Play To Earn - Axie Infinity Scholarship

Play Games. 

Get Paid.

Make $5.13 - $15.30 playing Axie Infinity. You Will Receive 3 Axies To Get Started In Axie Infinity, In Exchange For A Small Portion Of Your Earnings. 

Make More Money Playing Games!

Axie is a new type of game, partially owned and operated by its players.

Earn SLP tokens by playing 

We make it really easy.

We Provide The Axies, You Start Earning

What Is An Axie?

An Axie Is A Digital Creature That Fights Battles For You, Against Other Digital Axie Owners Or Against The Computer.

Each Axie Has It’s Own unique Skill To Use In Each Battle. 

Fun Fact: We Provide With Top Notch Axies To Improve Your Odds Of Winning Each Battle. 

Axie ScholarShip Adventure

Enter the Arena Or In Adventures 

Battling Against Other Axie Owners Puts Your Skills To The Test. While You Raise In The Leaderboards, You Earn More From Your Wins! 

Or Go On Adventures And Fight Against Rare Monsters To Earn. 

Fun Fact: Adventures Earn You More Consistent Rewards While Raising The Ranks Can Earn You Bigger Wins. 

Largest Play To Earn Game

There Is Never A Shortage Of Opponents In Axie Infinity. You Will Always Have A Battle That You Can Win Against, And Earn Even More By Finishing Daily Quests. 

Fun Fact: We Want To Give You More Axies To Play With To Earn Even More! 

Affiliate Program

Grow Your Own Team 

We Will Teach You How To Breed Your Own Axies, And Earn Even More Within Our Team. 

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