Linkedin Strategies Larry J Warren

Larry J Warren Teaches Us Linkedin Marketing Strategies.

In this episode we will talk about Top LinkedIn Strategies in 2020 with Larry Warren who specializes in LinkedIn Marketing Strategies. Larry will share with you of what he’s been doing and how people can use Larry’s strategies to really up their LinkedIn game.

Top LinkedIn Marketing Strategies In 2020

[00:38] Larry has been using LinkedIn since 2007. People are saying it’s boring and spammy and this and that. He's been using it since 2007 daily. For exapmle, he makes his people sign-up and bring leads in and sign their ultimate client.

Linkedin Marketing Strategies

[4:03] What is LinkedIn mostly tailored for? Upload online resumes, we make some connections, and to get another job. If your profile is fit to the category of coach, businessowners and entrepreneurs, ensure your profile is set-up like a sales funnel. Optimize your profile.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

[10:17] Moving on, Larry likes to use Sales Navigator, it’s a LinkedIn tool to filter the people you want to go after. He also uses Digital Tycoon for pipelining to build a connection to the people like CEOs and filter male or female.

[18:00] Top LinkedIn Marketing Strategies In 2020: LinkedIn is a professional platform. When we go to Facebook or Instagram or some other platforms, we show up to be entertained. LinkedIn is a great place to be! There are new features, like LinkedIn Live. LinkedIn Stories is another one, download the LinkedIn app on your phone, and you can actually record an audio to introduce yourself on your profile.

LinkedIn As a Networking Platform

[23:00] LinkedIn is a networking platform for professionals to connect and engage. LinkedIn is boring. Supply chains are boring as well, but Jeff Bezos is a billionaire. Software is boring, but Bill Gates and others are billionaires. Utilize LinkedIn correctly to make money.

[24:35] Next, Facebook still dominate for groups and then if you really want to connect with your perfect audience and really narrow down and build relationships, LinkedIn is probably the number on when it comes to that because of how much filtering you can do and targeting you can do.

LinkedIn Marketing Strategies E-Book

The best way to learn the Top LinkedIn Marketing Strategies In 2020 download Larry’s e-book and get in contact with him is at

Additional note for Sales Navigator that will best work for you:

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Larrys Linkedin Strategies That Has Allowed Him To Land High Paying Clients 
  • How Linkedin Has Changed From A Resume Website To A 
  • The 4 Areas Of Your Profile You Need To Laser Focus Your Messaging To Attract Your Perfect Avatar. 
  • A Story About How He Actually Deleted His 20,000 Connections And Started All Over And How You Can Too. 
  • Linkedin Straategies That You Can Implement Today
  • Why Linkedin Has Changed The Game For Small Business Owners.  
  • And much, much more!
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