tools, But Some Of The Newer CRMs, They Haven't Added Yet.. I Can't Fault Them For That. 

Price:  10/10 They Pretty Much Have A Price Point For Any Person, If You Want To Buy Life Time Membership or Monthly, They Have  A Plan For You... That's Also Why I've Purchased Most Of Their Products. 

Support: 9/10 They Have A Huge Knowledge Base And I Usually Get My Answers Back Within 24 hours, But Most Of My Support Questions Have Been Not Crazy Important. 

Thrive Themes Pros And Cons: 

Thrive Themes Is Built For Ease Of Use And Conversions. This Is The Main Reason For Buying It Myself,
Since They Are With The End In Mind, Conversions. 

Their Laser Focus On Conversion Is What Sets This Tool Apart From Other Tools, Since It's Helps
 Turning  Visitors Into Subscribers.  

Thrive Themes Is Built On WordPress, So You Will Need WordPress And A Domain and Hosting From A Company Like Namecheap

Pros Of Thrive Themes

1. Loads Of Free Training For Thrivethemes: They Have Created Such An Amazing Thrive University To Up Your WordPress Game, And Help You Get The Most Out Of ThriveThemes. 

2. Made For WordPress: These Tools Make WordPress So Simple To Use And Actually Enjoy It Much More Than Some Of The Sales Funnel Software For Building Out Membership Sites Or Blog Posts. 

3. Mobile/Desktop/Laptop Responsive: There Themes Are So Easy To Use On Multiple Devices and Make It Easy For You Change The Look For Each Device. 

4. Loads Of 3rd Party Integration: They Have Many Third Party Integrations To Hook Up With Your Auto-Responders, Learning Platforms and Many Other Api's. One Of My Favorite They Recently Added Is Thrivecart

Cons For Thrive Themes:

  1. Loads Of Products: They Have Many Different Products That Solve Many Issues, But Can Be Overwhelming For New Users, But They Do Offer A Monthly Membership That Gives You Everything To Test Before Narrowing Down What You Really Need. ( This Article Will Help Narrow It Down Faster. ) 

  2. Learning Curve:  There Is A Slight Learning Curve To It, Just Like Anything But There Is No Coding Required, It's Just Understanding What Each Of The Amazing Features Do.  
  3. WordPress Only: Only Works For WordPress And Can't Be Used On Any Other Platform.  Which WordPress is The #1 Website Building Platform Anyways. 

  4. No Live Chat:  I Prefer Talking To Someone On Live Chat, To Solve The Issues That Come Up From Time To Time, But Their Support Team Usually Gets Back To Me Within 24-48 hours.  

In Depth Product Review Of All Thrive Themes Products. 

At First Glance, The Suite Of Conversion-Focused Tools Can Be A Bit Intimidating, But I’ll Break Everything Down To Make It Simple And Easy For You To Determine Which Plugins Will Help You Meet Your Marketing Objectives. 

Let’s Take A Tour Of The Thrive Themes Suite Of Tools. 

Thrive Theme Builder

($97 Life Time Or $19/Month As A Member)

Thrive Theme Builder

ThriveTheme Builder Is Not An Extension, But A Full Fledged Theme For WordPress. Unlike Thrive Architect, Which We Will Go Over Later, This Theme Builder Is A full-fledged WordPress theme and site builder.

You Will Be Able To Visually Create And Modify Any Aspect Of Your Pages With It's Easy To Use Drag and Drop Elements. Anything From Changing The Look Of Each Page, To Changing Headers And Footers, Blog Post Templates, Sidebars, Page Layouts, Search Pages, Category Pages, 404s, And So Much More. 

Here Is A Quick Video Explaining More Of What Thrive Theme Builder Does. 

Pros For Thrive Theme Builder

  • It's A Professional Theme Vs Just An Editor 
  • 100's Of Design And Site Building Elements
  • Integrates With All Your Favorite Online Tools You Use Like Zapier, Webinar Platforms and More. 
  • Everything Is Mobile Responsive Design So Google Loves You. 
  • Easy To Launch A Professional Website In Minutes If You Are In A Time Crunch. 
  • Build In Lead Capture Elements To Help Build Your List
  • And So Much More.  

Cons For Thrive Theme Builder: 

  • Lots Of Features And Benefits That Can Overwhelm A New User In WordPress But Lucky They Have So Many Resources And Lessons To Catch Newbies Up, Fast. 
  • They Don't Integrate Directly With Everything But Zapier Is An Easy Fix For This. 

