Get Leads On Facebook

You Might Be Wondering How To Generate Leads On Facebook, Right?

I Am Going To Give You My Exact Strategy To Generate Leads Generation On Facebook.

Some Of The Things We Are Going To Cover In This Ultimate Guide To Facebook Lead Generation.

  • How To Set Up Your Profile Funnel To Attract Your Perfect Audience
  • Finding Your Perfect Audience  On Facebook
  • Creating Content To Attract Your Perfect Audience To Generate Leads On Facebook.


Setting Up Your Profile For Lead Generation On Facebook. 

A Social Media Funnel Is Something That Runs For You 24/7  and Allows You To Get Sales On Auto-Pilot. This is Where You Create Your Attractive Character.

Ultimately Allowing People To Know Like and Trust You.

Profile Picture:

Having A Profile Picture That Interrupts Your Audiences Scrolling Is A Great Way To Create Lead Generation On Facebook.

Create Curiosity. 


  • Close Up
  • Clear Background
  • Big Size
  • Catches Your Eye

Having A Profile Picture That Almost Confuses People,  Is How You Will Be Able To Stand Out on Social Media.

Some Tips To Stand Out:

  • Create An Instant Association.
  • Create Positive Emotion
  • Clear Image
  • Props
  • Stand For Something
  • Can See Your Eyes

I Once Saw A Guy Named Taylor Welch Create This Avatar On His Social Media And Through it Was Genius And Because It Resonated With Me And I Thought, What A Genius Idea. So I did


Cover Image:


  1.  Large Headline That Created Curiosity.
  2.  Sub Headline That Has A Quantifiable End Results
  3.  Large Call To Action.
  4.  Some Type of Claim To Fame.
  5. Offer Some Type Of Freebie ( Desktop Views Only)
  6. Your Attractive Character (Fun, Exciting, Playful, Etc)
  7. You Can Create One For Free On Canva at And Using Custom Dimensions of Width: 2037 Px and Height: 754 Px


Brandon Duff




Note: Each Part On The Description Matches A Section On The Cover Image.


Brandon Duff ON Facebook
Attract Your Perfect Audience, Filter Out Tire Kickers and Sell Your Core Offers, Without Wasting Money On Ads.


World's Best Facebook CRM

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( This Ultimate Leads To My Core Offer)



Featured Image:


  1.  Use  Text And Images Or Get Creative.
  2. Use Same Description Or Get Creative
  3. Dimensions of Width: 1275 Px and Height: 1275 Px
  4. Remove All Other Featured Images. (Only 1 Image)
  5. Remember To Add Link To Website or Funnel

Only using 1 featured image allows for this one image to take up maximum display on what type of problems we solve.



Brandon Duff's Post On Facebook



I create passive cashflow for me and my family, so that I can spend my time doing things that I want to do.

If you value your time too, then you owe it to yourself to join

It’s important to have a call to action and some type of eye-catching image so that people will want to click on it.





Important notes about Both Featured Image and Your Cover Image: 

When Someone Mouses Over Your Profile, You Want To Instantly Create Curiosity.

The Goal is To Have Someone Want To Look Deeper into Our Feed..

We Want To Make Sure We Have Clickable links that will guide them to the support, coaching, products, they seek from us.

Remember: Your Page Has Less Than A Second To Capture Your New Friends Attention When They Mouse Over Your Name On A Post.  



As we can see below, we can see why a call to action and a cover image is important when providing value to a group.


Brandon Duff On Facebook



In My Intro, I Typically Use A Question, A Call To Action, And A Link.



Setting Up Bio For Lead Generation On Facebook

Want An “unfair” Advantage In Marketing

Check Out My Software

<img decoding=” /><img decoding=” /><img decoding=” /><img decoding=” /><img decoding=” /><img decoding=” />

Introduction :


First Line: Social Proof ( Enable Show Follow If 1,000+)

Second Line: Funnel With No Brainer Offer.

Third Line: Each Video Is Valued Pack And Has Call To Action To Link 2. 




