Top 10 Side Hustles

My Whole Life, Side Hustles Have Been My Thing.  I Would Have Never Created The Money Friends If I Didn’t Create My Best Side Hustles.

At Age 32, I Wouldn’t Have Been Financially Free If I Didn’t Start My Side Hustles

For Me Having A Side Hustle Is More Than Just Something I Do Every Now and Than.

They Are All Mini Sources Of Income That Can Be Built Into Something Much Bigger.

The Thing Is… Most People Promote Side Hustles That Are Trading Time For Money.

The Reason Why You Should Continue Reading Is, All The Side Hustles I Do Are Scalable.

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Here Are My Top 10 Best Scalable Side Hustles That I Actually Do.

1. Become an Affiliate Marketer

Becoming An Affiliate Marketing Is Nothing Short Of Amazing. Affiliate Marketing Can Be An Amazing Side Hustle That Is Scalable.

The Earning Potential For Someone In The Affiliate Space Is HUGE If You Understand How Affiliate Marketing Works.

Read Our Guide On How To Make Money As An Affiliate Marketer. 

Many Affiliate Marketers Do Affiliate Marketing Wrong By Just Blasting Their Links On Social Media

Instead Of Building Rich SEO Content Surrounding That Particular Topic.

Trust Me, I’ve Made That Mistake For About A Year On Social Media.

And That Is Why I Started Building Out Content On YouTube And Launched This Blog.



2. Launching A Profitable Blog

I’ve Set On The Side Lines For Awhile Now Deciding On Should I Launch A  Profitable Blog.

I was Into All The Hype Of Sales Funnels And Social Media That Didn’t Realize The Power Of Having A Blog.

The Earning Potential Of  A Blog Is Pretty Much Limitless. Plus,  There Are So Many Other Benefits Of Launching A Profitable Blog.

  • Brand Recognition
  • Passive Income
  • Building A-List
  • Free Traffic
  • And So Much More..
There Are So Many Ways To Make Money By Launching A Blog  As A Side Hustle.
Either Through Ads, Affiliate Links Or Even Your Own Program Online Which We Will Talk About Later.
I Highly Recommend Launching Your Blog TODAY, That Way You Can Start Building Your Audience And Create Credibility Online.

3. Share Your Car

Ever Thought You Could Share Your Car And Make Money?

This Is One Of My Favorite Scalable Income Streams And “Mostly” Passive.

I Rent Out My Car On Car Sharing Apps. No, I Am Not Talking About Uber Or Lyft.

Driving For Uber Or Lyft Would Be Something That Would Cause You To Exchange Time For Money..

If You Want To Be Get Your Freedom And Escape The Digital Rat Race, You Need To Create Recurring Income.

I Share My Car Out On Hyde And Turo. This Allows People To Borrow My Car For The Day, Week or Month.

If You Are Looking For A Scalable Side Hustle, You Should Share You Car.

Even Start Growing A Fleet Of Cars To Share And Make Passive Income.

Share Your Car - Best Side Hustle

4. Rent Your  Stuff.

There Are So Many Different Ways You Can Rent Out Your Stuff.

One Company I Found Was Called Fat Llama. 

If You Want To Rent Your Stuff Out Such As:

  • Bikes
  • Filming Equipment
  • Drones
  • Music Instruments

I Suggest Going Through All The Stuff That Is Just Collecting Dust And Start Renting Your Stuff Out.

Is This Scalable Side Hustle? Of Course, It Is! The More Stuff You Have The More You Can Rent Out!


5. Start Your Own Podcast

Starting Your Own Podcast Podcast Is Much Easier Than You Think.

There Are A Few Tools You Need To Actually Start Your Own Podcast

How Is This Side Hustle Scalable? So, Many Different Ways.

Starting Your Own Podcast Allows You To:

  • Get Sponsorships
  • Get Ad Money
  • Sell Your Own Products
  • Sell Other People Products
  • Build Your Network
  • And So Much More.

For Example My Podcast The Money Friends Is Growing With New Subscribers And Bringing Traffic To My Blog Every Single Day.

Which Then Has Affiliate Links Within The Blog, Allowing Me To Get Multiple Streams Of Income Just From Starting My Own Podcast.

Insane Right?

Here Are Some Must-Haves,  Starting Your Own Podcast As A Side Hustle.

Podcast Microphone 

Pop Filter


Streaming Software

Editing Software

Hosting Site

If You Want To Learn How To Edit A Podcast Fast Check Out Our Youtube Video

Check Out Our Podcast

Best Side Hustles - Podcast

6. Become an Influencer

I Know What Your Thinking, “Become An Influencer, How Cliche” I know… But Hear Me Out.

You Don’t Need To Be The Next Gary Vee Or Kim Kardashian.

Trust Me, I Don’t Want To Become An Major Influencer Like These People.

I’m Actually Pretty Introverted, I Just Play A Good Extrovert On TV.

If You Want To Become An Influencer, It’s All About Growing Your Tribe.

In The Book 1000 True Fans, He Talks About, If You Can Have 1,000 People Give You $100 Dollars, You Have A $100,000 A Year Business.

If You Are Looking To Grow Your Influence, I Highly Recommend Checking Out Our Social Tycoon Course. 


