How To Get Started With Gohighlevel

How To Get Started With GoHighLevel

How To Get Started With GoHighLevel

Using GoHighlevel Comes With Many Benefits. It Offers An Easy Way To Automate Tasks, Allowing Entrepreneurs And Small Business Owners To Save Time And Money. In This Article Well Go Oover

How To Get Started With GoHighLevel and It's  Intuitive Interface, Users Can Quickly Set Up Campaigns And Track Results In Real-Time. Additionally, The Platform's Comprehensive Training Sessions Provide Users With The Tools They Need To Make The Most Of Their Experience.

If You Haven't Signed Up For HighLevel Then You Need To Sign Up For A Highlevel Account:

Once you've done that, you'll be able to access the platform's intuitive dashboard and begin setting up campaigns. 

You can also take advantage of the platform's various training sessions to learn more about how to maximize your use of the system or continue with our Easy GoHIghLevel University Training. 

 GoHighlevel isn't a one-size-fits-all solution, so well need to connect a few things to get started with gohighlevel. 

Once this is set up you will see why so many entrepreneurs and small business owners trust GoHighlevel as their go-to automation solution.

let's get into the first thing we should do on a brand new account.

PRO TIP: If You Have A SubAccount And Not An Agency Account, 
Skip To How To Set Up A Sub Account:

Connect Stripe

The First Thing You Want To Do Is Connect Stripe,
You Can Easily Do That By Going To

  • Settings
  • Stripe
  • Connect Stripe Through Leadconnector.

And Then Add Your Email And Login Or Create An Account With Stripe.

Step 1.

GoHIghLevel Dashboard

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Step 2. 

How To Connect Stripe To GoHighLevel

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Step 3. 


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Once Stripe Is Connected, You Should Have Someting That Looks Like This, 

GoHIghLevel Stripe Connected

How To Set Up Twilio With GoHighLevel

If You Know Your Account SID for Twilio Then You Add It Here So That You Can Charge Back Your Customers If You Want Or You Can Use LeadConnecters Telephone System And Use Their Pay As You Go System.  

Here Is A  Step by Step Guide On Setting Up Twilio For GoHighLevel .


Set Up Sub-Accounts For GohighLevel

The First Thing You Are Going To Want To Do Is Go To Your Agency Dashboard In GoHighlevel.
Click On SubAccounts And Click on "Add SubAccount" And You Can Choose Between The
Many Different  GoHighLevel Templates.
( Choose The Template That Most Fits Your Business Or Choose Blank)

Sub-Account Creation

Add Your Location. 
And Fill Out All Your Information For Your Own Business.

And Once You Have Switched To Your Account, You Should See This Screen. 
Pro Tip:  Click On The Top  

GoHighLevel Snapshots And Templates

You Can Also Choose Between Different Gohighlevel Templates Or GHL Snapshots You Can Choose Some Of Our Favorites:
Free Funnel Snapshot

Want To Join Our Affiliate Program? We Pay 80% Recurring Income. 

Download Our Free Snapshot 

  • Agency Funnel 
  • Saas Reseller Funnel
  • Branding Funnel
  • Digital Product Funnel

Affiliate Bridge Snapshot

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Download Our Affiliate Bridge Snapshot. 

  • Recurring Income Funnel 
  • Converting At 2% And Increasing Every Day
  • Lucrative Commissions 

Once Your Account Is Created, You Should Be At Your Sub-Account Dashboard
Which looks Like This

test highlevel account

Pro Tip:

Think Of Agency View As A Property Manager, And Each Sub-Account Is It's Own House. 
Each House Has It's Own Plumbing, Electrical, Roof.

If An Email, Domain, Trigger, Has An Issue It's Usually Done On The Sub Account Side.

Difference In Pricing Plans

There Is A Different In Gohighlevel Pricing And How Many Subaccounts You Can Create. With a variety of options available, there's sure to be one that fits your budget and meets your needs.

The agency plan is $97/month and provides Everything You Need To Get Started In An Online Business, However The $297/month Version Allows You To create "mini saas" company. 

I currently use the $297/month version and will be upgrading to the $497/month version which is saas mode, you can read more about gohighlevel pricing here if you want. 

No matter which plan you choose, GoHighlevel makes it easy to get started with a few clicks of the mouse. And when you're ready to take things up a notch, their knowledgeable team is always on hand to help you out.

How To Set Up A Sub Account:

If You Are Looking To Set Everything Up For Your Sub-Account Then You Are Going To want To Go To Our Next Section Which Is Our How To Set Up A Location For HighLevel

Next Steps? 

Seting Up Location In GoHighLevel

GoHighLevel Affiliate Marketing

You Are Going To Want To Sign Up For An Affiliate Account With GoHighLevel First Promoter.
This Will Allow You Access To The Affiliate Dashboard Within GoHighlevel. 

GoHighlevel Affiliate Commissions

You Can Learn More About GoHighLevel Affiliate Program Here.

