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If We Want To Learn How To Make Money, We Can Learn A lot From Friends With Money.   I Am Sure You Have Heard The Quote:

” You Are The Average Of The 5 People You Surround Yourself With”

What Better Way To Learn About Money By Surrounding Ourselves With People Who Actually Have Money.

This Does Not Mean, We Can Not Learn From Those Who Don’t Have Money, But If You Are Trying To Learn, Learn From Those Who Are Doing It.

Side Note: Friends Without Money, Are Not BAD PEOPLE, But If You Are Trying To Learn How To Make Money… Who Would You Rather Learn From?

A Broke Person Or Someone Who Is Actually Creating Wealth?

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Friends With Money

Friends With Money Should Help Others Without Money.

In A Recent Blog, I Wrote: “Can Money Buy Happiness.”  And I Talk About Once People Have Their Own Basic Needs Met That They Tend To Start Looking Outward To Help Others.

Friends With Money Tend To Spend Their Money Based On Their Personalities And Will Most Likely Spend It On New Adventures, Or On Their Close Friends, Or Even Charities.

The Way I Learned About Money And Invested Money Was Surrounding Myself With People Who Actually Had Money.

I Was A Personal Trainer Before This And Would Always Be Learning From My Clients On How They Made Their Fortunes.

Picking Their Brains About How To Save Money, How To Invest Money, And How To Become Financially Set For Life.

The Money Friends

I Am One Of Those People Who Doesn’t Like To Spend Money On My Friends  Because It’s Not My Personality Type. However, I Am Also A Big Believer In The Quote.

You Can Give A Man A Fish, And Feed Him For  A Day. Or You Can Teach A Man To Fish And Feed Him For A Lifetime. 

This Is Why Most Lottery Winners Go Bankrupt After A Short Amount Of Time.

Friends With Money

Instead, I Would Rather Teach My Money Friends How Money Works And How To Use It To Make More Money In Their Own Lives.

This Is Why It’s So Important To Focus On Long Term Growth.

Long Term Growth Is Always Better Than Quick Wins. That Is Exactly Why I Like Having Friends With Money Because They Are Not About The Next Shiny Object. 

They Focus On Long Term Growth Instead Of How They Can Just Make A Quick Buck.

This Is Exactly Why I’ve Invested In Real Estate So That I Can Focus On Long Term Growth And Have Financial Freedom With My Friends.

How To Find Friends With Money?

This Is A Great Question, Besides Joining The Money Friends There Are A Few Ways You Can Find Friends With Money And Learn From Them

On Social Media Is Are Whole Networks Of People Online That Will Teach You How To Make Money.

Just Be careful Of The Scams On Facebook and Other Social Media Networks.

You Can Go To Places Like:

  • BNI
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Networking Groups
  • Meet-Ups

And So Many More Social Gatherings.

Start Surrounding Yourself With These Like-Minded People So That You Can Level up Your Game.

The Best Way To Find People Who Are Succesful Is Start Hanging Out In Social Circles That Deals Around Wealth And Growth.

Shut Off The TV, Stop Playing Video Games And Start Learning.

This Is Very Important To Your Success. If You Want To Learn How To Make Money With Friends Than  You Can Also

Join The Money Friends And Become A Digital Tycoon. 


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Brandon Duff


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