GoHighLevel Affiliate Program

GoHighLevel is So Easy To Make Money With, And They Are Always Doing Amazing Changes With The Affiliate Program, Such As Giving 40% Recurring Income And 5% Tier 2 Referrals.. Lets Get Into the Details Of The GoHighLevel Affiliate Program. Be Sure To Check Out The Table Of Contents To Know All The Details. 

Table Of Contents

How Do I Become An Affiliate For GoHighlevel aka HighLevel?

If you want to know how how to make money with the GoHighLevel Affiliate Program  and to become a GoHighLevel Affiliate, let me assure you it’s easy to become an affiliate and promote their products. The Software Sells Itself To be honest. 

Once You Sign Up For Either An Agency Starting Account Or The Agency Limited Account, HighLevel already signed you up for the affiliate program, and your links and promotional tools are all ready to go.

When you start your Agency Software, An Affiliate Account Is automatically  Assigned To You to Join Their  powerful affiliate program.

This Affiliate Program Is The Most unique Affiliate Program On The Market, And Let Me Tell You Why.

GoHighLevel Affiliate Program

How Does The GoHighLevel Affiliate Program Work?

When You Sign Up For The 14-Day Free Trial With GoHighLevel, You Are Automatically Signed Up For Their Affiliate Program.  

It's Very Easy To Find Your Affiliate Link, So That You Can Start Generating Affiliate Commissions Before Your Trial Ends! 

How To Get My HighLevel Affiliate Link
After The 14 Days Trial Has Passed, You Will Get Credit For Your New Customer And Will Receive Your Commissions.
For Example: They approve and send all payments on the 15th of each month for all commissions earned the previous month.

 So, for example, if 3 people signed up through your affiliate link and paid for their $297 subscription on any date between Sept 1st and Sept 30th, you would receive 3 x $118 ($297 x 40% x 3) = $356.40 on October 15th.

What makes The HighLevel Affiliate Program Better than Clickfunnels Affiliate Programs Or Other Affiliate Programs?  

First of all, in HighLevel, no one can ever take your lead away from you. Unlike Those Other Affiliate Programs. 

First off, I Don't Know How Many Times I've Had One Of My Customers On Clickfunnel Just randomly Disappear off My Affiliate Page. 

Either Stolen From Another Affiliate Or Taken Some Other Way... And I Am Not The Only One.. I've Heard Countless Times peoples Affiliates Being Swiped From There Account Without Any Type Of Warning.  

GoHighLevel Converts At 33% Right Now

Just Look At The Numbers...  Of The people That sign Up. 33% Of Them Convert To Customers. It's because HighLevel Pricing is insanely good, and Their Software is Top Notch... That 33% Of My Sign Ups Are Converting To Paying Customers Every Single Month... 

right now with GoHighLevel, Is A Gold Mine.. Not Many People Know About It And It Dominates All Other Software. 

 When you compare GoHighLevel Vs Other Funnel Builders,  HighLevel Dominates In All Aspects. Its The best Alternative To Clickfunnels By A Long Shot And It's Simply The Best Software on The Market For Agency Owners, Affiliate Marketers And Small Business Owners. 

GoHighLevel Affiliate Program - How Well Does Highlevel Convert

How Easy Is It To Convert People To GoHighlevel?

At the time of writing this blog post, one in 3 people that Sign Up For The 14 Day Trial becomes a GoHighLevel user.

here’s the most exciting part, Even though they sign up for The 14 Day Free Trial, many of those users upgrade to the Agency Unlimited Level for many different reasons.

I Actually Have more People Sign Up For The Agency Unlimited Account Than The Starter Account because They Are Able to White Label The Software And Create Multiple Accounts!  We Will Go Over More About This Level But Imagine People  Paying you 3x The Affiliate Commissions. 

How Does the GoHighLevel Tier 2 Affiliate Program Work?

If somebody that you refer also refers somebody else to GoHighLevel,  the system automatically Adds Them Into A Tier 2 Affiliate, Which Means You Actually Get Paid A Little Bit Of The Recurring Income From That Affiliate Sign Up.

