GoHighLevel University: How To Make A Course In Gohighlevel

Do you have a dream of creating your own course within GoHighLevel University? Have you been searching for a way to make this dream a reality but don’t know where to start? If so, then you have come to the right place!

In this article, we will explore what it takes to create and make a course in GoHighLevel University.

Are you ready to gain the freedom and satisfaction that comes with teaching your own course?

Make Your Own Course In GoHIghlevel's Membership Area.

Creating Your Own GoHighLevel University, can create a create passive income opportunity for yourself in a subject you enjoy. So let’s get started

How To Make A Course In GoHighlevel

GoHighLevel Sign Up

You Will Need A GoHighLevel Account In Order To Make A Course In GoHighLevel.
If You Do Not Have An Account, You Should Check Out These 2 Articles About GoHighlevel

Connect Stripe And Or Paypal

You are Going To Need To Connect A Stripe And Or A Paypal Account To GoHighlevel In Order To Make Make A Course In GoHighLevel.

Go To Settings, Integrations, And Stripe.

GoHighLevel Training

Once Your Stripe Is Connected You Can Move Onto The Next Section.

Explore The Product Page

Exploring the GoHighLevel Product Page is an exciting way to start your journey as an entrepreneur. This is where we can make a course in gohighlevel for our students. First Thing we need to do in highlevel is click

Sites --> Membership --> Products --> Create Product ( Top Right Corner)

Make A Course In GoHighLevel
Creating A Membership Site In GoHIghLevel
Membership Site GoHIghLevel

Choose Between: ( There Is No Real Difference Besides How The Template Is) 

  • Spirit Course
  • Marathon Course
  • Membership 
  • Build Your Own

Once you've decided on a topic that you want to create, You Can Choose Between

Choose A Topic For Your Course

When We Were Choosing A Topic For Our Course, It Was Always Something New And Excited That We Wanted To Learn Too But The Question In The Back of Our Minds Was:

Would It Be Profitable To Learn It.
I Typically Only Pick Topics That

I Am Knowledgeable In Or I Want To Be Knowledgably In It.

Otherwise If I Am Not Going To Enjoy Learning It, Why Make A Course In Gohighlevel?

This Is Why We Always Pre-sold Any Course We Ever Created To See If It Was Something That Our Perfect Audience Would Buy From Us.

Here Is A Simple Guide To Follow:

Choosing the right topic for your go high level course is an important step in the overall process.

Here are a few tips to help you decide:

  1. Evaluate The Topic: Consider Narrowing down potential topics and determine which one is best suited for your course, user-friendly, and a goal in mind.
  2. Create A MVP : Create A Minimum Viable Product That Can Get New Clients From Point A To Point B
  3. Ask For Feedback: Get Feedback To Fill in the Gap And Update Your Course In Go Highlevel.
  4. Launch Your Product:

Once you have decided on an appropriate topic, it's time to start researching and developing content for your course...

Upload Your Videos To Make A Course In GoHighLevel:

This IS Where You Start Uploading Your Videos In GoHighLevel To Make A Course In GoHighLevel 

Side Note: If You Do Not Have HighLevel You Can Sign Up For A 14-Day Free Trial

GoHIghLevel Course

All You Need To Do Now Is Upload Your Video, Make It Visibility As Published And Save It. 

You Can Add A Title And Description If you Want Also. 

Create An Offer In GoHighLevel

Next You Are Going To Want To Create An Offer, This is Where You Can Add Your 1 Product Or Multiple products Into One Offer, And Then This Is Where You Can:

  • Add Your Products
  • Create The Price
  • Test Or Live
Create Offer GoHighLevel

And Finally Share Your Link To A Sign Up Page To Buy Your Product, Now You Just Need Traffic. 


More advanced Ways To Create A Course In GoHighLevel

Create AN MVP of Your Course. ( Minimum Viable Product)

You Are Going To Want To Create A Short Course That Get People From Point A To Point B In The Shortest Amount Of Time.

The Shortest You Can Create It, With A Bunch of Value The Better.

  • People Raising Their Hand

And Then Doing A Live Training Would Be The Way We Would Do That.

Watch This Video To Learn Exactly How We Did It.

Teach Your Course Live

When You Decide To Make A Course In GoHighLevel,
Consider Teaching Your Content Live First, It Allows You To Kill 2 Birds With 1 Stone!

  1. You To Get Real Time Feedback From The Students In The Course When They Have Hit Roadblocks.
  2. 70-90% Of The Content You Need To make A Course in gohighlevel is done.

Keeping Track Of Feedback, Roadblocks, Market Research And More!

Receive Feedback

Since You Mostly Did The Course Live With Your Students, You Can Ask Questions During Your Live Trainings And Get Feedback On Any Roadblocks, Or Any Confusion Along The Way From Your Students.

Also Having A Weekly Q&A Post On Facebook Is Also A Great Way To Collect Feedback.


Here Are Some Other Ways:

1. Collect Surveys: Have students fill out a survey at the end of the course; this will give you valuable insight into their experience. You can also use surveys to ask specific questions about what they liked or disliked about the course.