Brandon Duff

7.  Design an Online Course

There Are Many Programs That Allow You To Design An Online Course.

This Is One Of The Best Side Hustles Because All You Need To Do Is Run Traffic To Your Online Course And Make A Shit Ton Of Money.

Of Course, It’s Not That Simple Because You Actually Need To Understand How To Run Traffic.

There  Is Amazing Software  Out There To Create Your Online Courses.

Check Out My Favorite Drag And Drop Website Builder/ Membership Site. 

When You Design An Online Course, You Are Able To Leverage Your Knowledge Online To Create A Great Side Hustle.

1000 True Fans - Best Side Hustle - Online Courses


8. Invest Your Money.

If You Want A Side Hustle To Really Scale Your Income You Need To ReInvest Your Money.

Investing Your Money Is The Most Scalable “Side Hustle” You Can Do.

For Example, I Buy Real Estate As A Way To Invest My Money But I Also Invest My Change.

Real Estate Investing Is A Great Side Hustle That Can Make You Millions.

Recently, On Our Podcast, We Had A Day Trader Who Focuses On Investing.

If You Have Spare Change And Want To Invest Your Money, Passively, I Use Acorns

Brandon Duff Real Estate Investor



Here Are 3 Easy Steps You Need To Take Before Starting The Best Side Hustle, For You.

 1. The Best Side Hustles Are Ones You Are  Passionate About.

If You Really Want To Know The Best Side Hustle? It’s The One You Are Most Passionate About.

If You Just Do It For The Money, You Will Get Burnt Out Fast.  Side Hustles Can Make You Alot Of Money,

And I Turned Many Side Hustles Into 6 Figures Businesses Because I Had The Drive To Do So.

2. Open Up A Business Bank Account & Credit Card For Your Side Hustle.

It Is Highly Recommend That You Open Up A Business Account And Get A Credit Card.

I Use Chase And You Can Get An Extra 60,000 Bonus Points For Signing Up. 

The Government Doesn’t Like When You Mix Your Side Hustle With Your Personal Expenses, And Neither Do CPA’s So It’s Best To Separate The Two.

If You Are Looking To Really Make This A Business Than It’s Important That You Treat It Like One. That Is Why I Have A Business Bank Account And Business Credit Card.

3. Start Hustling On Social Media.

If You Want To Have The Best Side Hustles Around, You Need To Start Hustling.
I Highly Recommend Starting On Facebook For The Sheer Reason Of Facebook Groups And Local Groups.

I Created The Ultimate Guide To How To Make Money On Facebook, You Can Watch My Free Master Class On Youtube About It.

It’s A Great Way To Get Started Online, A Side Hustle Or Just A Business. Highly Recommend Watching That Video.


That Is Totally Up To You. It Really Depends On How Much Time You Have And If You Want You Want From You Side Hustle.

I’ve Had Many Side Hustles In My Life. Were They The Best Side Hustles For Me; At That Time Yes!

But, As My Interests Shifted And I Developed My Skill Sets More, They Changed.

Check Out Our Article on Shiny Object Syndrome. 

I Believe You Need To Find The Best Side Hustle That You Are Passionate About.

Brandon Duff As A Personal Trainer



I Think The Best Side Hustles For College Students, Is Affiliate Marketing, The Reason Being That You Can Focus On One Topic That You Are Interested In And Create Topics Around it.

This Allows For College Students To Still Focus On Their Studies While Adding An Amazing Side Hustle.



If You Are A Stay At Home Parent And Are Looking For The Best Side Hustle For You. The Reason Being Is, Parents Just Have More Life Experience And You Can Share Stories With Other Parents.

This Allows For A Common Bound Between People, So The Best Side Hustle I Suggest Is Being An Influencer.


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When You Start Your Side Hustle, You Are Going To Be Putting In Your Time In Order To Develop Your Skills.

After You Create A Base Of Income, Then You Can Start Leveraging Other Aspects Of Your Side Hustle To Make It  Scalable.

You Can Start Hiring Or  Outsourcing Some Of Your Daily Tasks.

Many Times, I’ve Used Websites Like Freelancer or Fiver To Hire Tasks Such As SEO, Website Building And So Forth.

You Need To Be Able To At Some Point, Take Your Business To The Next Level And Turn Your Side Hustle Into A Business.


To Be Honest, How Much You Can Make As A Side Hustle Is Limitless.

It Either Depends On How Much Time You Have Or How Much You Outsource.

I’ve Had Multiple 6 Figures Businesses As Side Hustles, But To Be Able To Take Your Side Hustle To The Next Level,

It Needs To Be Scalable, Solve A Problem  And It Needs To Be Something People Need.

In Conclusion:

If You Are Tired Of Your Job And Want To Do Something You Love, And Are Passionate About, Then A Side Hustle Might Be For You.

Want More Leads On Facebook? Read Our Article On How To Generate Leads On Facebook. 

This Is A Great Way To Start Your Side Hustle And Make Money From Your Side Hustle When Starting Out.

Your #1 Fan,

Brandon Duff


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Real Estate Investor, Owner of Super FB Tools, Play 2 Earn Investor And Pizza Lover. 

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