Intro For Brandon Duff


Common Mistakes:


  1. Putting TOO much Info About Themselves


  • Remove These Details:

  • Things You Manage

  • Where They Were Born

  • Where They Live

  • Companies They Worked For 

  • Relationship Status 

  • College Where They Studied

……No One Cares, Just You.


  1. No Description/Clickable Link  In Cover Image Or Featured Image.
  2. No Clickable Link in Bio and Introduction
  3. Not Mobile and Desktop Compatible. ( Our Measurements are)
  4. Too Boring


Finding Your Perfect Audience, To Generate Leads On Facebook

There are typically 4 Ways That I Find Leads On Facebook.

  1. Suggested Friends
  2. My Feed
  3. Super Targeted Groups



Suggested Friends 

We have all seen the friend suggestion option on Facebook, which Suggests Friends based on ‘mutual friends, work and education information, networks you’re part of, contacts you’ve imported and many other factors’.

The narrower your networks, the more chances of Facebook suggesting your perfect audience to you that want to buy your product.

Most people don’t want to sell to their friends and family, or people they went to highschool/college with.

The easiest way and fastest way to do this, is to create a new Facebook so that your friends and family are not on your Facebook you are looking to present your core offer on and give you the confidence to present offers to your audience. ( This Might Be Against Facebook TOS) 


Suggested Friends On Facebook


My Feed:

When I Am Browsing My Feed For Inspiration, Sometimes I Come Across Posts That Have Some Type OF “Call To Action”.

When That Post Aligns With My Own Products Or Services, And Everyone On That Post Self Ops-Ins. I Add Them All.

Look For People Who Are On Your Feed That Already Have A Product Or Service.

  • If Sell A Product, Look With Someone With A Service
  • If you sell a digital product, look for someone who sells a physical product.
  • The Key Is Something That Doesn’t Compete But Share  A Similar Audience.
  • Creating A Win-Win-Win For Everyone


Super Targeted Groups :

Facebook is Great For Lead Generation Due To Super Targeted Groups That Have All Your Perfect Audience In.

Here Are Some Of The Qualifications I Use To Decide If I Want To Join A Group

  • 10,000+ Members
  • 10+ Posts A Day
  • Align/Compliment My Services/Products
  • No Spammy
  • Lots Of Engagement On Each Post From The Members


Creating Content To Attract Your Perfect Audience To Generate Leads On Facebook.

Creating Content For Your Audience As A Way To Generate Leads On Facebook Is Very Easy To Do.

It Depends On Where You Are Posting The Content Because Many Groups Don't Like “Self Promotion” In Groups.

So You Have To Decide On If You Are Posting Content To

  • Your Feed
  • Your Groups
  • Other Peoples Groups

Your Feed:

When You Are Posting To Your Feed, I Typically Follow The Format Of

  1. Hook
  2. Story
  3. Offer

A Hook Is Both Your Picture/Video And The First Line Of Your Post To Hook The Attention Of Your Reader

Story Is The Content Of What The Post Is About, Typically Told In A Story To Your Readers

Offer Is Where You Ask Your Audience To Do Something  Such As Comment, Like, Share, Buy My Thing Or Any Call To Action.

Your Group

I Follow The Same Format As Listed Above Since They Are Both Areas Of The Internet That “I Control”

Since I Can't Be Removed From My Own Group.

Other Peoples Groups

Other Peoples Groups Are A Different Story, Any Group You Join.

Be Sure To Read The Rules So That You Don't Get Removed For Breaking Them.

Many People Are Protective Of Their Groups and Don't Want You To “Steal Members Away”

I highly Recommend Following These Guidelines

  • Provide Value With No Call To Actions
  • Answering Questions
  • Being Active Within The Group

This Is The Safest Way To Keep Yourself From Being Removed From The Group You Are Trying To Generate Leads On Facebook For.

Your #1 Fan,

Brandon Duff


About the Author Brandon Duff

Real Estate Investor, Owner of Super FB Tools, Play 2 Earn Investor And Pizza Lover. 

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