Thrive Architect

($67 Life Time Or $19/Month As A Member)

Thrive Architect

Fun Fact: 90% Most Of My Website Is Built With Thrive Architect.

There Are Some Of Parts That Are Built With Thrive Apprentice ( The Members Area) But Even Those Parts Are Built Using Thrive Architect And It's My Go To Tool. 

Thrive Architect Is Very Easy To Use With Their Drag And Drop Elements That Make Them Ideal For Any Business Owner, Affiliate Marketer Or Digital Agency. It Comes Included With Many Stunning Landing Page Themes, Without Needing To Know Any Coding or Design Skills. They Make It So Easy To  

Here Is A Quick Video Explaining More Of What Thrive Theme Architect Does.

Pros For Thrive Architect:

  • Drag And Drop Elements, Built For Conversions, Makes It Easy To Built A List. 
  • One Time Or Monthly Gives Flexibility For Any Budget. 
  • Always Adding New Elements Just Shows Me They Care About Their Customers And Their Products. 
  • Plenty Of Training And Support For Thrive Architect. 

Cons For Thrive Architect:  

  • Connecting Some Of Integrations Can Be Tough At First, But Once They Are Set Up, They Are Done. 

Thrive Apprentice

Thrive Apprentice

($67 Life Time Or $19/Month As A Member)

Our University is build off the framework for Thrive Apprentice. It Very Flexible In Organizing Your Course Content. Added With Thrive Architect, You Are Able To Create Beautiful Membership Areas, Or Online Courses For People To Consume Your Content. 

Being Able To Separate Each Section By Modules, Chapters And Lessons Makes It Easy For Your Students To Consume Content 

I Actually Connect Both Thrive Apprentice With ThriveCart To Create An Amazing Affiliate Program. 

Fun Fact: ThriveCart And Thrive Themes Are Two Different Products That Recently Started Integrating With Each Other To Make Our Lives Even Easier. You Should Get Both Pieces Of Software If You Want To Save Thousands Of Dollars Each Year By Cutting Out Your Monthly Fees. 

Pros For Thrive Apprentice: 

  • Thrive Architect+ Thrive Apprentice = Heaven 
  • No Monthly Fees For A Beautiful Membership Site / Online Course 
  • Drag And Drop Online Courses That Make It Easy For Any Beginner 
  • Integrates With Many Other Services For Gamification And Tracking  
  • Easy To use Interface To Make Quick And Easy Training Modules.

Cons For  Thrive Apprentice:  

Thrive Leads

($67 For Life Time Or $19/Month As A Member)

Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads By Thrive Themes Is A Tool That You Can Use To Build Your Email Lists. Everything That You Could Need To Attract And Inspire Readers To Sign Up For Your Email List Is Included In Thrive Leads, Which Makes It Such A Powerful Tool. 

You Can Display The Forms Using The Various Options. For Instance, You Can Choose A Pop-Up Opt-In Form Or Include It In Your Sidebar Widget And Only Have These Trigger On Mobile, Or On Desktop.  There Are A Ton Of Different Display Options For Thrive Leads.  

Additionally, Thrive Leads Allows You To Measure Performance And Conduct Split Tests. You Get Reports That Provide You With Deep Insights On How Your Email Marketing Strategy Is Working So You Know How To Improve It. 

This Is A HUGE Deal Because You Can Test Different Test Or Visuals To See What Will Convert Better And Provide You With More Email Subscribers.  

All Of This Happens Within Your WordPress Dashboard, Which Makes It Easier To Manage. Thrive Leads Gives You The Power To Insert Forms Anywhere You Like And Makes Lead Magnet Delivery Simple And Easy. 

Check Out More About Thrive Leads Here.

Pros For Thrive Leads: 

  • Many Different Optins To Choose From. 
  • Easy To Deliver Ebooks Or Freebies Directly From Website. 
  • Analytic Tool To See The Best Optins And A| B Testing. 
  • On Going Integrations To Enhance Your Experience. 

Cons For Thrive Leads:  

  • The Layout Can Be  A Little Overwhelming and If You Are Not Familiar With Shortcodes Then That Can Be A Turn Off To.. But They Have Lots Of Info In Their University.