Imagine Having Your Own Army Of Affiliates Making you Money While You Sleep.

Tier 2 Affiliate Commissions

if you Were To refer a massive influencer For Example on Linkedin Or Facebook and that person starts Promoting The Software To Their Tribe. You Could Literally Earn hundreds If Not Thousands Of Dollars For Doing Nothing Because Of How Tier 2 Affilaite Commissions Work.

You Literally Get To Collect Boring Passive Income Because You Referred Just One Person That Has A Huge List.. Insane RIght? 

This is why it’s such an Amazing Opportunity To Start Promoting HighLevel As An Affiliate. 

I honestly Know that Highlevel will Crush ClickFunnels in less than A Few Years, And People Are Going To Lose Out On Some Amazing Passive Income. 

Not Only That But Shaun Clark has a proven track record of creating software companies like InvoiceSerpa, AnswerConnect And Solestruck. 

The Creator Of HighLevel Shaun Clark

HighLevel Is One Of Those Hidden gems That Not many People Know About, And It's The perfect Time To Jump Aboard On This Program.. But I Haven't Even Go To The Best part. 

Why Most Serious Affiliates Upgrade to the HighLevel Agency Unlimited Account 

The Reason That Most People Get The unlimited Agency Account Is The ability To White Label The Software As Your Own. 

You Can Create SubAccounts And Collect 100% recurring Income From Providing A Sales Funnel Account To Your Students, Customers Or Who Ever Else.. Talk About Insane! This Is Actually What I Did With TheDigitalTycoon.io And You Can Also Do The Same Thing yourself. 

What’s the Affiliate Commission For Highlevel / GoHighLevel?

HighLevel offers A Tier 2 Affiliate Program, As We Mentioned Before. 

  1. Tier 1 Pays 40% recurring Income 
  2. Tier 2 Pays 5% Recurring income 

There is No Step Program Like Those Other Affiliate Programs Like Clickfunnels And GrooveFunnels

If you want to take full advantage of the White Label Feature Where You Can Sell Funnels For 100% Recurring Income While Still being Able to Passively Collect Recurring Income From Highlevel... It's A No brainer. 

I've Actually Made Most Of My Affiliate Commission For GoHighLevel Without Even Trying, Since I Don't Actually Promote It At All.

This Is Another Reason I've decided TO Write This Blog About The Highlevel Affiliate Program. Have Barely Put Any Content Out There About It, And I Already Have 5 People Using It And Making An Extra $12,000 Yearly. 

Do The Math, Calculate Your Affiliate Commissions.

I Currently Have 5 Customers Signed Up With Highlevel And My Next Month payout Is $929. 

That's The power of The Tier 2 Model Because It Increase The Value Of Each of My Customers.

Each Customer That Signs Up using My Affiliate Link, And If They Refer Anyone I am getting 5% Ontop Of That. 

Based On The Numbers, 20% Of My Customers Are Giving Me Tier 2 Commissions 

HighLevel Affiliate Program

If you Have 100 people Sign Up, You Are Making Well Over 6 Figures In Just Affiliate Commissions For One Product. 

The Crazy Thing is, If You Focus On Recruiting Affiliate Marketers, Your Tier 2 Affiliate Commissions Are Going To be Much Higher Than Mine. You Can Expect Much Higher Commissions Than I Am Making If You Really Focus On Building Your referral network. 

The Great Thing About HighLevel Is They Will Continue To market To Those People To Get Them Into The Program For You, But I highly Recommend That You Also Follow Up With Them And Teach Them How To Use The Software So That They Turn Into Paying Customers. 

As I wrote in my GoHighLevel Review, I Know For A Fact that this software is one of the best investments you can make For Digital Agency owners, affiliate Marketers or Anyone Building An Online Business. 

This Software Replaces So Many Software As It Is, and Saves So Much money, It Becomes  A No Brainer To Sign Up. Most Likely You Are Paying For For Multiple Pieces Of Software, Literally Throwing Money Away By Not Signing Up With HighLevel And Why It's So Easy To Get Affiliate Commissions. 

