The Game Of Money

I Am Going To Take You On A Journey  Through  The Game Of Money So You Can Learn How To Be Financially Free

Some Think It's Impossible To Become Wealthy, But That Is Typically Due To Their Own Limiting Beliefs About Money.

When I Was Younger, I Loved Video Games And I Remember My Teachers Always Telling Me There Are No Short Cuts In Life.

However, This Is Not True, There Are Strategy Guides, Short Cuts, And Tips And Tricks To Life.

Today I am Going To Show You Exactly How To Win The Game Of Money.

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Master The Game Of Money

Understanding How Money Works And The Rules Of Money Is The First Step in Mastering The Game Of Money. Yes, Creating Wealth Has A Set Of Rules To Follow In Order To Do This.

I Was Never Taught How To Master The Game Of Money In School, Instead, We Learned Things Like  How To Write In Cursive Or How To Use A Dictionary .. How Useless Is That Today?

Hello Google.

If You Really Want To Master The Game Of Money I Highly Suggest Reading These Books:

( These Are All Books I've Read And I Highly Suggest You Do Too)

Game Of Money

Reading These Books In Themselves Will Not Allow You To Become A Millionaire, But They Will Give You The Understanding On How To Win The Game Of Money.

The Game Of Money Is a Skill That Can Be Learned

When You Were Born, The Doctor Didn't Tell Your Parents That This Baby Will Be Broke And No Good With Money.

Just Like Any Skill, The Game Of Money Is A Skill That Needs To Be Learned, And You Need To Take Action.

( If You Are Looking To How To Creating Recurring Income Check Out Our Free Course Set For Life.)


1. How To Earn Money

When We Were Younger, We Were Told That We Had To Go To College, Get A Degree, Find A Good Job in Order To Earn Money And Become Well Off.

That's Just Not True Today, We Live In A Different World Today And Learning How To Earn Money Can Be As Easy As Taking An Online Course.

In Todays World, How You Earn Money Is A Direct Relationship To How Much Of An Impact You Have In The World. The Bigger The Impact, The More Money You Make.

Game Of Money: Cashflow Quadrant

In The Book Rich Dad Poor Dad He Talks About The 4 Quadrants

Robert Kiyosaki Talks About The 4 Quadrants In Creating Wealth So You Can Win The Game Of Money.

To Sum It Up:

Employee And Self Employed Person Works For Money

While Big Business And An Investor Has Money Work For Them.

The Number One Goal Is To Have Our Money Work For Us.

We All Want To Become Investors.

If We Are Always Working For Money, Then We Are Always Going To Be In The Rat Race.

That Is Why We Need To Create Recurring Income So That Our Money Works For Us.

Let's Talk About Recurring Income.

How To Create Recurring Income

Recurring Income To Probably One Of The Best Way To Create The Freedom You Want In Live And Beat The Game Of Money.

Many People Think That Their Salary Is Recurring Income, But Let Me Ask You Something. If You Stopped Working Would That Money Still Come in?

I Find Recurring Income To be The Thing That Allows You To Build Upon The Previous Month. So How Do You Actually Create Recurring Income?

It's Easier Than You Think.   If You Are Able To Have A Product/Service That Provides Value Every Single Month Without Having To Exchange Your Time.

That Is How To Create Recurring Income.  One Of The Best Ways To Create Recurring Income Is Through Real Estate Or Digital Real Estate.

We Teach How To Create Recurring Income Through Digital Real Estate ie: Software.


2. How To Save Money

Saving Money Is Very Important! When You Understand How To Save Money & Budget Correctly, You Are Then Able To Have Your Money Grow.

You Might Be Wondering How Will I Save Money With This App, I Use An App To Help Remove Unwanted Subscriptions, Reduce My Bills And Save Money.

The App I Use To Save Money Is TrueBill.  It's Pretty Amazing For Saving Money On Your Phone Bill, Insurance, Cable Bill, And Many Other Things.


How To Budget And Save Money.

If You Watch The Video Earlier, We Go Over How To Budget And Save Money. However, A Great Rule Of Thumb Is the 50/30/20 Rule.

This Rule Which Helps You Budget Your Money.

50% Of Your Income Is For Things That You Need ( Rent, Groceries, insurance, car payment)

30% Of Your Income Is For Things You Want ( Dinners Out, New Gadgets, Tv)

20 Of your Income Is For Savings ( Investing, IRA, 401k)

A Great Tool To Show You How To budget and Save Money Is Mint


3. How To Grow Money

I Am A Big Fan Of Growing Your Money Or Using Your Money To Make More Money.

The Way I Grow My Money Is By Investing In Real Estate, Check Out My Post About Growing Your Money Through Real Estate. 

I Also Use An App To Grow My Money, Passively In Which It Takes My Change From Each Purchase And Invest It Into Stocks.

( I've Included A Free $5 Just For Investing And Growing Your Money If You Sign Up With Acorns)

In Order To Win The Game Of Money, You Need To Do All 3 Of These Things. Earn More Money, Save More Money, And Grow More Money.

Each Of Them Are All Part Of A Financial Plan In Order To Win The Game Money.


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Real Estate Investor, Owner of Super FB Tools, Play 2 Earn Investor And Pizza Lover. 

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