15 Characteristics Of A Successful Entrepreneur

Successful Entrepreneurs, Tend To Have These 15 Characteristics. Let's Just Say We Are A Different Bread.  We Are Hard-Wired Differently.

We Think Differently, Act Differently, and Live Different Than The Rest Of The World.

Here Are 15 Of The Most Common Characters Or Traits Of An Succesful Entrepreneur :

1. We Are Momentum Based Beings.

Feelings Are Hard For Us, We Tend To Have Feelings Based On How Much Momentum We Are In.

Have You Ever Been In A Flow State Or Being In The “Zone”, And Everything Is Firing On All Cylinders.

We Would Describe This As  “Happy”, “Euphoric”, ” Extasy” Or Anything Else That Gives Us That Dopamine Drip.

On The Other Hand When We Haven't Been Able To Move The Needle, We Tend To Feel “Sad”, “Upset”, “Frustrated” And A Whole Slew Of Emotions.

This Is Because We Are Momentum Based Being, And We Feel Best When We Are Out Changing The World.

Are You A  Succesful Entrepreneur Because You Are Constantly In A State Of Momentum?


2. We Are Lifelong Learners.

Welcome To The Club. 

You Might Be Reading This Blog Because You Too Are A Lifelong Learner.

I Wasn't The Greatest Student In School, And Even Worse in College.

Successful Entrepreneur

( My College GPA)

School Has No Depiction On How Well You Will Do In Real Life. If You Did Well In School, That Doesn't Mean You Will Do Great in Life. If You Did Bad In School, That Doesn't Mean You Will Do Bad In Life.

Being A Succesful Entrepreneur Is About Constantly Learning, Bettering Ourselves, And Not Letting A “Grade” Dictate How Successful We Will Be As An Entrepreneur.


3. We Know Failure Is A Learning Opportunity

We Fail More Than We Succeed But What Makes Successful Entrepreneurs Different Than  Other People?  Successful Entrepreneurs  Don't Dwell On Failure. They Take Those Failures And Turn Them Into Data Points.

As Succesful Entrepreneurs, We Take Those Data Points And Learn From Them, And Move Forward. A Great Book On Failure Is Fail Fast, Fail Often. 

I've Failed Many More Times Than I Can Count, From Businesses To School, But They Are All Learning Opportunities And How We Preframe Them In Our Minds.

We Can't Change The Past, But We Can Learn From It.


4. We Invest In Ourselves.

In-School, I Remember My Teacher Always Telling Me That There Are No Shortcuts In Life. I Realize Now, That Was A Complete Lie.

Successful Entrepreneurs Are Always Investing In Themselves By Buying Courses, Tools, Hiring People That Are Better At A Task Then Ourselves.

We Are Constantly Investing In Ourselves By Learning More, Improving Our Minds Or Our Bodies. The Most Successful Entrepreneurs Are Improving

Themselves Every Single Day By Investing In Themselves And There Businesses.

I Have Spent Thousands Of Dollars, If Not Ten's Of Thousands Of Dollars In Improving My Skill Set.

5. We Understand Risk And  Embrace It

The Bigger The Risk The Bigger Reward. Risk Is Just The Name Of The Game If You Want To Be A Successful Entrepreneur.

The Funny Thing About Being An Entrepreneur, Is The System Is Set Up Protect Us.

Let Me Ask You Something… If You Take A Risk And Have To File Bankruptcy, So What?

  • Your Life Doesn't End.
  • You Can Still Work.
  • Learn From It And Move On.

“But Brandon, It Ruins Your Credit and It's On There For 10 Years! “

Can I Tell You  A Secret? I Have Bought Houses And Cars Without Ever Having My Credit Checked.

Successful Entrepreneurs Understand There Is Risk And Take It Head On.

6. We Know How To Sell Ourselves.

Successful Entrepreneurs Aren't Afraid Of Selling And Even More, Selling Ourselves.

We Focus On Creating An Image In Which People Know, Like, And Trust.

Being A Brand And Selling Yourself Every Single Day Is How You Are Going To Be Successful.

When I First Created My Brand, I Used Something That Was Familiar To Others And Allowed To Create An Instant Association.

When People Associate Something To Your Personal Brand That They Enjoy, It Makes Selling Easy.

7. We Are Highly Sensitive and Aware.

We See Things That Many People Do Not, We Can Understand The Conversation That Was Being Said Before We Enter A Room.

Successful Entrepreneurs Just Feel The Vibrations That Are All Around Us, As If We Vibrate On Another Plane Of Existence.

This Might Make It Sound Like We Are Some Sort Of Demi-God But Our Whole Existence Is About Pushing The Human Race Foward.