Thrive Quiz Builder

($67 For Life Time Or $19/Month As A Member)

Thrive Quiz Builder

Thrive Quizzes Can Be Used To Create Interactive And Dynamic Content Based On The Answers The User Gives, Giving Each User A Unique Experience For Your Website. 

Lucky For Us, Thrive Quiz Builder Was Created To Not Break The Bank. Offering A Create Way To Create Some Amazing Quizzes That Allow You To Deliver Complex Quizzes Without Any Coding Experience Needed With Their Drop And Drag Builder. 

Thrive Quiz Walks You Step By Step, To Create Unique And Fun Quizzes. 

Fun Fact: Quizzes Are Great Ways To Build Your Email List With Ease And Allowing You To Segment Your Audience Based On Their Answers. 

Learn More About Quizzes And How They Can Help Your List Building

Pros For Thrive Quiz Builder: 

  • Multiple Quizzes To Give Unique Experiences 
  • Quick And Simple Quiz Builder For Any Skill Set. 
  • Analytics To Track What Is Doing Best, With A|B Testing. 
  • Responsive Mobile Design For All Quiz Templates. 
  • Quiz Flows To Show, Where There Might Be A Disconnect In Your Quiz 
  • Social Shares To Build Your List Faster.
  • Badge Editor To Enhance The Social Sharing Experience. 

Cons For Thrive Quiz Builder:  

  • Only 4 Templates Currently. 
  • Can't Create Custom Coding For Quizzes. 

Thrive Ovation

($39 For Life Or $19/Month As A Member)

 Thrive Ovation

Social Proof Is A Huge Thing For Businesses In Today Market Place. Many People Don't Care If The Your Product Works, They Want Proof That It Has Worked For Others. 

No One Wants To Be The First To Try Something Out, They Want To Make Sure It's Battle Tested. 

This Is Where Thrive Ovation Comes In. This Is An Interaction Way That Shows Social Proof On Each Of Your Sales Pages So That No One Ever Has To Worry If People Are Actually Buying Your Product. 

With An Easy Way To Capture WordPress Comments To Use As Social Proof And Display Them For Everyone To See Or Capture Social Media Comments In Order To Display Them As Your Own Without Having To Screen Capture Or Type Them Manually. 

Thrive Ovation Has Made It Easy. 

Pros For Thrive Ovation: 

  • Easy To Import Testimonials From Social Media Instead Of Screen Captures. 
  • Fully Customizable Page Templates. 
  • Very Inexpensive That Many Others Charge For Monthly. 

Cons For Thrive Ovation: 

  • You Need Thrive Architect Or Have A Membership To Use This Plugin. 

Thrive Comments

($39 For Life Or $19/Month As A Member)

Thrive Comments

Hate Spam On Your Comment Section? We Do Too... Look No Further Than Thrive Comments.

That's Not All It Does Though... Thrive Quizzes Rewards People For Commenting On Your Content Which Is Another Form Of Social Proof. 

It Also Allow For Upvoting Of Comments Making Your Website As Awesome Of Quora. 

Also, An Easy Way To Build Your List, Incentive Your Users and More For Commenting. 

This Is Not Your Run Of The Mill Comment Section, This Is Your Swiss Army Knight Approach To Comments. 

Read More About Thrive Comments 

Pros For Thrive Comments: 

  • Remove And Filter Spam From Comments. 
  • An Interactive Way To Engage With Your Users
  • Badges, Upvotes And More Ways To Create Engagement 
  • Inexpensive Way To Level Up Your Comment Section 

Cons For Thrive Comments:  

  • Limited On The Design Options. 

Thrive Optimize

($67 For Life Time* Or $19/Month As A Member) * Need Thrive Architect 


Thrive Optimizing Is All About.. You Guessed It.. Optimizing Your Landing Pages.

Most online marketing “experts” these days would scream “Don’t be silly… for sure A, the video landing page version!” But That Is Not Always The Case. 

This Is Why It's So Important To Test Your Landing Pages, And With Thrive Optimize You Are Able To Test What Is Going To Get The best Conversions For Your Optins, Purchases and So Forth.

The Great Thing About Thrive Optimize, Is It's Great If You Have A Large Company Or If You Are A Solopreneur Without Breaking The Bank. No Need For Data Scientists To Give You Lengthy Reports On Why You Need to Run One Landing Page Over Another. Thrive Optimize Made It Simple For You. 

