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In this episode of The Money Friends podcast, Brandon Duff’s guest for today is Joe Fier. Joe is based in San Diego and a co-host of Hustle and Flowchart podcast. Evergreen Profits is the name of his business. He has been doing the affiliate business industry for nearly 14 years. Enjoy listening to this podcast, lets go!

Joe Fier From Evergreen Profit Explains His First affiliate offer 


We started with CPA offer and we got paid on an action so you have to fill out a form to get like a free product. Like for instance the first product was Gatorade that is a supplement thing to test it to the market and he gets paid for $ 50 for each form filled up.


Since then, we’ve totally got way more strategic in what we do. Now, its marketing tools things that are extremely relevant to an audience that we cultivated and have a relationship with the audience.

Transition from affiliate marketing to podcasting to drive traffic


This was the big mental shift. Four years ago, when we started the podcast like we have 380 episodes. It came from us realizing we were holding back too much from other people we wanted to educate with. We want to give more to people.


We started hustling in the Flowchart years ago. We give what we can and cultivate an audience we knew that it would be an outlet that night to talk more.


Now, we have all these different core affiliate offers that we are actually putting. All these other ones sprinkle throughout our content that will pay us. They are more or less passive.


Retargeting is more of a reminder. It definitely makes us sales. We kind of tried to play on all kinds of platform at some level. It helps get our message out there and stay top of mind to people.

How did you get amazing guest on your podcast and create evergreen profits.  


We started off with network before the podcast, I did a lot of agency work and networked a lot one-on-one. The digital marketing space helps a lot.


He said make me a list of like twenty people and I’ll see of what I can do. Next day a lot of people approach him but he is too busy to approach them. It was a very fortunate timing at that time.


I made a list of people on a Google Sheet. Now, what I’ve realized is when I plugged that URL of the Google Sheet into a Gmail it will append as an attachment. Everyone could do this like do it to get on podcast if you want. Like put your dream 100 podcast that the host you want to be connected to.


You could apply it to so many things any introductions you were looking for, put it there and put it in you email signature, that’s the secret sauce.

Everyone should make podcast


People think they need to do something to see the trends. But you don’t need to buy some expensive microphones. Deep dive on what flows naturally like in terms creating content and show something to the world you definitely should be doing that. It should attract people to your voice, your unique personal voice.


Publish your bad work because good work will come from that you know overtime. I think that’s how our podcasting has gone.


There are so many ways to make money. Just play to your strengths and if you do things that are just hot, then you’re probably gonna burnt out because that is something, you’re not gonna be enjoying.

Tactics to find guests Explained By Joe Fier At EverGreen profits


Listing notes is a great resource it’s just like a Google for podcasts so you can look up people’s names, host name, guest name, or a podcast title. You can really learn about someone. You can use that to plug-in to your show and then you see all the different guest you had. 


When we do outreach or when we’re looking for guests, we just simply post on Facebook on our wall. We cultivated a lot of friends that know people and tag a handful of friends to get that conversation started.



Key Quotes By Joe Fier: 


“Meet people to where they’re at. Create a bond with them so the more the value you give really that relationship is gets better and better.” Joe Fier


For affiliate marketers anyone on online space: “Only do things that you commit to.” Joe Fier


 “If you think you are a great writer, harness that.” - Joe Fier

You can find Joe Fier at and Facebook.

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