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Shaun Clark Co Founder of  GoHighLevel

If you are a digital agency looking to level up your software then you need to get GoHighLevel.  In this episode of The Money Friends, Shaun Clark of HighLevel shares to us their smart and efficient software invention that gives you all the tools, support and resources you need to succeed with your agency. Mr. Clark is a software engineer and a co-founder of the software HighLevel. Listen To The Full Episode If you Are Looking to level up your agency. 

Episode Timeline:

1:22 What is HighLevel 

GOHighLevel is designed to be the operating system for your marketing agency. GOHighLevel has all the different software pieces that marketing agencies use and they are put together in one single platform to simply processes for agency to scale fast and save money.

3:52 GoHighLevel Features. 

One feature of GOHighLevel is the automated sequence follow-up on leads and eventually turn them into sales. The Marketing Features in GoHighLevel Are Top Notch, From Voice Mail Drops, Email Follow ups, Built in Live conversations and So Much More. This Tool Is A Game Changer. 

5:25 Why GoHIghLevel Is Amazing 

The software also allows you to add messenger bots, automated text message, zoom invites, calendar booking and all other automation that other sales funnel systems do not have. You Are Able To Add SMS To This Software And messenger bots too. 

14:15 Chatbots And Marketing 

It hits all the touch points immediately. You get all the chat bot, email and phone set-up instantly.

14:56 Setting Up GoHighLevel

It only takes 15 minutes for the software to set-up. You can also share the funnels with others within Highlevel account.

15:29 Download Funnels 

It also allows you to adjust other people’s funnels real time. The Best Part About This Software Is You Can "Funnel Hack" Or download any sales funnel from clickfunnels and use it as your own. Of Course you don't want to plagiaries but it's a quick and easy way to get a template done. 

18:20 How It's Changing The Game For Agency Owners

It is a powerful software. It has high touch or high automation for any digital agency to make money online.

19:30 Get GoHighLevel

GOHighLevel launched websites where you can use in the system, to create your own website or sales funnel for your business, it's a sure thing to make your business look professional. 

21:10 GoHighLevel memberships

GOHighLevel have launched full memberships on the platform, which is an amazing feature to sell info products for digital marketers, or agency owners. 

Key Quotes:


”We always say in sales that It’s not the first touch point, or the second, the third, or the fourth. It’s the eight or the twentieth in some case.”


“We automated that whole sequence and help automatically turn those leads into sales which I think is a huge differentiator for a product relative to a lot of pieces of software out there”

Take your agency to the next level! Sign-up for a 14-Day Free Trial of GOHighLevel. Visit their website at https://www.gohighlevel.com/

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