We Tend To Process Information A Little Different, We Get Drained From Other Peoples Negative Energy, And Boy When We Are

Hungry… We Get A Little Upset.. Or ALOT. Don't Let Me Get Started With Conflict… We Avoid It At All Costs.


8. We Adapt To A Changing World.

When Things Change, We Pivot With Them. If You Want To Be A Successful Entrepreneur

You Have To Be Okay With Change And Roll With The Punching Or You Are Going To Get Crushed.

Especially In Todays World, Technology is Changing And If You are Keeping Pace, Then You Are Going To Lose.

When I Was A Personal Trainer, I Switched To An Online Business In Order To Leverage The Power Of The Internet To Stop Changing Time For Money.


9. We Know Our Network Is Their Networth

They Say Entrepreneurship Is A Lonely World, And It Is.

However, That Is Exactly Why We Have A Valuable Network That We Can Turn To If We Need Something.

That Is Exactly Why I Created The Money Friends  Because I Wanted To Make Online With My Friends For This Exact Reason.

Successful Entrepreneurs Leverage Their Relationships To Grow Their Business.

However, These Relationships Are A Two Way Street And If You Leverage Them, Expect To Do The Same Thing For Them.

It Should Be A Win-Win-Win In All Aspects So That No One Feels Like They Are Not Getting Taken Advantage Of.


10. We Control Our Environment

Ever Feel Like The Light Is Too Bright, Something Just Doesn't Feel Right, Or The Temperature Is Too Hot Or Too Cold.

We Are Masters Of Our Environment And We Want To Control The Our Environment Around Us.

Successful Entrepreneurs Control Their Environment To Keep Themselves In Momentum.

We Make Sure That Everything Is Right In Our Environment So That We Can Create Massive Momentum.

71 Degrees Is The Perfect Temperature For Me At My House. The Area Around Me Has To Be Well Lite And I Need To Make Sure I Am Facing Wall So I Get No Outside Distractions.

The Picture Below Was When I Was At Our Old Place And As You Can See, I Am Facing A Wall So That I Don't Get Any Distractions

How To Minimize Distractions


11. We Understand Patterns.

When I Was A Personal Trainer I Saw Movement Patterns In People.

When They Limped, When They Put Too Much Weight On One Side Or The Other When They Lifted,

Or Knew If Someone Was Going To Have A Bad Or Good Day Based On How Their Morning Went.

AS Successful Entrepreneurs We See Patterns In Things And Adjust Accordingly.

Even Today, I See Patterns In Social Media. For Example, When I Saw The Same Layout Of A Piece Of Software.

Figured Out It Was All The Same Software And Some “Gurus” Were Stealing Software From People And Rebranding It As Their Own.

Check Out This Video If You Want To See How I Uncovered These Fake Gurus


12 We Find A Gained Advantage

We Are Always Looking For That Slight Edge That Allows Us To Have A Competitive Advantage Over Our Competitors.

If You Want To Have A Slight Gained Advantage Of Getting More Done In Less Time

You Should Check Out My Post Regarding How To Be Limitless In Real Life. 

Successful Entrepreneurs Focus On Gained  Advantages, We Think How Can We Get Ahead?

While Other People Are Watching TV, Scrolling Through Facebook, We Are Working, Taking Notes, Testing, And Focusing On How We Can Step Up Our Game.

13. We Harness Technology To Go Faster.

Successful Entrepreneur Rely On Leverage And With How Fast Pace The World Is Today,  We Have To Rely Even More On Technology.

We Harness Technology In Our Lives To Go Faster. For Example, I Use Software In My Business And Even Have Developed Many Of My Own Pieces Of Software.

If You Need Automation For Facebook You Should Check This Out. 

However, If You Are Like Me And Like Collecting Recurring Income You Might Want To Check Out This.

We Use Sales Funnel Software, WordPress, Automation Software, CRM and So Many Other Tools To Make Our Lives Simple So That We Can Get More Done In Less Time.


14. We Create Our Own Luck

The Harder We Work, It Seems The Luckier We Get… Successful Entrepreneurs Don't Rely On Luck We Create Our Own.

The Harder I Work, The Luckier I Get


15. We Know We Can Change The World.

Many Of Us, Successful Entrepreneurs Are Looking To Change The World To Be A Better Place For Our Future Generations, And I Know You Want To Also.

This Is Why We Do What We Do, Because We Want To Push The Human Race Forward.

We Continue To Change Lives And Push The Limits Of Our Existence.

Keep Changing Lives Friends,

Your #1 Fan

Brandon Duff


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