2. Hold Discussions: Take some time to discuss the course with your students; this will allow them to provide honest feedback on what worked and didn’t work for them.

3. Evaluate Your Own Performance: Be honest with yourself about how well you facilitated the course; if something didn't go as planned, take note of it and make changes next time around.

4. Ask For Suggestions: Encourage your students to suggest ways they think future courses could be improved; this will give you valuable ideas on how to make things better in the future.

Make A Course In GoHighLevel:

Let's Get Started To Make A Course In GoHighLevel

Get GoHighLevel At GoHighLevel

Check Out GoHighLevel

Pricing Page.

Read More About GoHighLevel Pricing

Update And Improve Your Courses Regularly

Once you’ve received feedback from your students, after you Make A Course In GoHighLeve;
 it’s important to use that information to update and improve your courses. Here are a few tips for keeping your courses up-to-date:

1. Keep Up With Trends: Stay informed about the latest trends in your field so you can incorporate them into your course content. This will help keep your students engaged and ensure that the material is relevant.

2. Refresh Content Regularly: Make sure to refresh content regularly; this will keep things interesting for students and make sure they’re learning the most up-to-date information available.

3. Take Advantage of Technology: Utilize technology to enhance it; this includes incorporating videos, audio recordings, interactive quizzes, and other tools that can help make the material easier to understand and more engaging.

4. Be Flexible With Deadlines: Give yourself some flexibility when it comes to deadlines; this will allow you to make changes if needed without compromising the quality of your training or having to rush through any updates.

By staying on top of these updates, you'll be able to provide an excellent learning experience for your students every time they take one of your courses. Not only will this help them learn more effectively, but it can also help you retain more students over time and create a successful business model for yourself in the long run.

Earn Commissions From Students Participating In Your Course

Now that you’ve updated and improved your courses, it’s time to start earning commissions from the students that take them. Here are a few tips for making the most of this opportunity:

I Use Thrivecart For My Affiliate Manager:

1. Offer Referral Programs: Make A Course In GoHighLevel about your referral programs to incentivize your existing students to spread the word about your courses. This can help you reach new customers and increase your profits.

2. Utilize Affiliate Links: Utilize affiliate links in order to get paid for any purchases made by people who click on them; this is an easy way to make money without having to do much extra work.

3. Take Advantage of Social Media: Use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to promote your training and maximize your potential earnings.

4. Find Sponsorships: Look for sponsorships or partnerships with other businesses in order to increase visibility and draw more attention to your training

By taking advantage of these strategies, you can make money while providing great content and helping others learn something new through your courses—a win-win situation!

if you decide to Make A Course In GoHighLevel remember to follow these steps again. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Benefits Of Creating A Membership Site

To Be A Centent e Creator And To Make A Course In GoHighLevel can be an incredibly rewarding experience, no matter the subject. Not only does it help you share your knowledge with others, but it also gives you a sense of accomplishment and purpose.

If You make a course in GoHighLevel you will find it's even easier for those who are interested in learning or teaching something new.

People Also Asked:

How do I create a training course?

Optin To Our Free Trianing That We Can Give You So You Can Learn How To Make A Course In GoHighlevel.

Are You Able To Run Analytics With GoHighLevel

Yes there is a functionality for analytics within the dashboard

Which Membership Site Is Better Clickfunnels Or GoHighLevel

I Find That To Make A Course in GoHighlevel To Be Pretty Much The Same As With Clickfunnels,

What Is A CRM

A CRM Is A Customer Relationship Manager And With A Free Trial You Can Try This Marketing Automation Platform To Grow Your Business In Different Ways:

Here Are 5 Ways You Can Use GoHighLevel As A CRM:

  1. Agency Owner
  2. Saas Owner
  3. Affiliate Marketing Agency
  4. Dropping Shipping Company
  5. Social Media Manager

Can Marketers Make A Course In GoHighlevel

Yes, They Can Make As Many Courses As They Want In GoHighlevel. But You Can Do More Than Just Make A Course In GoHighlevel, Go High Level has All These Other Features That You Can Add Into Your Course.

  • automation, Workflow, membership platform
  • page builder, Landing page, Funnel Builder
  • pipelines, order form, email marketing
  • dashboard, wordpress
  • sms/saas

Can You Do A Youtube Video On This WordPress Blog About It?

What Is Gohighlevel University?

GoHighLevel University is Just A little guides im creating for highlevel to get any gohighlevel enthuses started with gohighlevel.

It's Just My spot on the internet to share my gohighlevel guides and tutorials with the world. \

Can I Email You For Questions About Saas, setup workflow, Automation Or How to make a course in gohighlevel?

Sure Email Me.

Just let me know what questions you have and i'll try and point you to a section in our

 gohighlevel university

Be Sure To Be On The Look Out For New Up To Date On Our GoHighLevel Training.  


making a course in GoHighLevel  is an excellent way to capitalize on your expertise and reach people who are looking to learn.

GoHighlevel platform provides potential course creators with a wealth of support and resources, making the process of creating and marketing a successful course much simpler. 

If You Are Looking For Done with you approach we do have our cashflow community and we provide gohighlevel as a bonus for joining. 

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