Seamless Community Management: Facebook Group Automation Using GoHighLevel

Facebook Group Automation

Do you want more time to focus on growing and strengthening the community, rather than spending hours manually Posting And Engaging?

Today We Are Going Over Facebook Group Automation. 

 Learn how To Seamlessly Become A community management with GoHighLevel!

GoHighLevel allows business owners and marketers to automate their Facebook groups using advanced features post scheduling, ChatBots, and much more.

With GoHighLevel's help, communities can be managed quickly and easily without sacrificing quality or engagement.

before We Get Into Facebook Group Automation Let's Go Over What GoHighLevel Is For Those That Don't Know. 

What Is Gohighlevel

GoHighLevel is a powerful platform that helps entrepreneurs and businesses to manage their Business And Take It To The Next Level.

It's an easy-to-use solution that automates the process of managing conversations and content within these groups, saving you time on manual tasks so you can focus on building relationships with your members.

Learn more About GoHighlevel:
And if you need more help mastering the art of community management, there’s GoHighLevel University – an online education program for entrepreneurs who want to learn how to use this platform effectively and efficiently. With it comes access to tutorials, guides, live webinars, and one-on-one coaching from experts in the field of Facebook automation.

To top it off, all of these resources come at no extra cost when you sign up for a GoHighLevel subscription plan!

Moving ahead with our discussion about GoHighLevel University...

GoHighLevel University

By signing up for GoHighLevel Through My Affiliate Link, You Can Get Access To Our GoHighLevel university,  Where entrepreneurs can learn all about leveraging automation tools and strategies in order to maximize their group's performance and engagement.

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From courses on how to use post automations and content scheduling effectively, to tutorials that cover advanced topics Power Dialing. there truly is something here for everyone who wants to get serious about managing their online Business Who Want To Make Passive Income. 

Onward now towards our discussion about how To Use Facebook Group Automation To automate posts within your groups...

How To Automate Facebook Group Posts

In this section From Our GoHighLevel University, we'll explore three key steps you need to take in order to successfully automate posts within your Facebook group.

To add an app to your group:

  • From your Feed, click Groups in the left menu and select your group. If you can't see Groups, click See more.
  • Click Settings in the left menu.
  • Scroll down and click
    next to Apps, then click Add Apps.
  • Select or Search for LeadConnector and add it out

Due to Facebook's API changes in 2018 regarding safeguarding privacy policy, you can no longer connect personal Facebook profiles, however, you can add pages/groups from different profiles.

LeadConnector Facebook Group App

Step 1: Social Planner

Go to Social Planner > Setting

Starting off, navigate to the right top corner to get into Social Planner > Setting (gear icon)

GoHighLevel Social Planner

Step 2: Connect new group(s)

Then, on the social accounts page, you need to click Connect a new Facebook Group(s) of the table as shown below.  

Facebook Group Automation (2)

Step 3: Give permissions

If you're connecting any profile for the first time, you will have to make sure you give all the permissions to LeadConnector

Click Continue to complete the authorization process and avoid any issues in the connection.

Step 4: Select Groups to connect

You will see a list of all the pages you own for this profile, select the ones you wish to connect for social posting through the platform.

Facebook Permission

Step 5: Verify your connection

Last But Not Least, All Of The Selected Groups In The Previous Step Will Be Listed Down Showing A Successful Connection; As Shown In The Image Below.

Social Planner
Step 6: Manage Accounts

People Also Ask

Can I automate posting to Facebook groups? 

Yes, you can automate posting to Facebook groups by using tools such as social media management platforms, bot services, or scheduling tools. However, it's important to follow Facebook's policies regarding automation to avoid having your account or posts banned.

Does Facebook allow Facebook Group automation?

Facebook allows automation to a certain extent, but it has strict policies in place to prevent spamming and other malicious activities. Automated posting must follow Facebook's Community Standards and automated accounts must comply with Facebook's Platform Policies.

How do I use automation on Facebook?

 To use automation on Facebook, you can use tools such as social media management platforms, bot services, or scheduling tools. You can set up automated posting, scheduling, and other tasks, but it's important to follow Facebook's policies regarding automation.

How do I auto post to a Facebook group for free? There are free tools available that allow you to auto post to a Facebook group, such as IFTTT, Hootsuite, or Buffer. These tools allow you to schedule posts and automate the posting process to save time and increase efficiency.

Is there an app to Schedule Facebook group posts? 

Yes, there are several apps available that allow you to schedule Facebook group posts, such as Hootsuite, Buffer, or Sprout Social. These tools allow you to schedule posts in advance and automate the posting process.

How do I automatically post to multiple Facebook groups?

 To automatically post to multiple Facebook groups, you can use tools such As GoHighLevel  GoHighLevel Allows you to create a post and schedule it to be posted to multiple Facebook groups at once, saving you time and effort.

How do I automate content posting? 

To automate content posting on Facebook, you can use tools such as social media management platforms, bot services, or scheduling tools. These tools allow you to schedule posts in advance, automate the posting process, and even automate the posting of new content as it becomes available.

How many Facebook groups can I post in per day? 

The number of Facebook groups you can post in per day will depend on Facebook's policies and limitations, as well as the specific tool you are using to automate your posts. Some tools may have restrictions on the number of posts you can make per day, while others may not.

Can you schedule recurring posts in a Facebook group? 

Yes, you can schedule recurring posts in a Facebook group using tools such as GoHighLevel And Their Social Planner. This tool allow you to schedule posts in advance and automate the posting process, including scheduling recurring posts to a Facebook group.


GoHighLevel is an innovative platform that can help automate the process of community management on Facebook Groups.

It allows businesses and organizations to focus on what’s important—connecting with their audiences—while taking care of tedious tasks like moderating comments, scheduling posts, engaging with members, and more. The cost for GoHighLevel varies depending upon the features you choose; however, it is relatively low compared to other services in its class. Setup only takes a few minutes and then you are ready to go! Additionally, GoHighLevel works with other social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram so your whole online presence can be managed from one place. Finally, if customers have any questions or concerns about how the software works they can access customer service support at any time via email or live chat. In conclusion, GoHighLevel is a great resource for those who want to streamline their community management efforts while still providing excellent engagement opportunities for their audience.

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