Here Is A Quick Video To Explain All The Details You Need To Know. 

Things I Like About Thrive Optimize: 

  • Unlimited A|B Testing And Variations 
  • Easy And Detailed Interface For Reports. 
  • Easy To Use A|B Testing That Automatically Chooses The Winner.
  • Integrates Easily With Thrive Leads Allowing You To Test Email Opt Ins

Things I Dislike About Thrive Optimize:  

  • Only Usable Able On Pages And Not Posts, Which Makes Sense Since It's Not A Blog Post
  • Can Only Get Lifetime If You Have Thrive Architect. 

Thrive Ultimatum

($97 Or $19/Month For Members)


Scarcity Is A Huge Conversion Tactic That Many Marketers Use, But Do It Incorrectly. 

With Thrive Ultimatum, you can build any countdown campaign you can imagine and customize it down to every little detail.

Simply choose one of the templates and a basic campaign will be already set up for you and ready to go! All you need to do is fill in some extra details and hit "go"!

Pros For Thrive Ultimatum: 

  • 100% True EverGreen Scarity Campaigns That Boost Sales
  • Easy To Use Fixed Campaign Dates
  • Easy To Create Promos And Special Offers
  • Great For Creating Holiday Specials

Cons For Thrive Ultimatum: 

  • Thrive Ultimatum Requires Integration With Thrive Leads For Even Better Functionality
  • Can’t Be Used To Insert Times In Emails Or Other CMS Platforms Like Shopify/Clickfunnels, Etc.

You Are Going To Want To Check Out This Video, Right Now

Thrive Themes Vs. Competitors

There Are Many Alternatives To Thrive Themes And Many Competitors Of Thrive Themes But It Depends On The Solution You Are Looking To Create Or How Much You Are Looking To Spend. 

If You Want To Have A Website That Has A Blog To Create Organic Traffic Or If You Are Looking To Run Traffic To A Sales Funnel. 

In The Next Section We Are Going To Go Over Some Of The Competitors Of ThriveThemes. 

Thrive Themes Vs. ClickFunnels

Thrive Themes Vs Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels Is A Marketing Tool That Helps You Create Sales Funnels That Allow For Upsales And Downsales. 

It's $97 Plan Is Limited With How Much Traffic You Are Able To Create And How Many Funnels You Can Create.

There Is No Built In Auto Responder So You Need To Connect Multiple Other Functions In Order To Use It.

In Order To Get All The Bells and Whistles, They Charge You $297/m Which You Can Get Alot More From Signing Up WIth Thrive Themes Membership For Just $19/m 

I'm Very Experience With Clickfunnles But Found Out Many Other Better Softwares Out There and Have Left Clickfunnels Since Than. 

Resource: Check Out Our Best Sales Funnel Review

Thrive Themes Vs. Elementor

Thrive Themes Vs Elementor

Elementor Is A Very Page Builder Similar To Thrive Architect But  I Feel That The Value Isn't There For The Price Tag.  

Thrive Themes Provides A Whole Suite Of Tools While Elementor Is Just That, A Page Builder With A Few Other Widgets, Such As A Popup Builder. 

The One Thing That Elementor Has Over Thrive Themes, Is All The Latest Prebuilt Templates But If You Plan On Creating Your Own Look And Brand For Your Website, Then Thrive Themes Beats Elementor Hands Down. 

And The Best Part Is Thrive Themes Membership Gives You All These Tools

  • Thrive Leads
  • Thrive Optimize
  • Thrive Architect
  • Thrive Apprentice 
  • Thrive Ultimatum
  • Thrive Quizzes
  • Thrive Ovation
  • Thrive Comments
  • And Many Other Widgets. 

For just $19/m

Thrive Themes Vs. Divi

ThriveThemes Vs Divi

Elegant Themes Is The Main Competitor Of Thrive Themes. They Both Started off As Theme Builders And Branched Out To Custom Plugins To Help Support A Wide Range Of Needs That People Had.

Divi Is One Of The Products Of Elegant Themes, And They Have Many Beautiful And Professionally Crafted Themes. 

One Of Thrive Themes Main Competitors Is Elegant Themes. These Two Companies Come From Similar Backgrounds, And Both Began As Theme Builders But Later Branched Out Into Custom Plugins And Other More Complex Tools That Serve A Wider Range Of Needs. 

