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The Money Memos

The No Fluff Or Filler Memos With The Latest Strategies,  Actionable Tips,  And insights From Brandon Duff And Everyone Guests That Appears On The Money Friends Podcast. This Newsletter is Printed And Sent Directly To Your Door Step In That Is Easily Digestible, So That With Every Page Turn You Have A Quick Idea For A New Marketing Strategy To Make Money Money For Your Business. 

Fun Fact: We Could Easily Charge $97/m For This But We Decided That We Wanted To Get More Content In Your Hands At Cost. 

VIP Digital Podcast Access

We Have Saved Only The Best Actionable Tips From Our Podcast Guests In Short 5 Minute Actionable Segments That Have Never Been Released To The Public And Are Only Available To YOU Our VIP Members. 

Fun Fact: If You Would 10x Your Investment Just By Implementing Just One Of These Tactics From Each Episode For The Course Of A Year. 

The Facebook Playbook 

What Could More Engagement To For Your Online Business? These Are Tactics That The Gurus Don't Want To Show You. If Only You Had The Insider Knowledge To Boost Your Engagement By Using Our Favorite Free Hacks How Could It Change Your Business. Implement These Hacks And See A Boost Instantly. (They Only Take A Few Minutes To Do) 

The Facebook Playbook:

  1. The POD Strategy 
    Learn How To Hack The Facebook Algorithm  To Get Massive Engage On Your Facebook Profile By Using This Strategy To Grow Your Influence Online Without Having To Pay To Win.
    **HINT This Is What All The Gurus Do.

  2. Facebook Currency Strategy 
    Each Piece Of Content You Produce Has Value To It. Learn How To Maximize That Content To Dominate The Facebook Feed Without Having To Ever Run Ads On Facebook. This Strategy Has Made Has Added Thousands of Recurring Revenue To Our Business. 

  3. The Profile Hack
    Have Your Facebook Profile Send Massive Organic Traffic To Your Website,  24/7/36. Learn The Exact Strategies We Use To Drive More Traffic To Our Core Offers Without Spending A Dime On Facebook Ads. 

  4.  The Social Domination Protocol 
    Learn Exactly How To Dominate The Feed And Control The Conversation For Social Media In Any Niche. This Is The Exact Way To Look Like Your An Authority In Your Niche So That People Will Pay You Thousands Of Dollars Just Because You Look Like The Go To Person. * Please Use This For Good And Not Evil 

    Price: $49 - Included For TMF Members

The Ulimate Facebook MasterClass

Learn The Exact Tactics You Need To Grow Your Business On Facebook. This Is Our Masterclass We Taught To Our Students In Order To Make Facebook A Profitable Business Model For Them Before Ever Running Ads. These Are The Things That Guru's Don't Want You To Know So That They Can Charge You Thousands Of Dollars To Help You Grow Your Business. 

Learn Why The Value Ladder Is Wrong. 

The One Thing Every Business Owner Needs To  Make It Online.

And Why Most People Do Groups Wrong. 

Price: $297 Included For TMF Members

Become A Chatbot Pro 

Whatever Wanted Your Content To Be Delivered 24/7 A Day, 367 Days A Year To People On Facebook Who Are Dying To Get Your Next Thing. Look No Further Than This Mini Series.  This Video Course Will Walk You Through Step by Step How To Set Up Your Perfect Chatbot For Your Business 

Special Guest Course By: Misbah Rauf

Price: $97 Included For TMF Members

Income On Auto-Pilot 

In This Series We Go Over Income On Auto-Pilot And The Best Income Streams That Run On Auto-Pilot And How You Can Get Your Hands On Some Of Your Own Income On Auto-Pilot. These Are 90% Hands Off Income Streams That Have Made Me Thousands Of Dollars, And A Great Way To Build Additional Income Streams If You Are Someone Who Likes Boring Passive Income. 

Special Guest Course By: Brandon Duff

Price: $99 -  Included For TMF Members

Become A Repurpose Ninja

If You Are Short On Time, This Series Shows You How To Get The Most Out Of Your Content By Walking You Through The Varies Ways You Can Repurpose Your Content In A Simple Way To Make Your Content Be Delivered On Multiple Platforms With Ease. Jim Takes Out The Guess Work On How To Create Content That Can Be Used Multiple Times To Get The Most Exposure For A Single Piece Of Content. 

Special Guest Course By: Jim Beard

Price: $27 Included For TMF Members

And We're Adding More All Of The Time

Once You Are Logged In, You Will See New Content Posted Every Single Month. We Are Slacking Value On Top Of Value Without The Fluff. These Are Real Life Training That Are Of Real World Value, Value That We and Our Guests Sell Actually Sell To Their Students. 

Need A Quick Tactic Without The Overwhelm? Go Through Our Library To Get Exactly What You Need When You Need It. This Isn't Just A Information Dump, This Is Real Value. 

Want To Another Income Stream? Check Out Some Of Our Income Streams

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This is your tactical library that's always here when you need it.

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