Promoting HighLevel As An Affiliate Is An Easy Sell 

Shaun And His Company, HighLevel Are Always Improving And Adding New Functions To the Software Itself, That Is Why It's Such An Easy Sell At $97/m or Even $297/m

But here is where GoHighLevel shines. The software makes sales extremely easy for your referrals to promote the software, so you can benefit from There Tier 2 Affiliate Program. 

Highlevel Has Many Resources For Your Disposal To Make Promoting Highlevel As An Affiliate Very Easy. 

  • Resources
  • Assets
  • Snapshots
  • Workshops
  • And So Much more
GoHighLevel Snapshots

GoHighLevel will give you all of the stats to tell you your clicks, your referrals Emails So That You Can Follow Up With Them And Who Is A Current Customers And Who Cancelled, All For Free. Being Able To Follow Up People Who Cancelled Or Didn't Sign Up Is just A Gold mine Of information. 

What I Love Doing Is have A Link In My Signature Of Every Email To Go Try Highlevel For 14 Days Free And Get Extra Clicks And Sign Up's Pretty Easily. 

So Every Follow Up Email, Email Blast Or Whatever Else, People Are seeing Your GoHighLevel Link And Wanting To Sign up. 

You Will Have A Tier 2 Affiliate Army That Will Be Getting You Commissions On Auto-Pilot, Passively. 

Double Your Return In Half The Time With The GoHighLevel Affiliate Program

Most People Don't Do Affiliate Marketing Correctly.

They Sit Around Spamming Links On Social media And That Is The Wrong Way Of Doing It. 

Why Most People Fail With Affiliate Marketing

Don't Be A Spammer! Messaging People Randomly And Spamming Your Affiliate links Is Not The Way To Do Affiliate marketing.

The Best Way Of getting People To Sign Up For A Highlevel Account Is By Providing Massive Value. I Typically Show People What The Software Can Do And They Ask Me How They Can Do The Same. 

Start Getting Creative Of How You Can Provide Value So That You Become An Affiliate Marketing Pro. 

The best Way To Find Out How To Provide Value is By Asking Questions And Creating Solutions. 

I Typically Ask Them What Are They Trying To Accomplish With Their Business Or What Do They Currently use. 

  • Does It Save Them money By Using HighLevel?
  • Can They Automate Their Business By Using HighLevel To Save Them more Time. 
Cashflow Tactics - Money Memos

Become A GoHighLevel Expert Quickly And Sound Like A Pro

Read my review in-depth review about GoHighLevel and my GoHighlevel Pricing Guide. Seriously. Read them.

If You Can Master The Basis Of What The Software Actually Does, You Are Going To Save Yourself A Bunch Of Headache. 

For example, did you know that GoHighLevel Replaces All These Pieces of Software?

HighLevel Savings

Do Your Research

I Join Groups On Facebook That Are Of Competitors Software, And Provide Value To Those Groups That Are Competing  Sales Funnel Software. Do Your Research In Those Groups And Find Out What They Are Wanting To Learn And How You Can Provide Massive Value. 

Brandon Duff's Pro Tips

Do A Bit Of Research And Ask Questions Before You Post Any Links

Ask Questions

When I Am In These Groups and Someone Tells me that they are using Clickfunnels, Kajabi or Any Other Software Related To Sales Funnels, I usually Ask Them Are They Making Any money From it. 

If They Tell me They Are Using Clickfunnels Specifically I Send Them A Quick Screen Recording Of Me Taking Their Funnel And Copying It Into My own Sales Funnel Software And Showing Them How You Can Do It With Any 2 Comma Club Winner.  

When you compare GoHighLevel to Clickfunnels, It's insane The Amount You Get From The $97 Version Of GoHighLevel Vs Clickfunnels $97.

it's A No Brainer For A Switch. 

Provide Amazing Customer Support

The More Value You Can provide In A Group The more Money You Are Going To Make, And That Just Comes With Providing Amazing Customer Support. If You Are Providing Amazing Customer Support People Will Come To You just Recommendations.