Elegant Themes Has 4 Major Products Which Are Divi, Extra, Bloom And Monarch. 

  • Divi - Theme Builder
  • Extra - Web Page Builder
  • Bloom - Email Optin
  • Monarch - Social Sharing 

I Find That Thrive Themes Still Offers A lot More Tools With A Comparable Price. 

Thrive Themes Pricing

Thrive Themes Pricing Model is Very Simple, It's Based On A Per Website Or Monthly Model. 

Below Are The Pricing For Individual Websites

  • Theme Builder $97
  • Architect – $67
  • Leads – $67
  • Quiz Builder – $67
  • Apprentice – $67
  • Comments – $39
  • Optimize – (Packaged With Architect)
  • Ultimatum – $97
  • Ovation – $39

Total: $540

If You Were Looking To Have All These Themes On Multiple Websites, It Would Be Alot Higher, This Is Why The Membership Is Such An Amazing Deal At $19/m Or $228 For The Year. 

You Are Able To Use All These Features On Multiple Websites And Get Access To All The Training At
Thrive University, Which Makes It A No Brainer Offer.

If You Plan To Be A Digital Marketer Or Agency Owner, The Membership Pricing Is Ideal For You.

You Can Get Access To All The Plugins And Be Able To Use Them On Up To 25 Of Your Own Websites. 

Thrive Themes Membership Includes:

  • Access To All Of The Plugins
  • Usable Up To 25 Websites
  • Free Updates For Life
  • Tech Support During The Life Of Your Membership

I Personally Recommend That You Get The Thrive Membership Instead Of One Product At A Time.


Don't Make The Mistake I Did By Buying Each Tool Separately. 

Having The Membership And Paying Just $19/m Is Insane Value 

Thrive Themes Support

Support For Thrive Themes As Done Via Support Tickets/Forum Posts. It's Very Simple To Use But I Am More One For Live Chat Options.

 They Are Pretty Good At Answer Questions Within in 24 to 48 Hours But I Like Instant Results So That Can Be Frustrating. 

This Is My Only Frustrations With Thrive Themes Is There Support System, Which With Todays Technology And Everything, Having Live Support Is Cheap And Easy To Management, So That's Why I Downgraded Their Score. 

With That Said, I've Never Had Any Deal Breaking Issues, And The Support Team Is Very Knowledgeable And Have Fixed My Issues Quickly And You Can Even Give Them Your Login Info And They Will Do It For You, Which Is A Nice Little Change. 

Thrive Themes FAQ

What Is The Thrive Themes Refund Policy?

Thrive Themes Has A 30 Day Refund Policy, Which Is Pretty Standard. 

What Happens If I Stop By Membership With Thrive Themes?

Many Of Thrive Themes Products Or Any Theme Builder/ Page Builder Are Rich In Features And Tied To Custom Coding Within Their Platforms. If You Build Something With Thrive Themes Or Most Products And Then Deactivate The Product, It Won't Look The Same. 

If You Decide To Stop Using Thrive Themes, Your Website Will Not Be As Optimize Or As Beautiful As It Once Was.

Thrive Themes Membership, What's Included?

 The Thrive Themes Membership Includes Access To All The Tools Listed And Access To Use Them On
25 Different Websites For Your Choosing. 

  • Thrive Leads  - Building Your Email Lists Via Beautiful Optins
  • Thrive Optimize - A|B testing For Landing Pages
  • Thrive Architect - Drag and Drop Visual Page Builder
  • Thrive Apprentice - Online Course Creator 
  • Thrive Ultimatum - Scarcity Marketing Tool 
  • Thrive Quizzes - Quizzes To Segment Your Audience In Your List
  • Thrive Ovation - Collecting And Displaying Social Proof / Testimonials 
  • Thrive Comments - Gamification And Badge System For Comments 
  • And Many Other Widgets. 

Thrive Themes Review – Conclusion

Thrive Themes Is My Go To Provider For Everything To Do With WordPress. 

It's Give Me Complete Control Over My WordPress And Give it A Sleek Design. 

I Use Most Of The Tools Daily To Grow My Business and Has Saved Me Alot Of Time By Not Having To Hire An Expensive Designer Or Coder.

Get Thrive Themes Today.

If you Have Any Questions, Drop Them Down Below. 

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Real Estate Investor, Owner of Super FB Tools, Play 2 Earn Investor And Pizza Lover. 

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