Inspiring Story of Successful Software Extension

Successful Software Extension

Software extensions have been around for years. An extension makes user life easier and profits the creator. Especially since browsers such as Chrome or Firefox allow users to download extensions fast. An extension has become one of the best marketing tactics in the digital market.

Extensions have become so popular, you can find hundreds even a thousand extensions for the same purpose. No wonder that some extension owners are skeptical of how helpful they are for business. After all, there is a risk your extension might not be downloaded at all. This is where we want to tell you an inspiring story of a successful software extension. We can learn from this story for a better extension strategy.

Grammarly Software Extensions Successful Journey

Grammarly extension launched in 2008 by Alex Shevchenko and Max Lytvyn. The duo has successfully reached 6.9 Million daily active users. To sweeten it, even more, Grammarly doubled both users and an annual revenue in the past year. No wonder a growth company investor, famously known as General Catalyst invests 110 million dollars to Grammarly.

The question now is, how Grammarly does it?
Grammarly software is simple. It helps users improve their writing. Whether correcting spelling mistakes, recommend word choices, or ensure the right tone and delivery. Users end up with a better-written communication experience.

Both Alex and Max realize university writes a lot. But, the professors in university expect every writer to sound smart and professional. Obviously, students must avoid errors such as plagiarism and basic misspells.  It can be challenging to control writing quality when university life (plus some life decision) drains their energy. Thus, university students are Grammarly’s first market. 

There are 2 main reasons why Grammarly pursued the university market. First, the market is in dire need of good writing software. That’s why it is a breeze to grab cash. Second, the market was diverse. Each university major has a different tone, word of choice, and information when it comes to writing. Grammarly was able to grab data to improve their software. 

Alex and Max made the right call. During their first year, 150 thousand students sign up to Grammarly. The next year, the number jumps to 300 thousand. Those numbers are enough for Grammarly founders to decide it is time to release it to the public. 

At first, Grammarly thought it would be an academy-centered market. Turns out, there are other markets interested in using Grammarly to help their work. It includes journalists, sales, consultants, and many other markets that use written communication. They see it as an opportunity to keep expanding. Social media as their marketing fuel really helped Grammarly’s growth. 

Grammarly software works if the user submits writing on the designation page. In 2015, Grammarly realized it wasn’t enough. There must be a way to market the software without installing the software first. Above all, users write directly on the browser. Unless users are highly concerned about their writing quality, double-checking their work on a designated page is troublesome.

Chrome extensions are the answer to Grammarly’s lack of efficiency. It is designed to work similarly to the software, but it applies to any page users write on. It assists existing users without all the hassle. 

Another thing that smoothen Grammarly marketing effort is the free version. Unlike the paid version, the free version only corrects misspelling and recommends better words. Although it sounds simple, the convenient aspect of Grammarly chrome attracts tons of new users.

New users willingly submit their personal information in exchange for Grammarly’s free version extension. On top of that, new users are slowly hooked on Grammarly. It starts on spelling but it seduces them to buy premium versions. After all the premium version offers a much better improvement in their writing. But most of all, users are convinced that Grammarly is helpful. 

What can we learn from Grammarly?

Grammarly success neither comes overnight nor pure luck. Alex and Max’s success road was built by sweat and brain. They do it smartly that the extension is the ultimate move to further their business. In order to follow the Grammarly path in using an extension, there are 3 things you need to remember:

  1. Know what your extensions are for
    Each extension is born with a purpose. Some of the extensions are core business, the rest might be attracting new consumers. You must know why you built an extension, otherwise, it’s just a waste of money.

    You can start by realizing the stage you are in now. If you are in a starter stage, extensions are great to advertise your business or simply learn your market. Are you in the development stage? You can use extensions to attract new users!

    As long as you know what your extensions are for, you will do great!
  2. Hire a team that is willing to improve
    The challenge with software extensions is quality. It’s like discovering a recipe. You need to figure out the perfect balance. When you take it out to consumers, they might give you new insight into the recipe. Even if your software seems perfect during the first launch, there will be room for improvement.

    Software developer services are everywhere. You are advised to hire a developer team who is willing to take on the project professionally and wholeheartedly. The money friend is a great example. The money friend teams are known for being hard workers and always deliver the expected result. The record shows that the Money friend client loves working with the team.
  3. Be aware of your worth

Most chrome extensions are free. But it doesn’t mean you can put a price on it.  The most important thing is pricing it right.

Users are willing to pay if it is worth the value. Most extensions are free because they want to rule the user first. Free also means the extension’s goal is not making money yet, maybe they are just testing. Whatever the reason is, always price it based on your worth and goals (remember point 1!). 

The most important thing about running a successful software extension is the owner drives. If your light is a dime, so is your team. Hopefully, after reading this article you are inspired to keep on building your success Path. If you ever need help just contact the Money Friend. They are great partners for your business! 

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