Even Though Affiliate Marketing Can Be Tough Sometimes,  People Just Sign Up After Reading My Reviews Or For My Various SnapShots. 

To Give You An Email, This Is A Nice Little Screen Shot OF what Can Happen With Your Affiliate Commissions.

Here Are Some Guide Lines To Be A Good Affiliate:

To Make Sure You  avoid getting kicked out of the affiliate program Or Any Affiliate Program That Matter.

I Highly Recommend  to read the Affiliate Terms and Conditions. Also The FTC guidelines  Are Good Guidelines To Follow when promoting GoHighLevel, and you must not use the following promotional methods. The FTC Has Been Becoming More Strict It's Good To Follow The Rules. 

Here Are Some Go To Guide Lines To Make Sure You Stay Safe. 

  1. Do No Send Spam 
  2. Never Offer cash rebates to people who buy through your affiliate link.
  3. Always use Positive Uplifting Words When Doing Promotions.
  4. Dont Misrepresenting Any Product Or Service by Any Company
  5. Using fraudulent credit cards Is Against The law 
  6. Never Tell people To Cancel The Program If There Is some Type Of Prize, Content, or Drawling.  .
  7. Do not create negative review sites.
  8. Write honest Reviews And Only Promote Things That You Use ( Many Affiliates Fail here)
  9. Never Buy From Your Own Link And Resell Or 

If You Want More Tips To be A Good Affiliate 

I wrote Another Guide on how To Make money In Affiliate Marketing So Feel Free To Use It As A resource Also. 

GoHighLevel Affiliates FAQ

Where do I find my HighLevel affiliate links?

You’ll find your affiliate links in the HIghLevel Agency Settings under Affiliates.

How To Get My HighLevel Affiliate Link

The Second Option You Can Find It Is Through FirstPromoter After You Have Signed Up With Highlevel. 

Where do I find my  HighLevel Promotion Tools And Assets?

Login into your GoHighLevel account https://affiliates.gohighlevel.com and go to the left bottom. You’ll find your GoHighLevel Sales Resources Tab. There Are Plenty Of Resources There. Another Option Is Going To The Help Desk And Looking At Resources Provided There. 

How Do I get paid a HighLevel Affiliate?

 HighLevel pays your commissions via PayPal Through FirstPromoter Which Is Very Easy To Set Up. 

Make Sure Your Paypal is Set Up 

I Am  pretty sure that you'd like to be paid for all of your hard work. In order to process a payment to you successfully, GoHighLevel will need your PayPal information to be set up! You will find the setup page by logging into First Promoter then clicking the Payouts tab. This is the only way to receive that direct deposit!

GoHighLevel Payouts

When Do I Get Paid As A HighLevel Affiliate?

HighLevel Pays You After Your First Sale! No holding Sales, Minimum Sales Or Anything wonkie Like Some Of These Other Affiliate Programs. 

All Sales Are Paid On The 15th Of The month. 

NoteEach new signup starts with a 14-trial, but commissions are tracked based on the date they actually become a paid customer (not a trial signup). Sometimes there may be a 24-48 hour delay in arrival of funds into your Paypal account.

Commissions Can Take Anywhere Between 45 Days To 60 Days Depending Where The Commission Falls In The Month.

For Example: When HighLevel Approves A Payment, They Will Send All The Payments On The 15th Of Each Month. If Someone Signs Up On The 20th For A Trial Account, And Then is Charged on the 3rd of The Month, You Will have To Wait For The Following 15th To Receive Your Payment.  

Let's Say You Sign Up  3 people through your affiliate link and paid for their $297 subscription on any date between Sept 1st and Sept 30th, you would receive on $356.40 October 15th.

Will I Get 40% commission if I only upgraded to the $97 version of Highlevel without the full HighLevel Agency Unlimited?

You Will get Paid 40% Affiliate Commissions Regardless Of The Version Of Highlevel. 

