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Gary Talks About Things Like ” Do Things You Love” Or ” Hustle And Grind”.

Can Money Buy Happiness

But If You Are Only Making $20,000 A Year Living In New York Or LA Doing Something You Love, Can You Really Be Happy?

A Study Done By Noble Peace Prize Winner Daniel Kahneman and Angus Deaton  Says That High Income Improves Evaluation Of Life But Not Emotional Well-Being.

What Does That Mean?

Typically, Earning Up To $75,000 A Year Will Improve Your Happiness Because Our Basic Needs Are Met.

Dan Gilbert S Psychology Professor At Harvard University Says,

“Once you get basic human needs met, a lot more money doesn’t make a lot more happiness”

Let’s Talk About How Money Can Buy Happiness Based On Our Personality Type.


Can Money Buy Happiness, Depends On Your Personality Type.

A Few Years Ago, There Was A Commerical From Lexas With The Quote

“Whoever said money can’t buy happiness isn’t spending it right.”

In A Study Based On Consumption And How Money Can Buy Happiness If It Fits Our Personal Type. 

Are You Spending Your Money Right?

If You Are Spending Your Money On Experience or On Other People, Then Depending ON Your Personality, It Could Be A Key To Your Happiness.

Most People Are Not Spending There Money Correctly To Increase Their Own Personal Well Being.

They Tend To Spend It On Material Things Rather Than Experiences. Experiences Tend To Have A Much Larger Impact On Our Lives.

I Say This Quite Often,

“Most People Buy Things To Impress People They Don’t Like.”

A  Large-Scale Surveys Done By The University of Chicago’s National Opinion Research Center (NORC), Found That Those Who Have 5 Or More Close Friends Are 50%  More Likely To Say They Are “Very Happy”.

If All Your Basic Needs Are Met.

  • Food And Water
  • Sleep
  • Shelter
  • Clothes / Warmth
  • Safety/Security

Then We Can Start Focusing On Our Psychological Needs Such As

  • Belongingness And Love
  • Relationships And Friends

If Our First Of Maslows Hierarchy Of Needs Are Met:

Can Money Buy Happiness

Then We Can Start Using Our Money To Fulfill The Other Needs To Create True Happiness.

When Was The Last Time You Went On Vacation, Took Your Friends Out To Lunch, Or Bought Something For A Loved One?

If You Are Still Asking “Can Money Buy Happiness“, The Answer Is Yes.

Here’s How Money Really Can Buy You Happiness

1. If Your Basic Needs Are Not Met And Want To Make More Money,  Check Out Our Guides Below.

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2. Go On Vacation And Experience More In Life.

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3.  Start Making Friends And Long Term Relationships.

I Am Actually A Introvert, Home Body And Tend To Spend More Time With My Online Friends Than Friends In Real Life.

Watch This Video Below

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4. Start To Grow Your Influence Online And Build Confidence In Yourself.

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Also, Read Our Morning Motivation Guide In 7 Easy Steps.

5. Become Self Aware By Helping Others Change Their Lives.

If You Want To Pursue True Happiness, It Becoming Helping People At A Higher Level.

This Is The Meaning Of True Happiness, By Making The World A Better Place.














Does Money Buy Happiness Study:








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