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I Want To Set You Up For Success, I Am Going To Go Over My Favorite Passive Income Streams,

Tools I White Label And Resell For Passive Income And Some Tips And Tricks. Let's Begin 

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>> How To Use SuperFBTools

>> How To Use GoHighLevel

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Onto My Next Favorite Income Stream. 

 If You Are Like Me... And Work From Home... Your Car Isn't Doing Anything... 

You Can Rent Out Your Car On Turo

I Make About $700/m Just From My Little Prius. Talk About A Money Printing Machine.  

Passive Income

It's Pretty Simple To Be Honest.. 

  • Download The Free App
  • Set Up Your Car Info 
  • Set Your Price Low To Get To All Star Status
  • Slowly Raise Prices

I Plan To Buy 2-3 More Cars In The Next View Months To Create More Cashflow, Since They Make More Money From A Cash On Cash View Point Than My  Real Estate  But Not Total ROI. 

Most People Don't Understand The Power Of Saving Money, I'm Frugal AF.

I Use A Few Apps To Account For My Money 

If You Need To Save Money, I Highly Recommend You Checking Out These 2 Pieces Of Software.. 

Many People Don't Take About Reducing Expenses, But That Is Exactly How I Started Making Money.

1. Reduce Expenses

2. Pay Off Bad Debts

3. Reinvest Extra Income Into More Income Producing Assets

This is Exactly How We Bought Our Dream House In Texas. ( Under Construction)

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