If i want to promote “2 tier affiliate link” to influencers Or Promoter,  how much commission would i get out of the influencers’s referral?

If you Want To Get  2nd tier payments, They Are Going To be 5% Regardless Of the Version Of GoHighLevel That, You use. 

What’s the commission if I make a sale and then upgrade to the Agency Unlimited Account?

It's The Same Regardless, It's Still 40% Affiliate Commissions Regardless Of What level You Are. 

How can I confirm My Stats Are being Tracked. 

You Can See All Your states In The Backoffice Of FirstPromoter And Make Sure That It's Counting All Your Clicks. 

I Like To Open A link With My Mobile Device And With My Browser and Make Sure That Both Are Being Tracked When I copy And Paste My Affiliate Link Into The Address Bar. 

I Like To Use A Link Shortener Also To Make It Easier To Keep Track of All My Affiliate Links Instead Of Long Ugly Links. 

Does someone need to sign up with my 2nd tier affiliate link separately to get 2nd tier commissions?

No. That Is the Great think About GoHighlevel, it's Automatically Track.  Your 2nd tier affiliate commission is hardcoded into the system. I Was A little Confused When I was Getting Random Commissions Out of No Where. But Then Realized They were 2nd Tier affiliate Commissions and I Was Super Excited. Passive Income! 

Conclusion: Why You Are Going To Money With The GoHighLevel Affiliate Program

The HighLevel Affiliate Program is A No Brainer When You Are Already Using A Sales Funnel Software. There Is So Much Savings When You Make The Switch because You won't Have To Piece Together 10 Pieces Of Software To Get The Same Results. 

GoHighLevel And Shaun Clark, are focused on creating the most powerful Software For Digital marketers And Agency Owners. highlevel Is Simply The Best Software Around and Replaces  Most The Tools To Save You Tons Of Time, headaches and Frustrations. 

I Have Never Looked Back After Making The Switch, And Having The Amount Of Affiliate That I Have, I Pretty Much have The Software GoHighLevel For Free. 

When you create your 14 Day free HighLevel account, You Will be Instantly Given Your Affiliate Links To Start Promoting So That You Can Start Making Affiliate Commissions Right Away. 

What makes the GoHighLevel Affiliate Program Amazing, opposed to other affiliate programs is that unlike Kartra or Clickfunnels you are automatically approved and will receive 40% affiliate commission and 5% tier two commission with the The 14 Day Free Trial. If you just Get 3 People Signed Up With The Agency Unlimited Account You Will have It Paying For Itself.

Or If you Do What I Do And White Label it and Collect 100% Recurring Income From My "Own Sales Funnel Software", You Can Charge Any Price You Want And Make Money. 

GoHighLevel is the highest converting product on the internet right now and wants to make thousands of dollars without risk. 

I've Literally Made Thousands Of Dollars Because of This Product because Of Both The White labeling And The Affiliate Program. 

The feature I like most about this company is The Customer Service Is Amazing And They Are Always There To Support You In Anything You Need.

 Right now, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

most people have never heard about the software, And With The Amount of Frustration people Are Having With Clickfunnels, Now Is The perfect Time To Sign Up For HighLevel. 

Highlevel Has An Amazing community and Everyone Is Always Willing To help And Give You Tactics To Grow Your Business. 

This Is Literally The Saas Company That People Wish Clickfunnels Was, And It's Now The Time To Make The Switch. 

Shaun And His Team Has Amazing Developers And They Are Always Releasing New Feature That Make The Platform Even better. 

I Haven't Experience Bugs, like Other Software --> Looking At You Groovefunnels. 

I Currently Use The Software Myself, Every Single Day And Give It As A Bonus For Our Facebook Automation Reseller Program. 

You Can Get A Free GoHighLevel Account just For Joining Our Reseller Program. 

You’ll never see something like this  in another program, And It's A No Brainer offer. 

In my opinion, it’s absolute no-brainer to sign up and start promoting it.

Your #1 Fan,

Brandon Duff

ps. Get My Free Training  On Monetizing GoHighLevel

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