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Finding The Buyers Persona With Mark Browne

In this episode of The Money Friends podcast, Mark Browne has joined the show to share how to build your perfect audience or buyers persona for your target market. Mark has an experience for 20 years working in Blue Chip IT Sector which involved customer service, customer support, technical writing, and also got into sales & marketing. Mr. Browne owns the Design Hackers Guild which brings entrepreneurs together to build irresistible offers based on the techniques the Mr. Browne learned in the Corporate IT sector and to craft those offers.

Episode Timeline:

Creating an irresistible offer should answer the following:


To whom is this offer for?

Why are you building this offer?

Where is it coming from?

Who is it going to serve?

To make an irresistible offer, take your personal desires out of the equation and go to your audience.


The more that you focus on the persona that represents your audience, the bigger impact you will have, the quicker you will move through those phases of initial buyers, extended buyers and so on.

The Perfect Audience


When you have a business idea, you need to go to seek for people who are in the same business. Build up a network and rapport, and start talking about your idea. Then you will draw that audience in. That’s the initial audience which we call “The Founders”. From that you start crafting and start looking for people who are in match of the things that you are looking for. And that’s how you will start building your persona.

Naming & Building The Persona


A lot of businesses, when they use personas, they start to think of them as real people and refer to them with actual names. It pushes you to be on the zone of serving customers.

Pricing People Out


You cannot help and serve everybody. If you try please everybody, you’ll please nobody. Corporations don’t do that. They look for a specific income demographic and even in their sales organization, the target organizations are within a revenue stream before even talking to them. That’s what building personas do, they make you very specific.


If you want to serve people properly, you have to price out people. You have to be more expensive on the expertise that you can do.


Do SWOT Analysis on the buyer which you really need. And start role playing your buyer

Design Hackers Guild


- It targets small business owners or business owners in general who want to scale their business in the online space and not having to do it alone.


- The guild focuses on skills, price control, and proper business rules. It is a commercial guild that brings entrepreneurs together around the world


The main idea of Design Hackers Guild is to bring standardization of proper business practices and offer creation


Guilds give us the ability of innovational orchestration. You can get together, using their skills, and cross collaborate and solve something else

Key Quotes:


“That’s where you need to focus, giving the best and brightest offer that you can.”


“What we need in terms of what we are learning about our weaknesses that we have encountered because of this pandemic is that localization needs to come back into our globalize world. And guilds are the best method in doing that”

Join the Design Hackers Guild and Get Exclusive Access at or Join Mark Browne in the Design Hackers Guild Facebook page at 

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