How To Buy A Gala Node And Set It Up, Quickly. 

This Will Be A Step by Step Guide On How To Buy A Gala Node And Set It Up Correctly.

If you want to secure the Gala Games network, then it’s a very good idea to establish a Gala Node.

 The node operator is the one that receives daily distribution Gala To Your Gala Games Treasure Chest.

Gala Can Be Used For In-game items and NFTs, all of which are added to the treasure chest.

This helps you support the project, and you get to reap the benefits from that too, which is something to keep in mind.

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How can you get a node?

You first need to create a Gala account, then you must move BAT, ETH or GALA to your account wallet By

Clicking The Buy Now, Then Sending To Your Selected Currency To Your Gala Games Wallet. 

How To Buy A Gala Node
How To Purchase A Gala Games Node

Wait For The Transaction To Finish and Then Go Back To "Buy Now" And Click It To Complete The Purchase. 

Once You Have Purchased It, You Will Have To Download The Files Onto Your Computer Or Onto A VPS, Which We Will Go Over In A Moment. 

Quick Guide Create the account

Create the Gala account by visiting the Gala Games website and then you must press Register.

You will have to fill your data and then follow all the instructions so you can set up the account properly.

It’s important to create a transfer code, this is pretty much your second password, so it’s super important.

You also need to set a wallet, so write down the words for the wallet and then double down with 2 factor authentication.

That’s extremely important to keep in mind.

Move crypto to your wallet

After the Gala account is active, you can go to the Nodes tab and then click to Get Node

You can choose the payment method, anything from BAT to ETH and GALA. This is where you will see how much it takes to actually buy a node here. You will have to deposit ETH for fees, so more often than not you will find it more comfortable to use ETH for this kind of stuff. Buy a little more than the node price for fees, just to ensure everything is covered exactly the way you want it to.

It’s also possible to acquire the ETH Or Other Crypto From Exchanges  like Kucoin, Coinbase and many others.

You are always in control, you just have to make the right pick and you will be more than happy with the experience and results. You can go to the Inventory tab, then you can pick the coin that you want to deposit. When you see the QR code and your wallet address, you can copy them, then send your ETH to the wallet address requested in order to get the Gala Node.

You just have to complete the purchase and you will buy the node in no time. Whenever the transaction is complete, you will get an email, so you will have no problem getting the results you want.

 Visit the Account/Node Info and Download your Gala Node files for your computer. VPS is not needed, which is great.

Setting up your PiVPS account

It’s possible to run the Gala node from your computer, however once you turn off the computer you will not have a running node, and you will stop getting any rewards. Which is why you can use A VPS (Virtual Private Server)  to rent an online computer that will run your node for you.

You just set this the way you want and then forget about it.

Yes, it works super nicely, and you will be very happy with the experience and approach.

What you need is to visit the PiVPS website and then you can sign up for a new account. Depending on when you buy, you may have a variety of codes and offers available, so keep that in mind.

Buying A PiVPS Virtual Server 

Once you signed up, you want to deploy a new server. That means you want to select a new Cloud Compute, and then you can pick any location you want. Now you can grab a #1 Windows VPS To Run Your Node.

You should go with the cheapest server, because the Gala node is light on resources. Because of that, you don’t need something that’s super powerful. (YET) The lightest option is more than ok for something like this.

You need to keep in mind that the Gala Games node is not working with IPV6, so you don’t want to use such a server. Ensure that IPV6 is not enabled. Otherwise you will not have your node working, and that will be a problem.

Continue scrolling down and then you can add the Server label and hostname. After you do that, you can easily click Deploy Now and you are good to go. Wait until the setup process is at 100%, then you will be good to go. They offer important VPS info like the IP address, username is Root and the password is hidden.

Using A Credit Card Takes A Little bit Longer For Approval, While Using Crypto Or Paypal Is Much Quicker. 

Installing files and then making the node stay active

Once You Have Got Your Virtual Server, You Can Then Login Via Remote Desktop App in The Search Field On Your Mac Or Desktop. 

Then Downloading Your File To Access It. 

Installing PiVPS

Once You Open The Remote desktop Connection Click More Options And Open The File You Downloaded. 

Click Connect And Connect Again, Then Click Yes. 

You Are In!

Now Download The Node Installer 



And Install And Login. 

Can A Gala Node Make You Passive Income

Go to your Gala account, Node info, and then you can see what rewards you are getting. The great thing is that you have rewards distributed every day at 2.15 AM UTC. The algorithm distributes randomly, to ensure that there’s no one that will benefit more or less.

Gala Node Rewards

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Being Able To earn Gala Rewards For Having A Node Is Pretty Cool, And Being A Node Owner You Also Are Rewarded NFT's From Your Gala Games Node. 

There Are Also Voting Privileges' You Get For Running A Gale Games Node. 

And Many Other Gala Node Rewards You Can Receive From Being A Gala Games Node Owner. 

I've Received Some NFT's And Lots Of Gala. 


Gale Node Price

The Price Of A Gale Node Is Currently Around $11,000 And Continues To Increase By $100 For Every 100 nodes Sold. 

They Have Slowly Been Decreasing In Purchases Each Month As The Price Continues To Climb. 


Is it a good idea to have a Gala Node?

This is Totally Subjective On Your Current Risk And Financial Situation. I Think If You Have Money To Burn And Think That You Are Willing To Hold For  A Long Term Than It Might Be A Good Opportunity. 

If You Have Only $11,000 To Your Name, Then I Suggest You Just Invest In Crypto And Not Invest In A Node Because The Gains From A Gala Node Will Take A Long Time To Get Back Your Investment. 

Everyone Is In Different Situations And I Am Not A Financial Advisor, So The Choice Is Up To You. 

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How To Buy A Gala Node

Reread The Beginning Of The Article To Learn How To Buy One. 

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