Shiny Object Syndrome

Shiny Object Syndrome Is A Real Thing And You Might Be Suffering From It.

We Live In A World Of Shiny Objects, In Which We Are Constantly Being Distracted By Something New And “Shiny”

Stop Me If This Sounds Familiar.

You Just Signed Up For This New Course, Program Or Create This New Business Idea…

Excited, Nervous, and You Hit The Gas And Take Major Action But Then Something Happens.

You Change Goals, You Sign Up For Another Program, Or Think Of Another “Great Idea”

This Is Shiny Object Syndrome, But Let's Define What Shiny Object Syndrome Really Is.

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What is Shiny Object Syndrome

Shiny Object Syndrome Is A Distraction, In Which We Are Constantly Being Drawn

To New Ideas And Tools, And Abandoning Important Tasks In The Process Which

Never Allows Us To Experience The Compound Effect.

Let's Talk About How You Can Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome. 

What Is Shiny Object Syndrome

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Shiny Object Syndrome Psychology: What Causes It? 

There Are Many Reasons For Shiny Objects, But I Want To Deep Dive Into The Psychology Of It. 

We Live In A Instant World And Everyone Wants To Do The “New And Exciting” Thing… 

Some People Might Even Call It “FOMO” Or “Fear Of Missing Out”

Self Confidence In Another Issue In Shiny Object Syndrome, They Think That This “New Thing” 

Will Be “The Thing” That Allows Them To Accomplish Whatever It Is They Are Seeking To Accomplish. 

Most People Will Blame The Thing For Not Helping Them Achieve Their Results, Instead Of Looking At Themselves. 

Another Reason Is Just Due To Lack Of Focus In What They Are Currently Doing.

Being Distracted Makes You Lose Focus On What You Are Currently Working On,

Next, Let's Talk About How To Avoid Shiny Objects.

How To Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome

Avoiding Shiny Object Syndrome Can Be Hard To Avoid.

We are Always Being Distracted By

  • Social Media
  • Our Phones
  • Notifications 
  • Emails 
  • That New Idea
  • And Whatever Else.

Shiny Object Syndrome

Distraction In Our Business And Our Life Are Going To Come Up, But We Need To Have Major Focus On The Task At Hand.

Here Are 5 Tips To Avoid Distractions. 

      1. Turn Down Pressure And Noise

 In Order To Create Major Momentum We Need To Generate Energy,  Effort, And Focus To Move Foward, However, In Order To Do So, We Need To Lower Pressure And Noise In Our Lives. 

Some Of The Things I Do To Do This Is By Creating Tunnel Vision For Myself. 

Some Of The Ways I Do This Is By Having Headphones On To Cut Out The Audio Distractions Around Me.

Wearing Sunglasses To Cut Out Visible Light Transmission by 15-30% Tricking My Brain Into Being In Tunnel Vision, Keeping Me In “The Zone or Flow State” Longer

Using “Drugs” To Enhance My Cognitive Skills, Check Out My Post On How To Be Limitless. 

       2. Do Something You Love

I Know Doing Something You Love Might Sound Clique, But It's True. 

When You Are Focused On Doing Something You Enjoy Vs Something For The Sake Of Doing It, You Will Focus More On Mastering It.

Many People Hate Their Jobs Because They Are Not Passionate About It, Lose Interest Quickly And It Affects Their Performance. 

If You Don't Wake Up Passionate About What You Are Doing, Then You Are Going To Have A Hard Time Entering Into That Flow State And Getting Major Momentum. 

     3. Be Obsessed. 

This Is Huge If You Want To Get Rid Of Distractions. When I Was Learning How To Make Money Online, I Completely Immersed Myself In It.

I Did As Much As I Could To Learn How To Make Money Online, And All The Skills That Are Involved In Doing Do.

  • Read Books
  • Listened To Podcasts
  • Watched Youtube Videos
  • Interviewed People
  • And Then Took Major Action.

Protip: Taking Action Is The Most Important Part

    4. Control Your Environment 

This Kind Of Goes With Cutting Down Pressure And Noise But It's Very Important That You Control The Environment Around You.

If You Have All Sorts Of Distractions Around You, You Will Never Get Anything Done And You Will Lose Momentum Very Quickly. 

This Is Why It Important To Cut Down The Distractions Around You So That You Can Stay In That Flow State. 

If You Have Audio Or Visual Distractions, Or Something Just Doesn't Feel Right In The Environment Than You Should Find A New Location To Work. 

  • Put Away Your Phone So You Don't Check Your Notifications 
  • Close Your Door So People Don't Interrupt You 
  • Face A Wall Or Something Else That Motivates You
  • Put On Headphones To Drown Out Unwanted Noise
  • Set The Room To The Right Temperature 
  • Turn On Or Off Lights To Fit Your Mood
  • Clean Up Your Work Area

How To Minimize Distractions

5. Take On One Thing At A Time

Many People Take On Too Many Things At One Time, Causing Them To Spread Themselves Too Thin. 

This Is A Huge Momentum Killer And Can Cause You To Get Nowhere Fast. 

A Great Way To Get Momentum Is By Delegating Tasks, Using A VA Or Intern In Order To Offload Some Of Your Tasks

Is A Great Way To Get Things Done. I Use A Company Called Acadium In Order To Delegate Some Of My Tasks. 

This Allows Me To Leverage My Time And Still Get Tasks Done, Every Single Day. 

If You Focus On Your Strengths While Delegating Your Not So Strengths, You Are Able To Accomplish A LOT more. 

In Conclusion:

We Are All Creatures Of Habit And If You Can Set Yourself Up For Major Momentum In The Morning That Is The Best Way To Keep Yourself Away From Shiny Object Syndrome. 

Your Morning Dictates The Rest Of Your Day. If You Set Yourself Up For Success In The Morning, It Will Carry You Through The Day With Major Momentum And Away From Shiny Objects.

This Is Why It's So Important To Have A Ritual And A Plan.. 

Check Out Our Course: Morning Quick Start

This Course Will Set You Up For Success Every Single Morning To Take Major Action. 


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