Hiring App Developer 101 for Successful Project

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Hiring App Developer 101
Hiring App Developer 101

Hiring app developers is not an easy task. There are multiple considerations before you finally shake hands with someone. If it is your first time creating your app ideas, it can get overwhelming. Especially since thousands of app developers from multiple countries are willing to take on your project. You must know how to separate trash from gems. 

Why Do We Need App Developers Anyway?

Before we get into what to look for in-app developers, let us remind you why you need one. 

Everyone has million-dollar ideas. Some have multiple ideas throughout their life. Some only come up with one in their lifetime. The difference between these two categories is execution. 

You can come up with ideas anywhere. anytime. In the bathroom while you shower, when you are driving, or once you wake up from a nap. However, ideas are just that. What we call a billion dollars idea is a potential idea, it will not get you anywhere without execution. 

Your idea for an app might be the greatest one in this century. But, your idea has a time limit. In this fast-paced world, everything changes. The more you procrastinate, the higher chance ‘a billion-dollar idea turns into one cent ideas’ will be.

Procrastination comes in various forms. You being lazy is procrastination. You spent months studying code and starting programming your app years later is also procrastination. Anything that holds you back from executing your ideas perfectly is procrastination. 

Everyone needs help, you are no exception. Even if you know how to build an app, there is tons of marketing preparation to do. Hiring an app developer is both times effective and efficient. By doing so, You can focus on macro managing the project instead of micro-managing.

What To Look For In-App Developers

The goal of hiring an app developer is to save time and energy. Therefore you can focus on things that really matter. Here are 5 criteria your developers must complete:

1. Communicative.

You probably face one of those coworkers who is difficult. Either they refuse to talk or you need extra effort to understand them. You end up exhausting yourself. 

Communication is important. If you cannot talk to them, chances are you will have a hard time working with them. Never waste your money and time with a developer that sucks your energy. 

First impressions are always crucial. You are advised to pay extra attention to how potential developers talk. Ask yourself: Are they communicative enough? Are they difficult to reach? 

2. Skilled.

You are paying someone for their skills. It is natural to add skill as a hiring factor. But how to judge skill?

The easiest way to judge skills is by testing the developer’s skill. If you have some knowledge in developing apps, you can set up a simple writing or practical test. Adjust the test according to your needs. 

There is a way to judge someone’s skill even if you do not possess a single app developing knowledge. Simply ask for their portfolio. You may find their previous projects and reviews on there. Try to find an app developer with positive reviews and previous projects that are similar to yours. 

3. Beware of Ideas Thief.

Working with an app developer means you must share your ideas. Every detail, every advantage, and disadvantages. It is required so your developer can turn your app ideas into reality. The thing is, some developers might like your idea too much, they decide to make it their own. 

Yes, there is a thief among developers but it is rare. Developers want to get paid fast, and building an app then the market is two different risks. In case thieves concern you, there are some ways to prevent it. 

One of the safest ways is to hire an experienced, reputable developer. You are advised to dig into their client history. If they already handle at least 3 satisfied clients, chances are they are professional with integrity. 

Another way is NDA (Nondisclosure agreement). Now, NDA might secure your ideas. Legal will always back you up. The downside is, you also scare potential, good developers.

4. Price matches value

A brand new app can mean brand new business and investment. You probably do not have a lot of budgets. Obviously, you want to spend as little money as possible on app development. 

One mistake that app owners make is looking for the lowest price. Sure, a low price means less budget to spend. However, you might end up spending a lot more in the long run. Never hire someone because they are the cheapest one you find. Why?

App developers want to be paid according to the amount of work. The more complex, difficult, and advanced your app is, the more money a developer would expect. In short, you must calculate a developer price vs the value they offer. 

Never sign a deal before you have a clear look at the value they offer. Some developers ask for more money out of nowhere because the value is not clear. Make sure to list everything a developer promises will contribute to your app development. 

5. Knowledge in Data Collection.

The app will collect customer data. It is a common practice in the digital world. However, there are data regulations. You can only take as much data before crossing legal lines. 

The data collection designer will be no other than your app developer. Before you shake hands with a developer, try asking their opinion on data security. A good developer must know how far and what kind of data they can grab. 

Where to hire a developer

Now you know what to look for in a developer. The next question will be where to hire one?

There are thousands or even millions of app developers in the world. You can find them via google or the marketplace. The thing is, interviewing those developers might take days.

Fortunately for you, we have a recommendation. The money friend is an experienced, qualified, app developer team. They have handled multiple satisfied clients. One of them even described the money friend as “the most efficient and Diligent Software Companies I’ve Ever Worked”. 

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