Reselling WordPress And Yext

If You Want To Upsell People Into WordPress And Yext Skip Ahead To Our University, For Now We Are Just Focusing on Getting Set Up =) 

Resell WordPress GoHighLevel

GoHighLevel MarketPlace

This Is Self Explainatory But If You Want To Learn More, You Can Read More About The
GoHighLevel Marketplace

GoHighlevel Marketplace

GoHighLevel Partner

As You Can See In This Photo, This Is Me, I Am A GoHighLevel Partner And I Am Here To Get You The Most Amazing Results With Your GoHighLevel Experience. 

GoHIghLevel Partner

Tips On Maximizing Its Efficiency

To Maximize The Efficiency Of GoHighlevel, It's Important To Be Strategic About How You Use Its Features. Here Are Some Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Experience With The Platform:

First, Take Advantage Of The Powerful Analytics Dashboard.

This Feature Provides Valuable Insights Into How Well Your Campaigns Are Performing And Allows You To Make Adjustments Quickly And Easily.

Which You Can Learn In The University.

Second, Make Sure To Stay Organized By Taking Advantage Of Automated Processes.
By Automating Tasks Like Emails And Schedule Reminders, You Can Save Time And Energy So You Can Focus On Other Areas Of Your Business.

Plus, With GoHighlevel's Intuitive Interface, It's Easy To Set Up These Processes In A Matter Of Minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Gohighlevel Have A Mobile App?

Many People Are Curious To Know If GoHighlevel Has A Mobile App. The Answer Is Yes!
The GoHighlevel Mobile App Can Be Downloaded From The App Store Or Google Play,
Depending On Your Device.

It Allows You To Work On Projects Remotely By Accessing All Of The Same Features As The Web Version. You Can Also Sync Data And Collaborate With Team Members In Real-Time.

GoHighLevel Mobile App

The GoHighlevel Mobile App Is Optimized For Mobile Devices, So It's Easy To Use And Navigate. You'll Have Access To A Variety Of Project Management Tools, Such As Task Lists, Time Tracking, And File Sharing.

You'll Also Be Able To Keep Up With Progress Updates And Receive Notifications When Tasks Are Completed.

Using The GoHighlevel Mobile App Will Help You Stay Organized And Connected With Your Team No Matter Where You Are. It's An Ideal Solution For Those Who Need To Manage Multiple Projects On-The-Go Or Collaborate With Other Users From Any Location.

With Its Intuitive Interface And Powerful Features, It's Never Been Easier To Stay Productive Even When You're Away From Your Desk.

Does Gohighlevel Have Any Built-In Analytics Or Reporting Tools?

The Answer Is Yes. GoHighlevel Offers Users Access To Powerful Analytics And Reporting Tools That Allow Them To Track Their Progress, based on the the data you allow GoHighlevel Access have. 

You are going to want to look at our section on subaccounts in order to do everything you want to do with gohighlevel on the location level. 

Using These Powerful Analytics And Reporting Tools, You Can Gain Greater Insight Into Your Business Operations So You Can Make More Informed Decisions.

Does Gohighlevel Offer Any Support Or Training?

Many Users Wonder If GoHighlevel Offers Any Support Or Training When They Are Getting Started. Tutorials Can Be Found On The GoHighlevel Website By Navigating To The 'Help Center' Section.

This Will Provide Users With Step-By-Step Instructions On How To Use Many Of The Features Within GoHighlevel.

 Additionally, Users Can Join The Community Forum Which Provides An Active Discussion Board Where You Can Ask Questions And Exchange Ideas With Other GoHighlevel Users.

For More Personalized Support, Customers Have Access To Customer Service Representatives Via Email, Phone, Or Live Chat.

 These Representatives Are Available Seven Days A Week And Have Vast Knowledge About The Product And Can Help

Troubleshoot Any Issues That Come Up During Use. With All These Resources Available, New Users Should Feel Confident And Comfortable Using GoHighlevel For Their Business Needs.

People Also Ask

What is The Difference Between Agency view And Location View

Location View Focuses On 1 Business Per Location While Agency View Over Sees All Locations They Manage. 

Where Can I Sign Up For GoHighLevel

You Can Sign Up For GoHighLevel Using This Link


In Conclusion, GoHighlevel Is An Excellent Platform For Small Business Owners And agency Owners That offer A Variety Of Features That Make It Simple To Use

With Its Built-In Analytics And Reporting Tools, Users Can Track Their Progress On The Go. Additionally, GoHighlevel Offers Extensive Support And Training Resources To Ensure Users Get The Most Out Of Their Experience

All In All, GoHighlevel Is A Great Option For Anyone Looking To Get Into Building A Digital Business. 

I Personally Use It Every Day In My Business, And Find It The Best Option For Any Other Business Owner With Our Step-by-Step tutorials On Gohighlevel you should be able to make a great deal of money too!

Next Steps? 

Seting Up Location In GoHighLevel
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