Scams On Facebook

Scams On Facebook Are Exploding With Fake Gurus Who Are Creating A Wake Of Destruction In Their Path.

A Guru Is Suppose To Be An Influential Teacher Or Popular expert, But All These Fake Gurus Are Only Experts At Stealing Peoples Money.

It's Very Sickening.

Watch the video below:

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Beware Of This Facebook Scam: FORSAGE SCAM

There Has Been A Huge Influx Of Ponza Scams On Facebook Lately.

They Are Also Called Gifting Scams And Many Fake Gurus Are Pushing Them Hard.

One Example Of These Facebook Scams Is Forsage.

To Understand Why This Is A Ponzi Scheme, Let's Look At The Definition:

a form of fraud in which belief in the success of a non-existent enterprise is fostered by the payment of quick returns to the first investors from money invested by later investors.

Sound Familiar?

Many Of These Fake Gurus Are Pushing These Gifting Scams Because They Know That Anyone They Recruit, The Money Will Be Passed Up To Them.

This Is Done Using “Decentralized Currency”


The Buy-In Is 0.05 ETH To Unlock The First Level Of Forsage.

This Will Allows You To Open Up Positions in The x3 (3x 1 ) Matrix And the x4 ( 2 X 2)

But After That, You Continuously Have To Open Up New Slots So That You Don't Get Passed Up.

If You Wanted To Open All Slots, It Close To $30,000 At The Time Of Writing This.

These Fake Gurus Are Pushing This Scam To Their Unsuspecting Followers, And They Are Getting Burned.

Is Forsage Legit?

Let Me Ask You Something… Do You Think If You See Headlines Like This:

Scams On Facebook

Facebook Scam

Do You Think It's A Scam? The Answer Is YES! 

A Similar Facebook Scam: Textbot AI AVA Scam

This Is The Same Thing But Instead Of A Matrix Is Just 2 Options. AVA OR AVA+

I Actually Bought Into This Because I Knew The Power Of Text Message Marketing, But Soon Realized It Was Just A Gifting Scam.

After You Pay Your “Set Up Fee” Which Is Really Just Paying The Person That Recruited You.

There Is A Credit “Usage Fee” To Send Text Messages From Their “TextBot Ai”

How Does “TextBot AI” Work?

It's Another Pyramid Scheme Or “MLM” In Which You Spend All Day Trying To Get People To Pay You $100 To Join Your DownLine.

They Call It An AI ChatBot, But When I Was Using It, It Barely Worked Well, And I Ended Up Having To Send Messages Myself.

In This Text Exchange, It Makes No Sense… The Software is Far From An Ai And Doesn't Work.

Scams On Facebook : Textbot Ai Scam

Who is the Creator of TextBot?

The Creator of Textbot Ai Is A Very Interesting Guy To Say The Least.

His Name Is Jeff Long And Let's Look At Some Of His Post On Facebook.

Fake Gurus

I Don't Know About You.. But That Seems A Bit Strange..

But Saying “A Penis Is Magical And Can Help A Suffering Partner” It's Just Strange As F**K And These Fake Gurus Are Weird As Fuck.

Side Note:  Alternative To Text Messaging Marketing

I Find A Better Alternative For SMS / Text Message Marketing I Wrote About It In My Best Sales Funnels Of 2020 Blog Post.

Which Is GoHighLevel, A Software That You Can Use KeyPhrases For Auto Responses, Sales Funnels, And Conversations Right In The Dashboard Of GoHighlevel. 

It's An Actually Product Instead Of Some Facebook Scam. You Can Create Websites, Sales Funnels, And Membership Sites All Within The Software.

Plus You Are Not Limited To $100 Or $500  Payments.  You Can Create Your Own Programs To Sell For Any Price Point You Want.

Then There Is There Affiliate Program Where You Can Get 40% Recurring Income From Just Referring Anyone To Their Platform.

Check Our Guide To Affiliate Marketing On Facebook. 

Are You Ready For Some More Scams On Facebook And Twitter?

Recently There Was A Big Wave Of Scams On Twitter, But It Could Happen On Facebook Too!

Cryptocurrency Scams Are Getting Bigger On Facebook And Just Like The Scams On Facebook We Talked About Earlier With Forsage, It's Only Getting Worse.

Is Cryptocurrency A Scam?

Cryptocurrency itself Isn't A Scam, Since It's Just Another Form Of Currency That Is Traded On The Exchange.

However, There Are Lots Of Scams Out There.

For Example: Tradera

This Company Was Registered in 2020 And Have No Information About There Founders, Or Who Created It.

Which Is A Huge Red Flag For Anyone Who Is Looking For A Reputable Business.

These Company Went Down After Only A Few Months, And Everyone Flocked To Epic.

Which Seems Like The Same Model… Is Epic A Scam? Just Be Careful With Scams On Facebook, And Do Your Research.

Fake Gurus Are A Problem With These Facebook Scams.

Let's Go Over Some Of The Things You Should Watch Out For These Fake Gurus, Using Facebook Scams To Push Their Agenda.

They Don’t Have a Real Business

These Fake Gurus Tend To Jump From Opportunity  To Opportunity, Trying To Sell You On The Next “Trending” Thing On The Market.

Saying This Is The Next “Big Thing” Only To Move Onto The Next Thing After The Previous Dries Up.

Constantly Hustling To Make That Dollar, But Yet If They Are “Making All This Money” Why Are They Always Hustling?

It's Because Of This Next Reason…

They  Try to Impress with Material Things

Porsches, Big Houses, And Extravagant Living, It's All A Ploy To Sucker You In To The Next Shiny Object.

Read Out Article On Shiny Object Syndrome 

Recently Dan Lok Was Kicked Out Of “His” Mansion For Not Being Able To Afford The Rent.

He Talked About HIS 10 Million Dollar Home, Even Took A Realtor On A Tour On It.

Here Is An Article On Dan Lok Being Shown As A Fraud. 

He Also Stole Alex Charfen Framework

Outrageous Back Story

I Am Sure We Have All Heard The Rag To Riches Stories From These Fake Gurus.

Typically These Scams On Facebook Are So Unbelievable, With No Information To Back It Up.

I Would Be Very Careful of Scams On Facebook From Many Marketing Gurus Who Are Constantly Trying To “Show You A New Way”


My Final Thoughts On Scams on Facebook And Fake Gurus

When You Are Deciding To Invest In A New Program, Do Your Research. Scams On Facebook Are All Over and Come In Many Forms, So Be careful!

Don't Fall For These Scams On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, And Any Other Social Platform.


Your #1 Fan,

Brandon Duff



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